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Sketchbook Anthony Colard 2009
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Sketchbook Anthony Colard 2009


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Diploma Sketchbook - Caudron C.848 / Orion project

Diploma Sketchbook - Caudron C.848 / Orion project

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  • 1. 2009 Graduation Project Diploma subject : How, as a designer, can I develop a multi-task system for fast rescue operations on high danger crisis areas where land and sea access is difficult or irrelevant?
  • 2. The rescue system Orion / C.848 allows rapid interventions in areas of natural disaster. The flying airbase Orion is constantly evolving around the globe, carrying within a squadron of Caudron C.848 rescue aircrafts. Adapting to situations (eg fire, hurricane, tsunami, volcanic eruptions ...) is done through the use of modules of equipment delivery in-situ. Module “types” are preset for each type of operation, allowing the UN to have, via the Emergency situation Orion airbase deployment Caudron C.848 gets his rescue module attached service provider RCS, an overall rescue system at worldwide scale adapted to major natural disasters that mankind knows today. A squadron of Caudrons fly to the rescue zone Swithcing to Helicopter mode Delivery of the rescue module The squadron flies back to the base for refueling Refueling in process Second round, the Caudrons bring other rescue modules
  • 3. Wale inspiration Solar panels surface Unattached flight deck Radio antennas Jet propulsion, far from the deck to reduce sound disturbance Flying airbase Large scale propellers Flying airbase carrying 1500 crew members, 16 Caudron aircrafts and 50 rescue modules.
  • 4. Orion is a large scale plane car- rier flying on electric power combined with a hydrogene ba- loon. Equiped with “push-pull” pro- peller engines, it can cruise at an average speed of 0,25 mach. The large top surface is cov- ered with solar panels to re- trieve energy while flying. The main flight deck can open/ close vertically to let smaller Caudron air- planes go on mission. Fast re- fueling decks are located on each side of the car- rier.
  • 5. Rescue module - design proposal
  • 6. Axis #01 : Foldable rotor Axis #04 : Racer inspiration Rescue aircraft Axis #03 : Tilt-rotor system Axis #02 : Delta wing Caudron Rescue airplane - researches and design evolution
  • 7. Axis #05 (final) : Boat and racer inspiration with retractable rotor Caudron Rescue airplane - researches and design evolution
  • 8. Digital displays and holographic projections Final design refinement on walls of the cockpit Cockpit and pilot design HOJAT (Hands On Joystick And Throttle) system 5-point seatbelt
  • 9. Caudron Rescue airplane - final design proposal
  • 10. Caudron Rescue airplane - final design proposal
  • 11. Caudron Rescue airplane - final design proposal
  • 12. Caudron Rescue airplane - Illustrations
  • 13. Name : Jenny Hilton Name : Ashley Hoover Date of Birth : 03/29/2016 Date of Birth : 07/25/2014 Age : 24 Age : 26 Plane : Caudron C.848 #31 Plane : Caudron C.848 #25 Missions : Missions : 2032 - First test flight of C.841 2033 - First crash of Caudron C.844 2035 - Demo pilot during Bourget Airshow 2037 - First successful take-off from Orion 2042 - Hurricane Carter rescue in Miami 2040 - High altitude rescue on Everest 2043 - Flood in South Africa 2042 - Hurricane Carter rescue in Miami 2043 - Flood in South Africa Suit specs : mechanical legs, HUD inside windshield, polymorphic tissu Suit specs : holographic display on arms, integrated ejection system, polymor- Likes : raw fish, Japan, fast cars, phic tissu french coffee Likes : jet engines, helicopters, skydiv- Dislikes : old men, slow people on ing the road, japanese bikes Dislikes : children, dogs, propellers
  • 14. Caudron C.848 first airborn February 2038 - Silver raw finish
  • 15. Caudron C.846 in the sunrise October 2036 - Bay of Shanghai
  • 16. Preparing for first take-off of complete Caudron squadron August 2038 - Orange french demilitarised base Caudron C.848 #17 Caudron C.848 #25 Caudron C.848 #31 Caudron C.848 #77
  • 17. Anthony Colard 10 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 92130 Issy Les Moulineaux France Mobile : +33 (0) 683 708 528 Phone : +33 (0) 951 173 387 E-mail : Website :