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Avoid laser eye_surgery
Avoid laser eye_surgery
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Avoid laser eye_surgery


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Health and beauty - Avoid laser eye surgery

Health and beauty - Avoid laser eye surgery

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Avoid Laser Eye Surgery & LASIK and get better vision with Eye Exercises These days, many of us work out in a gym or go for a morning walk – in one way or .another, we are all conscious of our health We all know that we can tighten our buns or exercise our thighs, but did you know that you could also exercise your eyes? In fact, for some people, their eyes are the weakest !part of their body If you wear glasses or contacts, are experiencing deteriorating vision or suffer from eyestrain and headaches, there are many simple and effective things you can do to care .for and improve your sightMartin Sussman, founder of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision & author of the best- selling Program for Better Vision, shows very clearly in his book how it is possible to havesharper vision and more relaxed eyesight. Many of the things he talks about that are goodfor the eyes don’t really take any extra time to practice, since they can be done whenever .we are using our eyes during the day One of the things he talks about in his book is the Top 10 Habits for Better Vision – ways .to use your eyes during the day so they don’t get stressed out :Here’s one of his Top 10 Martin says that it’s important to nourish and rest your eyes to keep them relaxed and sharp. One way the eyes are nourished is by light, and the best nourishment for eyes isnatural sunlight. Try taking your next walk outside without your glasses or contacts and let your eyes absorb the natural, unfiltered sunlight. He says that it is advisable to spend at .least 15 minutes a day outside - without any glasses or contactsYour eyes are rested by total darkness. The best way to rest you eyes is to close your eyes and place your cupped palm over the eyes. Martin suggests trying to visualize a pleasant scenario in your imagination when palming over your eyes, but anything you think about .that’s not stressful will help to relax the eyes much more than just by shutting themNurturing and resting your eyes can be done simultaneously. Close your eyes and face the sun (or look out the window). Let the sunlight fall on your closed eyes for 5-10 seconds and then shut out the light by putting your palms over your eyes for another 5-10 seconds. Repeat these steps 10 times (3 to 4 minutes). You’ll be surprised at how .refreshed, relaxed – and sharper – your eyes areThe type of indoor lighting is also important for the eyes. Use a kind of artificial light called “full spectrum”. Originally developed by Dr. John Ott, full spectrum lighting is the closest there is to the full range of natural sunlight. It has been proven in studies to increase .productivity, lessen eye strain and make it easier to see While some people who wear glasses and contacts go for the quick fix of eye surgery and lasik treatments, there are serious risks, with more than 50,000 complications every year .from these surgeriesFor people who are interested in a more natural way to improve their vision, Martin’s book offers a complete set of exercises and other methods. Not only that, a person whoregularly does these exercises is highly unlikely to develop any eye problems. He explains in his book how his 8-week program has helped thousands of people get sharper vision .without glasses and contacts, and without risking dangerous surgeryMost vision problems are habitual, caused by unconscious strain and tension and a lack ofeye-brain coordination. The Program for Better Vision shows you how to release this strainand tension and helps you re-train the brain and eyes to work together properly. TheProgram for Better Vision shows you how to get your natural eyesight back, without any
  • 2. glasses or specs. "This differs from other approaches …Each individual is encouraged to awaken his or her clarity and perceptiveness." - Pathways magazine