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  • What is the basic functionality of this product?BMM is a new AdWords match feature that lets you create keywords with greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match. How exactly does it do this?Keywords using the broad match modifier do match when the search contains CLOSE VARIANTS of the words you modify, but donot match synonyms or related searches.We define close variants to include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings (like “floor” and “flooring”). This matching characteristic offers the potential for more volume than phrase match keywords.But because synonyms (like “quick” and “fast”) and related searches (like “flowers” and “tulips”) are excluded from matching, you get more precise matching control than with broad match - (and, notably, less traffic potential).The phrase match Floors, when using the modifier would allow for floor & flooring
  • Where clients are using few broad match queries is where we see the most opportunity. You should be focusing your attention on these accounts where gains can be achievedthrough growing impression share on high value searches. You can implement by adding BMM keywords with higher bids than existing broad keywords.The key point here is to pitch selectively. Only pitch to those high potential accounts identified on the SRP list and behave reactively  with accounts of low potential for BMM.
  • Here you can see that Air hotel packages actually assisted – it was searched prior to the last click conversion.*Search Funnel is a confidential beta. Please keep these slides confidential, per the AdWords Terms and Conditions (all beta participants agree to keep beta confidential)
  • Here is a list of the reports that will be available for Search Funnel analysis. They are broken into 3 sections:1. Sources Analysis2. Interaction Analysis3. Time AnalysisWe’ll go into detail on each report.*Search Funnel is a confidential beta. Please keep these slides confidential, per the AdWords Terms and Conditions (all beta participants agree to keep beta confidential)
  • *Search Funnel is a confidential beta. Please keep these slides confidential, per the AdWords Terms and Conditions (all beta participants agree to keep beta confidential)
  • *Search Funnel is a confidential beta. Please keep these slides confidential, per the AdWords Terms and Conditions (all beta participants agree to keep beta confidential)
  • Notes for using this slide:
  • Notes for using this slide:
  • The problem: From July to August, things change!
  • Youmight allocate a smaller % to the experimental group depending upon the perceived riskiness of the experiment.Notifications are not yet automatic when experiments start or end, so note the dates on your calendar.Also, you may reach desired levels of statistical significance well before the end of an experiment. It’s also possible that by the end of the scheduled experiment, you will not have reached high levels of statistical significance for specific metrics that you’re comparing between test and control.


  • 1. Search Strategies – 24 November 2010
    David Gillain – Google Belgium
  • 2. AGENDA
    Broad Match Modifier
    Search Funnels
    Mobile Campaigns
    Campaign Experiments
    Ad Extensions
  • 3. Broad Match Modifier
  • 4. What is the basic functionality of this product?
    More Control
    Broad Match
    Broad Match Modifier
    More Volume
    +floors - floor, flooring
    Exact Match
    Phrase Match
    Broad Match Modifier
  • 5. What Is The Broad Match Modifier?
    *Be sure there are no spaces between the + and modified words, but do leave spaces between words.
    ** Close variants include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings (like “floor” and “flooring”). Synonyms (like “quick” and “fast”) and related searches (like “flowers” and “tulips”) aren't considered close variants.
  • 6. Proper Implementation
    Put a plus sign (+) directly before one or more words* in a broad match keyword.
    Womens has modified match behavior, while shoes matches broadly.
    Each word will have modified broad match behavior.
    Correct: +womens shoesCorrect: +womens +formal +shoesIncorrect: +womens+formal+shoes Incorrect: + womens + formal + shoes
    Should be space between words
    Do not leave spacebetween + and modified word
    *Be sure there are no spaces between the + and modified words, but do leave spaces between words.
    ** Close variants include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings (like “floor” and “flooring”). Synonyms (like “quick” and “fast”) and related searches (like “flowers” and “tulips”) aren't considered close variants.
    *** In right to left languages, including Arabic and Hebrew, the plus sign is placed at the start of the word (on the right side). Correct example: מלון +ירושלים+). In languages such as Chinese, Thai and Japanese, a space must come before a plus sign for the broad match modifier to be interpreted and applied correctly.
  • 7. Relative reach of different keyword match strategies
  • 8. 8
    Match Behavior Comparison
    Like Broad
    Like Phrase/Exact
    In some languages, certain matching features may not be applicable.
  • 9. 9
    BMM is Most Valuable in Campaigns Mainly Using Phrase and Exact Match
    High Potential
    % Gain From Adding BMM Keywords Fully*
    Limited Potential
    % of Current Traffic / Spend in Broad Match
    *This means adding BMM variants of existing keywords alongside existing keywords - it does NOT mean switching existing broad match keywords to modified broad. Actual results can vary depending upon implementation specifics,like bid strategy, volume of keywords, use of negatives, etc,
  • 10. How does this product fit into the Sales Framework?
    Implement BMM keywords into account with mostly Exact & Phrase keywords
    20%Increase in Clicks & Conversions
    Broad Match Modifier
  • 11. Search Funnels
  • 12. The Search Funnel: Paths To Conversion
    Before converting, users do multiple searches and are exposed to many of your AdWords ads and keywords
    What impressions and clicks led to conversions?
  • 13. What is Search Funnel Data?
    Now: Only Scratching the Surface
    Last Clicks
    that Precede Conversions
    Assist Clicks & Impressions
    that Precede Conversions
    With Search
    Data: More Insight
    Last-Converting Clicks
  • 14. Sample Search Funnel Path – JetWithUs.com
    Assist Conversions occur.
    Let’s work backwards from conversion.
    Search Funnel: keywords and dates of search
    'JetWithUs.com flights'
    'Air hotel packages'
    'Hotel flight''Soho New York hotels'
  • 15. 7 Reports, 3 Sections
  • 16. How It Works
    • The Search Funnel reports gather data using the AdWordsConversion Tracking cookie (not Doubleclick)
    • 17. For all reports, a conversion path is defined as 30 days walking back from the time of conversion.  For now, this date range is not customizable.
    • 18. The Search Funnel reports just 'count backwards' farther in the search funnel after the conversion is completed. The current AdWords Conversion Tracking reports only include last clicks, not assist clicks/impressions.
    • 19. There has to have been at least one click and conversion to set the cookie and populate reports.
  • 20. Search Funnel FAQs
    Q: Will report include imported GA goals?A: Yes.Q: Will report include AdWords for Search and AdWords for Content?
    A: No, google.com only
    Q: Will report include search queries?A: No, just keywords that triggered ads.
  • 21. Mobile campaigns
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Most Active Mobile Users are Big Spenders
    Total Internet Spending in the Last 6 Months
    $100 - $200
    $500 - $1000
    $200 - $500
    Under $50
    $2.5 - $5k
    $50 - $100
    $10k +
    $1k - $2.5k
    $5k - $7.5k
    $7.5k – $10k
    * % of active mobile users who spent money in one of the “amount spent” categories
    * Index: Higher = population more likely to use their phones to access mobile content
    Source: comScore, Google commissioned study, October 2009
  • 25. Mobile Keeps In-Store Shoppers Online
  • 26. High End Mobile Device Ad Options (Search)
  • 27. High End Mobile Device Ad Options (Display)
    Display Mobile Ads (Text and Image) on:
    • Optimized Mobile Sites on our Google Mobile Content Network
    • 28. Google Apps Network (AFMA)for both iPhone and Android
    • 29. Desktop Sites Viewed Via High End Device
    Targeting /Pricing Options
    • Bid via CPC or CPM for all Display ads
    • 30. Placement, Contextually and Enhanced Targeting
    • 31. Carrier, Platform and Geo-Targeting
    Mobile Image Ad Sizes/Specs
    Text ads Specs
    -3 lines: (25 characters, 35 characters, 35 characters)-Display URL 35 characters
    • All Image Ad Units are 50k Max
    • 35. GIF, JPG or PNG - No Flash
    • 36. Animation: Yes
    • 37. Geo-Target capable
    • 38. No 3PAS
  • WAP Device Ad Options (Search and Display)
  • 39. Why do mobile specific campaigns have better mobile performance?
    Separate campaigns perform better because advertisers are able to:
    • Bid separately on mobile: On mobile you are competing to have your ad serve on 5 ad spots available vs. 11 on desktop. The top 2 ad spots on mobile receive 95% of clicks so it is important to bid aggressively to ensure your ads are competitive and appear prominently.
    • 40. Have mobile specific creatives: You can create mobile specific ad copy such as “Receive a quote on your phone” or “Book a vacation on your Android”
    • 41. Better optimize campaign: Through better visibility and more granular controls you can focus on keywords and creatives that have the best performance on mobile
    • 42. Set specific mobile daily budgets: Budgets are set at the campaign level and require separate budgets
  • Separate mobile campaigns see significantly better mobile performance than hybrid (desktop + mobile) campaigns
    Separating out mobile campaigns from desktop drives significant performance gains - from more granular control of bids, budgets, keywords and landing pages
  • 43. AdWords Campaign Experiments
    How it changes the optimization game in your favor
  • 44. ACE: A free tool to test and precisely measure theimpact of changes to your AdWords campaigns
  • 45. Adjust Budget Split To Control Risk
    What if we got really aggressive? Higher bids, generic keywords…
    Budget Split
  • 46. ACE Changes The Optimization Game
    The problem: Things change!
    The solution: Split testing
    July 1
    August 1
    July 1
    Other factors affect experiment and control equally.
    Clear winner!
    20% more volume
    10% better CPA
    Campaign Setup A(control)
    450 conversions
    $10 CPA
    Campaign Setup B
    1100 clicks
    $9.50 CPA
    Campaign Setup A
    1000 clicks
    $10 CPA
    We don’t know how much other factorsaccount for differences in observed performance.
    Campaign Setup B(experiment)
    540 conversions
    $9 CPA
    • Other sales/marketing
    • 47. Competitors
    • 48. Customer demand fluctuations 
    • 49. Weather
    • 50. Macroeconomic factors
    More information at: http://adwords.blogspot.com/2010/08/adwords-campaign-experiments-full-us.html
  • 51. How to run an experiment
  • 52. Step 1: Specify experiment settings
    • Click the Settings tab in the desired campaign.
    • 53. Scroll down to Advanced settings.
    Click the plus sign to expand. +ExperimentBETA
  • 54. Step 1: Specify experiment settings
    • Click the + Specify experiment settings button
    1. Enter a name for the experiment.
    2. Choose the desired traffic split between control and experiment.
    3. Set desired start and end dates or start manually.
  • 55. Step 2: Make experimental changes
    Example: Adding new keywords to the experimental split.
    1. Click Add Keywords and enter keywords as normal.
    2. Click Add as experiment only keywords.
    3. Click Save.
  • 56. Keywords added to the experiment are marked by the beaker icon.
    To add new ad groups to the experiment or control campaign, go to the Ad groups tab and click Create ad group.
    Step 2: Make experimental changes
    Keyword in experiment split only.
    Keyword in both control and experiment campaign.
  • 57. Step 2: Make experimental changes
    • Use a segmented view to adjust bids and compare results.
    • 58. Click Segment ▼ then Experiment.
  • Step 2: Make experimental changes
    Example: Bid change on an experimental keyword.
    1. In the experiment row, click the bid you want to adjust.
    2. Add or subtract a percentage from the control bid to set the experimental bid.
    To make adgroup bid changes, follow the same procedure from the Ad Groups tab.
  • 59. Step 2: Make experimental changes
    Example: Making a keyword to run only in the control split.
    Click the split you want the keyword to run in.
  • 60. Step 3: Evaluate results
    Arrows indicate whether experimental values differ from control values.
    More arrows means greater confidence that differences are due to your changes.
    No statistically significant difference between experiment and control (<95% probability of a difference).
    The experiment metric is greater than the control (95% probability).
    The experiment metric is greater than the control (99.9+% probability).
    Probability that experiment and control groups are different
    1 A statistically significant difference is unlikely to have occurred by chance. More up arrows adjacent to a metric means greater certainty that a difference between the control and experimental campaign is the result of deliberate changes you’ve made rather than random chance.
  • 61. Step 4: Accept or delete changes
    Keep or discard experimental changes with a single click.
    To apply all experimental changes, click here.
    To discard experimental changes, click here.
  • 62. What should you ACE?
    Google Display Network
  • Stop guessing: Know and compare the precise impact of changes
    Go ahead, jump: Limit risk of testing major changes
    Optimize more often: Run more tests through the year
  • 72. Location Extensions
    Ad Sitelinks
    Product Extensions
    Ad Extensions
  • 73. Location Extensions
  • 74. Local Business Center
    Help consumers connect with your business
    (for business owners)
    • Conveniently control and manage your business listing info, including:
    • 75. Addresses
    • 76. Phone numbers
    • 77. Hours of operation
    • 78. Website
    • 79. Provide printable coupons
    • 80. Bulk upload functionality
  • 81. Location Extensions Basics
    Transform your text ads into local ads
    Dynamically associate your ads with relevant business addresses
    Ads show with addresses on Google.com and Google Maps, and without addresses on the Search and Content Networks.
  • 82. Location extension on Google
    Address appears as the 5th line of ad text
    Location extension ad on Google Maps
    Image or icon can appear with ad
    Location Extensions Appearance
  • 83. Location Extensions – Now on Mobile
    Customized ad icon
    Location extensions ads
    Local listings
  • 84. Ad Sitelinks
  • 85. 51
    What is Ad Sitelinks?
    Ad Sitelinks is a new feature of AdWords that allows you to extend the value of your existing AdWords ads by providing additional links to deep content within your sites.
    Examples of Ad Sitelinks format:
  • 86. 52
    Increase your profitability
    By giving users more specific landing page options, you get more highly qualified traffic and increase your overall conversion rate.
    When landing pages are more narrowly targeted to a user’s current interest they are less likely to get lost on your site and more likely to turn into a sale.
    Landing Page
    Ad Creative
  • 87. 53
    Getting started is easy
    You can get started with Ad Sitelinks with just a few clicks. No need to create new campaigns or ad groups, update your keywords or change your ad text.
    • Visit the campaign settings tab in your account and edit the ‘Show additional links to my site’ option under ‘Ad extensions’
    • 88. Specify up to 10 site links in priority order
    • 89. AdWords will automatically display up to 4 of them when they are relevant to a user’s search query.
  • Product Ads
  • 90. Product Ads for online retailers
    Product Ads allow you to connect with the millions of users searching on Google.com for the products you offer.  With product ads, users can see the exact products you offer before they even reach your site, which leads to higher quality leads, better conversion rates, and higher ROI for your search ads.
  • 91. Product Ads provide greater visibility
    Extensions are shown in an expandable plusbox under text ads on both the top and right hand side of the page
    Listings are a standalone format and are always shown on the top right hand side of the page.
  • 92. Multiple formats to fit your needs
    Product Ads offers both an extensions format that works with your existing keyword-targeted text ads, and a new standalone listings format that requires no keywords or ad text.
    Keyword Targeting
    Product Targeting
    *CPA pricing available by invitation to a limited number of advertisers
  • 93. THANK YOU!!