Anti design patterns - an experts guide to making a slow website - yottaa site speed optimizer launch week at web 2 0 expo
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Anti design patterns - an experts guide to making a slow website - yottaa site speed optimizer launch week at web 2 0 expo

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  • 1. An Experts Guide to making a website slow!!! October 13th, 2011 Presented at O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo in NYC Bob Buffone, CTO - YottaaYottaa Inc.2 Canal Park 5th FloorCambridge MA 02141
  • 2. Agenda• The Web… Its complicated• Things that make a website slow• How can you make your website faster? 2
  • 3. THE WEB… IT’SCOMPLICATED © 2011 Yottaa Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3
  • 4. In between your visitors and you Data Major ISPs CDNs Geography Last Mile Browsers Userscenters Performance uncertainty 4
  • 5. THINGS THAT MAKE YOURWEBSITE SLOW © 2011 Yottaa Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5
  • 6. Lots of Requests• Product owners want rich websites – Rich in User Experience – Rich in Visual Presentation• Achieving richness requires more resources to be downloaded to the client – CSS – HTML – JavaScript – Images 6
  • 7. Fat Resources• Many of the resources that you need to load can be made fatter than required – HTML, CSS, JavaScript – Add lots of comments and white space – Images • Use images that are larger than displayed on the webpage • Always use the highest quality settings• Turn off gzip compression on your server 7
  • 8. Bad Servers• There are many things that can make your servers slow – Poorly written code – Bad database design – Sharing a server with others – Old Servers – Not enough memory – Slow hard drives 8
  • 9. Randomness• This is one of the hard things to add your site to make it slow. – Some of your users will experience a slow website• It only takes one resource to slow down your website. 9
  • 10. Do not use caching• The web allows you to specify which resources the browser will cache on the visitor’s machine• Not specifying cache control correctly means the browser will need to load resources for every page and 10
  • 11. 3rd Party Plugins• Bloggers love to make their websites slow using plugins. – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn – Photo plugins…• Not utilizing asynchronous loading of 3rd party resources. 11
  • 12. Other things you can do• Redirect from www to non-www using client-side – Use a 302 redirection instead of 301• Add requests to resources that do not exist (404)• Run JavaScript code while your page is loading.• Only look at how fast your site is from your desktop• Think your website is fast enough• Do not test your websites performance• Think your developers would never do any of these things 12
  • 13. HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOURWEBSITE FASTER? © 2011 Yottaa Inc. All Rights Reserved. 13
  • 14. YottaaTHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIMEBob (Buffone)Twitter: @RockstarappsCTO/Co-founderwww.yottaa.comTwitter: @YottaaCome and check us out in the Expo Booths!!! 14