Cause and effect 1


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Cause and effect 1

  1. 1. Cause and Effect Communication Arts 3rd grade
  2. 2. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 2 Teacher’s Page Content Area: Language Arts Created By: Jami Polly Grade: 3rd Objective: Students will make inferences based on details from the story and prior knowledge in order to draw conclusions.
  3. 3. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 3 Writing About Cause and Effect • What is a CAUSE? – It is what makes something happen • (Example: The floor was wet...) • What is an EFFECT? – It is what happens • (Example: so, I slipped and fell.)
  4. 4. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 4 Writing Tips • Look for words such as… – Since – So – Because – Therefore – Due to the fact …to join cause and effect sentences. • Use cause and effect in paragraphs to explain how things work OR • how something happens.
  5. 5. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 5 Two things have to happen in a cause and effect sentence! • A CAUSE is what makes something happen. • An EFFECT is what happens as a result of the cause. • Look at the pictures below. • What is the cause?________________ • What will be the effect?_______________ The needle The balloon will pop
  6. 6. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 6 Look at the pictures below. Match the CAUSE with the EFFECT • Cause • Effect GREAT JOB!!
  7. 7. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 7 Remember these tips… • The CAUSE happens FIRST – Ask yourself, what had to happen first? • The EFFECT happens SECOND – Ask yourself, what happened last? • Also: C before E (In the alphabet) – Cause before Effect! • Look for clue words – Because, since, so, on account of, due to the fact
  8. 8. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 8 Certain words join cause and effect sentences. I bought Dan a present BECAUSE it was his birthday. - What is the cause? ________________ - What is the effect? ________________ - What is the word that join the cause and effect? _______ It was Dan’s birthday I bought him a present Because
  9. 9. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 9 What other words help to join cause and effect sentences? • The ice cream was melting AS A RESULT OF the hot weather. – What is the cause?________________ – What is the effect?________________ – What is the joining clue word?___________ The hot weather The ice cream melted As a result of
  10. 10. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 10 Which words join the cause and effect parts of a sentence? • I told Ellen to come home because it was time for dinner. _________ • The school was closed yesterday on account of the snowy weather. ___________ • Sara could not go to the party due to the fact that she was sick. ____________ • I saved ten dollars as the result of putting one dollar in my bank every week.____________ because on account of due to the fact as the result of
  11. 11. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 11 On a piece of paper, Write a cause and effect ending for each sentence below. • USE THE WORDS THAT JOIN THEM • Because, since, on account of, due to the fact 1. I had to wear boots to school _________ ________________________________ 2. I like you _________________________ 3. Alan had to stay after school _________ ________________________________ 4. We are having a party_______________
  12. 12. 03/29/14 MAPTAP 2004 12 Time to Write!! • On a separate sheet of paper write four cause and effect sentences of your own! • Be sure to use words that join the cause and effect parts in each of your sentences. • REMEMBER: C before E!! GREAT JOB!