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    Relative Clauses Relative Clauses Presentation Transcript

      • An adjective clause is a dependent clause that modifies a noun.(It is also called as relative clause .)
      • Sıfat cümleciği İngilizce’de nitelediği ismin arkasında yer alırken Türkçe’de sıfat cümleciği isimden önce gelir:
      • Exp. Kentlerde yaşayan insanlar
      • People who live in cities
      • Who/That(is used for people in relative clauses)
      • A thief is a person who steals things.
      • I met a woman who(that) can speak five languages.
      • A liar is a person who(that) doesn’t tell the truth.
      • A musician is a person who(that) plays a musical instrument.
      • The woman who(that) is wearing a red dress is my mother.
      • I didn’t remember the man who(that) was playing the piano.
      • Which/That(is used for things/animals in relative clauses)
      • A coffee maker is a machine which ( that) makes coffee.
      • A hairdryer is a machine which(that) dries the hair.
      • A knife is a device which is used for cutting something.
      • A toothbrush is a thing which(that) brushes teeth.
      • A fridge is a machine which(that) keeps the food cold and fresh.
      • A parrot is an animal which(that) can imitate human sound.
      • A kangaroo is an animal which carries its baby in his pocket.
      • A notebook is a thing which is used for writing in it.
    • Make one sentence from two:
      • 1. A man phoned. He didn’t give his name.
      • The man who phoned didn’t give his name.
      • 2. A woman opened the door. She was wearing a yellow dress.
      • The woman who opened the door was wearing a yellow dress.
      • 3. A policeman stopped our car. He was very friendly.
      • The policeman who stopped our car was very friendly.
      • 4. Emma is my classmate. She is very beautiful.
      • Emma who is my classmate is very beautiful.
      • 5.I liked this book . It’s very interesting.
      • I liked this book which is very interesting.
      • 6.Jim was wearing a hat . It was too big for him.
      • Jim was wearing a hat which was too big for him.
      • I live in a house.It’s 500 years old.
      • I live in a house which is 500 years old.
    • Put WHO or WHICH
      • 1.What’s the name of the woman…….lives next door.
      • 2.You always ask questions …….are difficult to answer.
      • 3.Do you know anybody ……wants to buy a car?
      • 4.I have a friend…….is very good at repairing cars.
      • 5.I think everybody……went to the party enjoyed it very much.
      • 6.Why does he always wear clothes ……..are too small for him?
      • 7.What’s the name of the river ……flows through the town?
      • 8.I know somebody… in that shop.
      • 9.Have you seen the money…….was on the table?
      • 10.I know somebody…….can help you.