Software testing


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Software testing

  1. 1. Software Testing Presented By: Animesh Dutta
  2. 2. Software Testing :: Definition: Software testing can be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program/application/product: 1)meets the requirements that guided its design and development; 2)works as expected; 3)can be implemented with the same characteristics. 4)satisfies the needs of stakeholders
  3. 3. Testing Classification::Software testing can be classified as belowA) VerificationB) ValidationA) Verification:: It can be classified as below a) Walkthrough (informal) b) Inspection (formal) c) Review (some formal)
  4. 4. Testing Classification:: B) Validation: It can be classified as below a) Black Box b) White Box a) Black Box: It also known as Behavioural Testing, is a software testing method in which the internal structure/design/implementation of the item being tested is not known to the tester. Example :A tester, without knowledge of the internal structures of a website, tests the web pages by using a browser; providing inputs (clicks, keystrokes) and verifying the outputs against the expected outcome.
  5. 5. Black Box Testing Classification:: Black box testing can be classified as below a) Functional b) Non-functional a) Functional: It can be classified as below – 1)BVA(Boundary Value Analysis) – 2)ECP(Equivalent Class Partitioning) – 3)EG(Error Guessing) – 4)UCBT
  6. 6. Black Box: Funational:BVA Testing:: 1)BVA:It can be classified as below a) Book Reference b) Indian Reference a) Book Reference: Valid and invalid values needs to be provided;Range::min- 1,min,max,max+1 Example:: Testing a number between 1 & 10 min=1,max=10 min-1=0;min=1;max=10;max+1=11 These values needs to be checked.
  7. 7. Black Box: Functional: BVA Testing :: b) Indian Reference :Valid range values needs to provided:Range:min,min+1,max- 1,max Example: Testing a number between 1 & 10 min=1 max=10 min=1,min+1=2,max-1=9,max=10 These values needs to be checked
  8. 8. Black Box: Functional: ECP Testing :: 2)ECP:The input values needs to be divided into invalid and valid values. – Example:: date (dd/mm/yyyy) validation Invalid inputs:1)blank; 2)whitespace; 3)35/12/2012; 4)12/15/2012; 5)12/12/20125; 6)121/121/121; 7)[whitespace] 12/12/2012; 8)12-12-2012; 9)2012/12/12; 10) 00/00/0000 Valid Input:17/06/1994
  9. 9. Black Box:Non Functional Testing :: GUI (Graphical User Interface) Usability Navigation Browser compatibility Hardware compatibility Regression Acceptance Sanity Smoke Alpha Beta
  10. 10. Black Box:Non Functional:GUI Testing:: 1)GUI:Below things needs to be checked a) Spelling mistakes b) Images width-height, title, text when images showing disabled c) Font d) Resizing browser e) Links color and text-decoration (visited; unvisited; hover) f) Check display components like links, texts, radio button, check box ,i-frame
  11. 11. Black Box: Non Functional: UsabilityTesting ::2)Usability: a) Application should be clean,sharp,easy to look(color) b) Proper messages should be there .Messages should be meaningful and easy to understand c) Application should be easy to use. Example: login:: username and password fields height gap is fine but submit button is too far from those fields.The user then needs to wait to think where is the submit button.
  12. 12. Black Box:Non Functional Testing ::3) Navigation: a)Links must redirect to particular page b)Page navigation like previous and next button links should be there for moving from one page to another within the same application c)Submit Button properly submits the application.4) Browser Compatibility: A particular application should be tested in different browsers and different versions of the same browser.CSS and javascript functionality should be tested.
  13. 13. Black Box:Non Functional Testing ::5) Alpha: Testing performed by end-users with developers.6) Beta: Testing performed by end-users with end- environment. There are no involvements of developers.7) Retest: Defects that are raised and after resolving those defects while the build of the application comes to testers, testers again test the resolved defects.8) Smoke: When a tester gets a build from developers, he/she runs the application for first time to check if there is any defects during start up of the application.
  14. 14. Black Box:Non Functional Testing ::9) Regression: It is to ensure that a change, such as a bugfix, did not introduce new faults.10) Sanity: It is a combination of smoke and regression testing. It is to test that the new built delivered by developers is running successfully and by going into deep in the application finding out bugs. Example:If there is a form in the application,first the application loads successfully and then the form saves its data successfully11) Acceptance: It is a test conducted to determine if the requirements of a specification or contract are met. Example: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is done by the people who give requirements for the projects .If UAT is successful,the project is put on
  15. 15. Thanking You Kolkata/Bangalore,India