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  • 1. ABOUT US Niji no kai WASEDA UNIV. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION CLUB FROM 1965 Come and Join Us! Let’s have a Wonderful Year at WASEDA! N “ iji no kai” is a club that does all kinds of different activities throughout the year. Most of the time, many international students from all over the world are involved in our activities. The events include discussing Japanese culture, playing many sports, going on trips, and drinking, etc. We look forward to seeing you guys! The “Lounge” is where Niji no Kai hangs out and lots of international exchange doing homework, naps etc. students come too. Especially at lunch You should try coming here! time, there are lots of people here. It’s on the first floor of Building No1. Everyone spends their time doing whatever they want; chatting, eating, 7 Statue of DG BL 3 Okuma Shigenobu DG BL 1 DG BL G2 BLD Main Gate OUR LOUNGE!! 1
  • 2. If You Join Us You Are Guaranteed To... 1.Enjoy life at school as a REAL Waseda Student! By spending lots of time with our members, you can see for yourself how students at Waseda hang out in and out of school. We also participate in school events such as Waseda’s festival and Waseda baseball games where you’re sure to feel like a real student at our school. 2.Make Lots of Japanese Friends There are more than 100 members in our club. Everyone has different hobbies and interests so you will definitely find someone you can get along with. 2
  • 3. 3.Get the Chance to initiate Events of NIJI no Kai Every event of our club is initiated by several members of organizers called Kanji. You can be one of these organizers to take part in planning and producing these events. 4.Drink and Do “CALLS” We have at least one big Nomikai per month.This is a drinking Party where we all sit in a big room at an Izakaya (Japanese style restaurant-type place where you drink) and enjoy drinking and eating. Of course many of us regularly go to pubs or clubs, or just hang around at home and you can join us. “Calls” are what we do at Nomikais. It’s a kind of chant and the person doing the call has to keep drinking when he/ she is being shouted at. Drinking alcohol is not mandatory at Niji no Kai and you can enjoy Nomikais without getting drunk. 3
  • 4. MAIN EVENTS the year! Niji no kai holds a lot of events throughout Spring Summer Autumn Winter 3 6 9 12 Fuji-Q Highland Trip World Cooking Competition Welcome Party for X’mas Party Farewell Party New Exchange Students Hot Spring Trip Farewell Trip 4 7 10 1 OHANAMI Fireworks Display BBQ Countdown Party Freshmen Welcome Big Drinking Party SOUKEISEN New Year’s Party Party English Study Sports Festival 5 8 11 2 Freshman Camp Summer Camp WASEDA Festival Skiing&Snowboarding 100km Hike Climbing Mt.Fuji Maple-Tree Viewing YOKOHAMA Orientation Sumer Night Cruise SOUKEISEN April OHANAMI (SAKURA VIEWING PARTY) Ohanami is one of the events that Japanese love! We go on a picnic to view Sakura (Cherry blossoms). In April, we also hold lots of welcome parties for freshmen. May 100KM HIKE This is the most unique event of Waseda! We take a 100km walk for 2 days wearing funny costumes. If you want to challenge your physical and mental strength, come and join this event with your funniest costumes! Those who completed walking 4 100km will gain “Waseda Spirit”!!
  • 5. Jun WORLD COOKING COMPETITION Niji’s cooking competition! Let’s make and have some delicious traditional meals from different countries! It’s a good chance to learn new dishes and how to make them. Those who are good at cooking can become a hero! Oct SOUKEISEN We go to the ballpark to cheer the Waseda baseball team. The performance of the cheer leading girls and the brass bands will make the atmosphere even more incredible! Show our love for Waseda! Beat the Keio! Nov WASEDA FESTIVAL It’s a day that the whole campus is filled with awesome food stalls and show booths that each club or community will offer! Many people from other universities and even high school students come to visit Waseda! Let’s prove together that Waseda is the most fabulous university in Japan! Dec X’MAS PARTY Get ready to have an amazing night with your coolest or sexiest dresses. No matter what religion you believe, whether you are single or not, you enjoy your night having drinks and chatting with other mates! 5
  • 6. Jan COUNTDOWN PARTY Say goodbye to the old year, and greet the new year with! We go to the shrine to and take part in the countdown event. After that we drink all night long to celebrate the new year, and then early in the morning we go to the shrine again to pray to the god so that our hope will become true. Feb SKIING & SNOWBOARDING Get yourself ready to go the mountains covered with nice lovely white snow! For some of you it might be the first time in your life to see the snow, and it is a fantastic view! Having romance with someone in a beautiful winter day wouldn’t be a bad idea! OTHER STUFF Baseball, soccer, basketball,dancing,cooking,watching movies,birthday parties, drinking outside and so much more... We have lots of events and you can host any event that you want!!! All of the events are good chance to make lots of friends, improve your Japanese skills and enjoy life as a REAL Waseda Student. Join us and see what it’s like, we hope to see you soon!! 6
  • 7. DY JAPAN STUDY & WORLD STU JAPAN STUDY and WORLD STUDY are events where you can learn about culture while surrounding yourself with the Japanese students of Niji no Kai. In JAPAN STUDY, we talk about all sorts of different things about Japanese culture and you can communicate with many Japanese students. It’s good chance for you to improve your Japanese skills! On the other hand, WORLD STUDY is held by international students and focuses on learning about different cultures from all over the world. At WORLD STUDY, you can introduce your own country, culture, and so on. These are great opportunities for you to learn about not only the culture of Japan, but the cultures of the world. 7
  • 8. The Voice of think of NIJ I? NIJI u --What do yo NIJI INTERVIEW VOL.1 Aiko Sakai from California --BTW,have you ever been involved in and got to see people’s kindness. an international relationship? --Why did you join Niji no kai? And the Niji’s waiting for you at the Unfortunately no... There was no concrete goal, and pouring beer all over you --What do you think of Japanese men? “beginning” with Niji for me. We were warmly welcomed to their as you cross the finish line; priceless. They’re different, for sure. I’ve events, and as I continued going, seen friends be in relationships when I knew it, I was a part of Niji! --There are different kinds of people here, but it all seems like the guys --What is your favorite event in Niji? in Niji. How is Niji’s atmosphere? don’t take the initiative. The girls I feel that Niji has a very homey have to prod and push and shove All events, big or small were incredibly fun! Some of the events kind of atmosphere, and it’s a to get any response from them. I remember the most are the place you can come to anytime. Oh, and even if you are able to get Christmas Party, 100Hai, and the There is no boundary between the into a relationship, for some reason gasshukus (camp). The Christmas “Japanese” and the many guys want to keep it on the Party this year was semi-formal, “Ryuugakusei”; we’re just friends DL, and no PDA at all...Which and was like an American that hang out to have a good time. (sadly) seems like the majority of “themed party”. The 100Hai was What’s different is that we get to Niji men, don’t you think? memorable because it was totally learn random facts about each an *only-in-Waseda* experience. Who in their right mind would pay other because we are from --well..they are not all kind of that. to walk 125km in two days... for different backgrounds. The level of As you know, I’m not that kind of guy! Joking apart, What is Niji to you? nothing?? It was worth it though; I Japanese or English you speak got to do some deep talks with doesn’t matter here, as long as My home away from home. A people (that’s about all you can you have the willingness to listen place where I knew I could always do while you’re walking), and understand (which definitely come to. My life in Waseda. My life exists in Niji!) in Japan. Niji no Kai is my family. 8
  • 9. NIJI INTERVIEW VOL.2 Rike from Germany Stegemann --Why did you join Niji no kai? Personally, I think the Tokyo Tour was --How can we tell the good points in Niji no kai to ryuugakusei? When I first come to Japan, I took very helpful. And while I also like Japan At first all Niji can do is hand out part in some of Niji no kai’s activities study (who wouldn’t want to learn some Japanese slang?), I guess the their schedule and provide and met a lot of nice and warm information regarding their activities people. So I joined so I could spend social events were some of the best more time with those people. memories because I made some to get people interested. The good wonderful friends over beer or two. points are something people will --What do you think of the good points in discover themselves. Niji? --Yes, we can make many friends in events and drink parties. You know, you were one I think the fact that everyone is of BBQ organizers. Why did you try being --Finally, what’s international very interested in cultural exchange the organizer? communication for you? is a lot of fun. People always want To me, it means learning things about to know a lot about each of other Being asked to help organize on other people, countries and cultures and each other’s countries, which is event made me really happy, that you cannot find in a book. It’s so also why it’s so easy to strike up a because I wanted to give something interesting to hear people’s opinions conversation. Also, the event’s have back to the Niji people. But since it about their home countries, Japan a good balance between “serious” was the first time, I felt kind of useless and Germany, and even though I’ve events (like Japan study, Tokyo Tour) and casual, social events (like sometimes. In the end, it was a great only been here for four months, I feel drink party, BBQ). event with a lot of people and I think like I’ve learned a lot more about other I’ve never talked to that many people countries than in my 13 years in --I think so too. What events did you enjoy? in only a few hours in my life. school. THE VOICE OF NIJI My experience with Niji no Kai began Even though I was only countless drinking parties, trips on my very first day in Japan. After a supposed to be in Tokyo for a all around Tokyo, and the most grueling 9 hour flight and battlings few short months, and had amazing ski/snowboard trip with customs with my over-packed barely passable Japanese, the ever. I have ever been granted bags, I was greeted by a group of awesome people in Niji the opportunity to help lead an Waseda students from Niji and WIC. welcomed me with open arms. I event, and give back to the Let me tell you, no sight was ever can honestly say that without group that has given me so more welcome! their friendship, ,my time here much. in Japan would be much To all my Niji no Kai family: more lonely. Since that first I LOVE YOU! day, I have taken part in To all the new Ryugakusei: Welcome Home. Aaron Drais from Oregon 9
  • 10. PICK UP! THE GREAT 8 OF NIJI TADA He’s got a good personality and is very friendly. The way SHINTARO he talks to us foreign students in Japanese really helps us improve our speaking skills because many SILS Japanese classmates don’t talk to us in Japanese. He’s always ready to answer questions and give advice. He has the ability to communicate with people from many countries, so feel free to talk to him! Midori is one of the most genki members in Niji no Kai. She has great leadership and public speaking skills. She is easy going and passionate in helping people. Hanging out with Midori is always a lot of fun. TSUHA She is cute, fashionable, and proud of being an Okinawa Jin! 10
  • 11. OBATA Keiichi is one of the goofiest, nicest, KEIICHI care-free people you will ever meet in your entire life. No joke. No matter what kind of day you’ve been having he can always put a smile on your face and you are bound to have an awesome time when you’re around him. If you look up the word “lovable”, you’d find Hina’s picture as the definition. Always ready to brighten your day with a friendly smile that’s contagious. She’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. She’ so silly that she doesn’t even know it (or does she?) and she’ll make your belly ache MAEDA with laughter. HINAKO One of the nicest guys you’re likely to meet, always with a ready smile and an answer at hand. He’s a 3rd year student, and currently in charge of Niji’s International Section. If you ever have a question, he’s always more than willing to help out. Ladies watch out: when he isn’t jet-setting around the world in his private plane, he is busy breaking hearts with reckless abandon. KIBA Word on the street is he’s single, but you didn’t hear that 11 from me!
  • 12. UEMURA MOMOKO Niji no Kai’s mascot; she’s popular with everyone in Niji no Kai! She’s often the center of attention and is picked on by her loving Niji members. Whether you’re a girl, guy, Japanese, or a foreign, she’ll greet you with her kindness. She is patient and reliable; if you ever need help, she’ll gladly lend you a hand. She is definitely one of a kind, so make sure you meet her! Better known as matuun or Otun-tun. Maybe better known as the guy flirting with girls at nomikais when he’s drunken :D haha just kidding XD On a different note, he’s our proud treasurer, and can solve a crazy nomikai situation in a second. He may be shy at first,but he is one of THE BEST and nicest and coolest guys you will ever meet, so go holler at him right now!! MATSUHAMA SHOUHEI UYAMA YUTAKA He’s good looking, cool, but a little bit cute.He’s an awesome cook so if you get to eat any of his cooking you’re lucky! He looks scary, but he’s not so just approach him and he’ll talk to you. He’s especially nice to the foreign students so you’re in luck! P.S. As long as you talk about dirty 12 stuff you’ll be fine!
  • 13. contact info. If you e-mail us here: we’ll send you information on our events throughout the year. And this is our club’s homepage:) Take a look at our pictures and blog to see what our activities are like. @nijinokai Welcome to Japan you guys! Probably you might have some problems during your stay, but there is no need to worry. Anytime you have trouble, feel free to ask one of our members. We can make your worried face into a nice smiling one! Niji no kai is a place for me, for you, and for everyone! Come join us and become JAPANHOLIC! @Seiya Thank you for reading the pamphlet about Niji no kai. Will you be interested in our circle? I look forward to seeing you in our events and I hope you will enjoy studying abroad in Japan! @Emi You might be so excited and worried at the same time. Many what-ifs might be driving you crazy. But you don’t even need to worry about that. We will strive to make your time here in Japan fruitful and meaningful, both in terms of building experience with Niji and enjoying our culture. Let’s have lots more fun together! I can’t wait to see YOU! @Yoshio  Editor’s Notes