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Quotefish SELR8R Closing Ceremony Pitch Deck
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Quotefish SELR8R Closing Ceremony Pitch Deck


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Work. Give it. Get it. Locally. Quotefish is a global web application that makes it easy for consumers to find and get quotes from local businesses while also introducing these as qualified leads …

Work. Give it. Get it. Locally. Quotefish is a global web application that makes it easy for consumers to find and get quotes from local businesses while also introducing these as qualified leads instantly via email to the businesses. is launching soon, join now at and we'll reward all early adopting businesses with bonus credits.

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  • 1.
  • 2. The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word crisis.One stroke stands for danger, and the other for opportunity.In a crisis it is wise to be aware of the danger - but to also recognize the opportunity.For me, the crisis was finding work.
  • 3. 2007second lowestrate of unemployment in the EUIn 2007 Ireland had the second lowest rate of unemployment in EU...
  • 4. 2009second highestrate of unemployment in the EUand by 2009 it had the second highest. Guess which year I arrived here?
  • 5. 2013sixth highestrate of unemployment in the EUToday there are still a lot of skilled unemployed people out there,but it’s not all doom and gloom.
  • 6. 2,200new businessesare set up every month in IrelandIn Ireland, around 2,200 new businesses are set up each month.
  • 7. Give Work. Get Work.Locally.And last month, one of those was Quotefish -an exciting new way to give work, and get work. Locally.Quotefish allows anyone to post their work to the cloud,and have multiple local businesses alerted instantly.Need a Child minder? Inflatable castle? Courier?Post it on Quotefish for free and have businesses who want the work contact you. When you use Quotefish as a business, you get these alerts in an email instantly, andhave the opportunity to quote on them and receive the customers contact details.
  • 8. Gone are the days of ringing around for quotes,dealing with uninterested businesses and getting ripped off.
  • 9. Post your work once, and on average four businesses will get in touch with you.And the businesses that use Quotefish, want your work, and want to do a good job.
  • 10. And if you’re a business, Quotefish is really inexpensive and delivers qualified,targeted leads, instantly.Quotefish doesn’t change the way you do business, it gives you a chance to do more .If you’re starting out, struggling, skilled but unemployed or a sole trader,Quotefish will help you get more work.
  • 11. But the best thing about Quotefish is that it won’t just benefit us,it will help our kids start their own businesses, test their ideas and become their ownbosses. And not just here in Ireland, but anywhere in the world.
  • 12. “Quotefish provides a real life solutionto a real world everyday problem.” Bill Laio“...a useful tool in supporting small orstruggling businesses and also helping newbusinesses get off the ground.” Simon Harris TD“ idea. It makes a lot of sense...”MobStats MobileQuotefish is a really cool idea.We’re in closed beta, but we have big plans for the next few months.Our time at SELR8R has seen us realise our business, focus on our targets and mostimportantly, embrace sales and sell with respect.And for that I thank Bill, Alan, Jim and Karl, and everyone at SELR8R.If you’d like to be involved, or know someone who might, please ‘Say Hello’. Thank you.