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Reasons to seek out a psychotherapist
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Reasons to seek out a psychotherapist


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York Region Psychological Services 7626 Yonge St Thornhill, ON L4J 1V9 Canada‎ +1 416-602-3230 offering psychological services in the Greater Toronto Area including expert psychotherapy and cognitive …

York Region Psychological Services 7626 Yonge St Thornhill, ON L4J 1V9 Canada‎ +1 416-602-3230 offering psychological services in the Greater Toronto Area including expert psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour services

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  • 1. Reasons to Seek Out aPsychotherapist
  • 2. Mental and emotional injuries are the kinds of things you can’t seejust from looking at someone. A cut or a bruise or a broken arm isright there out in the open, but emotional trauma can stay well-hidden for years.Sometimes, a solution isn’t sought for mental issues until negativebehaviour has started to manifest itself, or the patient can’t live withit any longer. Psychotherapy is one treatment that is non-invasive,drug-free and can be used for many different problems.
  • 3. Substance AbuseThe effects of substance abuse may be partly physical, but it iscertainly a psychological issue. Whether it is illegal narcotics oralcohol, if you or others can notice your usage growing and gettingout of hand, psychotherapy may be an effective treatment.Keep in mind, substance abuse doesn’t have to look like thestereotypical ‘alcoholic’ or ‘drug addict’ and sometimes it seemsmuch more subtle. But if the underlying issue isn’t addressed, it’sonly going to get worse.
  • 4. Unexplained AngerBouts of anger aren’t good for any of the relationships in your life,and they can also lead to physical altercations if they really get out ofhand.Professional help in the form of psychotherapy may be a valuabletreatment for anger issues that you really have no explanation for.
  • 5. Prolonged GrievingIt’s perfectly natural to grieve the loss of a loved one, but if thegrieving process continues on and doesn’t seem like it’s ever goingto stop, psychotherapy may be the answer. Extended grief ends upaffecting your relationships because you can’t rally be your normalself. A psychotherapist will help you put things in perspective andgive you a new way of looking at things.
  • 6. DepressionJust like uncontrolled anger or grieving, bouts of depression youcan’t seem to get a handle on could get a boost from psychotherapy.Depression is often accompanied by feelings of hopelessness or ahelpless feeling that leaves you virtually immobile.Depression almost always has an underlying emotional cause, and ifyou find yours is controlling your life, or you ever feel suicidal gethelp right away.
  • 7. Physical or Emotional TraumaPsychotherapy is often advised for people who have gone through aphysical trauma that has transcended into emotional effects. Thismay include things like: Sexual abuse Sexual assault Physical assault Car accident or other traumatic experience Serious physical injury
  • 8. Anxiety or Panic AttacksMany people have regular anxiety or panic attacks that prevent themfrom leading a happy, balanced life. Sometimes, those attacks arerelated to hormonal activity, but quite often they are due to anunderlying emotional issue.Anxiety attacks can keep you from working, dating, socializing, oreven leaving the house if they get bad enough.
  • 9. Types of PsychotherapyThere are different types of psychotherapy within the overalldiscipline, including: Family Therapy Cognitive Therapy Behavior Therapy Interpersonal Therapy Group Therapy Psychodynamic Therapy
  • 10. Benefits of PsychotherapySome of the more significant benefits of psychotherapy include: Developing relationship skills. Understanding yourself better. Learning to overcome fear. Learning to communicate with yourself and others. Dealing with your past trauma and letting it go.
  • 11. References News Today Psychotherapy