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Ancient egypt yoselinn

  1. 2. Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of Africa. Egypt is divided in two places upper Egypt and lower Egypt. Egypt also has an official language it’s called Arabic. Egypt’s population totaled 76 million. The Nile river is also located in Egypt. It is the longest river in the world. It begins in central Africa and runs North through Egypt to the Mediterranean
  2. 3. 2700 bc. First stone Pyramid built. 2600 BC. Pyramids of Giza built. 3 rd Dynasty 4 th Dynasty 2200 BC Various kings ruled Egypt 6 th & 7 th Dynasty 11 th dynasty 2055- Mentuhotep II gained control of entire country Hatshepsut became pharaoh 18 th dynasty
  3. 4. The Old Kingdom was a period in Egyptian history that lasted for about 500 years, from about 2700 to 2200 BC. During most of that time most Egyptians continued to develop their political System . The rules where based on the pharao’s thoughts and beliefs. The paharao’s Were rulers of Egypt they were both kings and gods. They had power over Everyone in Egypt. Here are some Egyptian gods; Amon-Re, the god of sun Orisis, the god of the under world Isis. The goddes of magic Horus, a sky god and the god of the pharaos
  4. 5. At the end of the Old Kingdom, the wealth and power of the pharao’s declined . By then the Pharao’s had challengers they were the nobles. By about 2200 BC the Old Kingdom had fallen. For the next 160 years, local nobles ruled much of Egypt but the Kingdom didn’t have a ruler. The Middle Kingdom is a period of order and stability which lasted to about 1750 BC.
  5. 6. The New Kingdom is the period during which Egypt reached the height of it’s power And glory. During the New Kingdom which lasted from about 1550 to 1050 BC. Conquest and trade brought wealth to the pharao’s . Queen Hatshepsut ruled in the New Kingdom.
  6. 7. Menes was the first pharao of the first dynasty in Egypt. He was also known for Aha and scorpion. Menes build the first cataract for the Nile river. He also fought the Nubians to the south. He had his own capital city called the memphis. Djoser was the 3 rd king of the third dynasty He was also the 2 nd king of Egypt’s 3 rd dynasty. Djoser ruled for about 19 years and was very important. He was also the first pharaoh with the step pyramid. Khufu was the 2 nd king of the third dynasty and was the builder of The great pyramid of Giza. He ruled in the Old kingdom. One of the 7 wonders of Egypt.