Plant life cycle


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Plant life cycle

  1. 1. Life Cycle of a PlantLife Cycle of a Plant How living things grow, live, and dieHow living things grow, live, and die 2nd grade Science
  2. 2. A plant’s life cycle startsA plant’s life cycle starts with a seed.with a seed. •Inside the seed is a tiny new plant. •The outside of the seed has a special covering called a seed coat.
  3. 3. •When the seed gets the right amount of water, warmth, and air, it can begin to grow. •If conditions remain just right, after a time the little seed will sprout. •The sprout will grow to look like the plant it came from
  4. 4. As the sprout continues to develop, it will grow roots, a stem, leaves, and flowers which will form more seeds At this stage, the life cycle of the plant begins again.
  5. 5. It Starts With a Seed.It Starts With a Seed. •From a seed, a small root grows down into the soil. •Then, the stem grows up toward the surface of the soil. •Soon, the stem breaks through the soil. When this happens, it is called a sprout.
  6. 6. The Cycle ContinuesThe Cycle Continues •Later, leaves begin to form on the plant stem. •Now it is called a seedling and can make its own food. •Finally, the seedling develops into a plant which will look like the plant it came from.
  7. 7. VocabularyVocabulary  Life cycle ___Life cycle ___  Leaves ___Leaves ___  Stem ___Stem ___  Roots ___Roots ___  Seeds ___Seeds ___  Fruit ___Fruit ___  Pollen ___Pollen ___  Flowers___Flowers___ A.A. holds up the plantholds up the plant B.B. hold the plant in the soil and takehold the plant in the soil and take in water and mineralsin water and minerals C.C. make seedsmake seeds D.D. take in air and use light to maketake in air and use light to make foodfood E.E. grows around seeds for protectiongrows around seeds for protection F.F. grow into new plantsgrow into new plants G.G. a powder which makes seedsa powder which makes seeds grow inside a flowergrow inside a flower H.H. Shows how a living thing grows,Shows how a living thing grows, lives, and dieslives, and dies
  8. 8. What Am I ?What Am I ? Using the vocabulary worksheet, help yourUsing the vocabulary worksheet, help your partner learn the names of plant parts bypartner learn the names of plant parts by giving clues. For example, “I take in watergiving clues. For example, “I take in water and minerals from the soil. What am I ?”and minerals from the soil. What am I ?” Give your partner one clue for eachGive your partner one clue for each vocabulary word. Once you havevocabulary word. Once you have completed the list with your partner,completed the list with your partner, switch.switch.
  9. 9. IdentificationIdentification Draw and label the following parts of a plant. •Leaves •Roots •Flower •Fruit •Seeds •Stem
  10. 10. The Life Cycle of a PlantThe Life Cycle of a Plant Explain the life cycle of a plant and relate the importance of the proper amount of sunlight to the growth and development of a plant.