Dave van hoose scam killing techniques

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Professional Speaker Training is the source of all success for speakers who really know what they are doing. Jim Rohn is famous for saying - Success is First a Study, Then a Practice. Many speakers …

Professional Speaker Training is the source of all success for speakers who really know what they are doing. Jim Rohn is famous for saying - Success is First a Study, Then a Practice. Many speakers try to skip the study part as if the speaking business is simple and there is nothing too it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Or they make the opposite error, trying to learn the business through hundreds of different books, training courses and seminars.

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  • 1. Dave VanHoose: How To Make A Killing as a Professional Speaker
  • 2. Dave VanHoose shares with us some of his best techniques (scam free) for making a killing as a Professional Speaker. Scam artists have hurt the speaking business over the years, so the first thing you need to do is to build your credibility. Having credibility before you hit the stage will help you sell more than you thought possible … So what are some ways to build credibility as Professional Speaker?
  • 3. One: How a great website that shows you as a sharp and sought after professional. Make sure that it is packed with testimonials, both written and video. The more the better, it is hard to overdo!
  • 4. Two: Make sure you do some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that you show up in the first couple of pages on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If people can’t find you on the web, why would they think you are a serious player in the field? Professional Speakers can always be found on the web if they are any good!
  • 5. Three: Have the Master of Ceremonies do a great introduction for you and don’t leave this to chance, give them a written introduction to read. Make sure the introduction builds your credibility and gets the audience excited about your topic. Many speakers now make sure they get a great introduction by playing a Professional Speaker introduction video instead. The videos can be very powerful, so seriously consider having one done for you.
  • 6. The next tip for making a killing is to pair up a great offer with expert closing skills. People come to Dave VanHoose and his team at “7 Figure Speaking Empire” because of their powerful reputation among Professional Speakers for teaching the skills of how to create a powerful offer and close with gusto. It is important to build value behind what you are selling throughout the presentation so that people will be eager to buy at the close.
  • 7. Using a powerful value-stack (piling on the benefits and extras) will greatly increase the perceived value. This will allow you to get higher prices for your products or services and boost your closing ratios significantly.
  • 8. When closing, you must also appeal to their emotions to build desire and to create certainty. Part of building certainty is having a great guarantee. If you can’t give a powerful guarantee, maybe your product isn’t as good as you think! Go back and add extras to build more value! A strong guarantee makes people feel secure that they aren’t buying a scam and that the speaker is confident in their own product or service. Longer guarantees do not seem to increase refund rates in most people’s testing, in fact, it tends to reduce refunds
  • 9. Dave VanHoose always teaches his Professional Speakers to speak from a place of passion! If you aren’t excited about your offer, you can be sure your audience isn’t either. Enthusiasm is contagious! When you are on stage, be on fire and show absolute certainty. Utilizing passion, with quality products and facts to back it up, are a winning combination.
  • 10. To really make money in this business you MUST do Joint Ventures (JVs). Partnering with the right people can do amazing things for your speaking career and dramatically boost your profits. If you sell
  • 11. well and are very good to your Joint Venture partners, you will get more and more people who want to do Joint Ventures with you. Having the right partners will get you more stages, more webinars, and will get people blasting your product/service offers to their email lists. This is how the big money is really made by Professional Speakers.
  • 12. Dave VanHoose – CEO of “7-Figure Speaking Empire”
    (813) 938-2160 - Tampa, FL