The Adventures of Social Media


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This presentation tells you the wild excitement of social media and why it is great to use and the effects it has impacted and is still impacting on the world.

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  • Hello to you all. Thank you for coming here to get an understanding on why social media is to be added to your company. My name is Cathy Funches, I am the manager of Rising Creativity Agency. I am here to talk about the adventure of social media. So please sit back and get comfy and enjoy the ride ^_^
  • This here shows you what key factors we will be going over today. Its in order of course. What social media is How far social media has come Some of the effects that social media hasHow B2B companies use it The advantages & flawsConclusion
  • Just in case you need a recap on what social media is, here is the definition of what it means. Basically its all about how we communicate with each other to, to keep each other up to date with business, personal information etc.
  • Now its time for history class! These dates are showing you how social media developed in the 1970s – 1990s. As you can see, we have definitely been improving social media for awhile without giving up.
  • Now here you are shown how social media began to pick up the pace in the first part of this 20th century. Yes, we have definitely came along way and now we can do what ever it takes to make ourselves feel more important or noticed in personal or business terms.
  • The next 2 slides, I will be showing you how social media has effected all 4 of these business. Just do keep in mind there are many other business who are effected as well; many more.
  • Many policemen in the law enforcement field use social media to find criminal or look up evidence. As you can see they seem to be really using it to the best of their ability. The highest on here is “identifying criminal activity online. Now you might be wondering where they getting all this information from. That is some good thinking you are doing because they are mostly getting it from social sites like MySpace, twitter and Facebook. Yes, there are no limits to social media, sometimes.
  • Public Relations: many companies are beginning to use social media to get in depth analysis of what is being said. Travel Industry: 87% of travelers used social media for their travel planning, 45% sourced initial trip ideas, 76% post photos to a social network and there are many other way travelers use social media to their great extent. Market Researchers:They use social media to compare brands in categories on various attributes.Keep in mind that there are several other businesses who are effected by social media as well.
  • B2B Companies use social media is so many different ways but I decided to pick at least 3 important ones. First of all, they want to create awarness of their business or products. Next, that information is either shared through mouth or on social sites. Then last but not least, you begin to gain trust from your customers/ followers. Its like a goal that you want to achieve.
  • Finally we have came to the slide you have all been waiting for. The advantages that your company would soon be underneath or working with. You want to gain comments and concerns about your business. You want to earn popularity and be bragged about. These are the advantages that you can look at because with these you can truly succeed.
  • Many of you sitting here today must be thinking, “ she is telling us all of these wonderful things about social media but I am sure there are flaws”. Yes there are, I won’t lie to you about this at all. I am sure every company wants to know the advantages and disadvantages and here they are. Read over it as many times as you would like to. If you know these flaws, I am sure there is no doubt that you will AVOID these problems.
  • We have made it to the last slide today. This is when I tell you that , social media will lead your company down the golden road to success. It will increase your sales, your exposure. People(Friends and family) will talk about you for ages. Its all about trying something new and putting your best foot forward. I thank you for having me here to present to you. I hope you enjoyed the presentation and have been encourage to enjoy a social media ride. Thank you and have a great day.
  • The Adventures of Social Media

    1. 1. OUTLINE
    2. 2. 1971- FIRST : EMAIL DELIVERED1997- Worldwide web had 1 million sites -Blackboard was 1978- 2 founded Computer Hobbyist 1985- American invented the Online(AOL) BBS(bulletin Opened board system)
    3. 3. -Social Media was rising; along w/ social media via smart phones & tablet computers2008- 2001- 2003-
    4. 4. How social media effects businesses
    5. 5. How social media effects businesses The Effects of Law Enforcement
    6. 6. How social media effects businessesPublic Relations Travel Industry Market Researchers
    7. 7. Advantages Social Media Gives
    8. 8. Flaws Social Media Has
    9. 9. • Leads your company to Success• Improves sales & Increases exposure
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