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    GO-YOLI BUSINESS GO-YOLI BUSINESS Presentation Transcript

    • YOLI help people to live by :Providing : Health concerns Distributing powerful ingredients A multimillion dollar business platformTeaching : How to take back control of their lives How to enjoy the here and now How to live in the moment How to spend quality time with quality people
    • MASSIVE MONEY RELATED STRESS,ANXIETY … DEPRESSED ECONOMY :  Job Loss Or Business Loss  Foreclosure & Bancruptcy  USA TODAY Reports Average Household Owes Over $84,000 In Debt  64% Of The Population Is Living Paycheck To Paycheck
    • FINANCIAL REALITYTo Retire at 65 Years Old and Have Enough In Savings To Produce $50,000 Per Year ForLiving Expenses. (6% Annual Percentage Return) Monthly Savings Needed by Age 20 years old - $1,509 per month Monthly Savings Needed by Age 30 years old - $1,800 per month Monthly Savings Needed by Age 40 years old - $2,177 per month Monthly Savings Needed by Age 50 years old - $2,693 per month
    • EVERYONE IS ENDORSING NETWORK MARKETING Did you know that OVER 50 million are currently involved in network marketing worldwide? The industry is approaching $100 billion in wholesale revenue, $29.5 billion in the United States alone. www.wfdsa.org Considered just fifteen to twenty years ago to be the last thing you do before becoming homeless, network marketing has now come of age. Network marketing is now considered a professional industry by the millions of people worldwide who are bold enough to look past the streotypes and see this business for what it is; the best opportunity for the average person to achieve long term cash flow. Daren Falter, Author of How To Select a Network Marketing Company
    • EVERYONE IS ENDORSING NETWORK MARKETING I think Network Marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to ebtrepreneurship and independence for millions of people. Dr. Stephen R.Corey, Interview in Network Marketing Lifestyles When I look forward to the year 2010, I see a clear one trillion-dollar business just in the growth of existing products and services in the wellness industry. Paul Zane Pilzer, best selling author of entrepreneur, economic advisor in two presidential administrations, former commentator on National Public Radio and CNN, educator at NYU, and trend forecaster
    • BENEFITS OF BUILDING A YOLI BUSINESS No Employees or Payroll No Boss, Set Hours or Workplace Unlimited Income Potential Tax Advantages No Collections / Payments No Inventory No Product Delivery
    • Earn money and rewards in ninedifferent ways :1. Retail Profits2. Fast Start Bonus3. Break Even Bonus4. Binary Team Commission5. Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus6. Global Leadership Bonus Pools a. Diamond Bonus Pool b. Blue Diamond Bonus Pool c. Black Diamond Bonus Pool7. Elite Leadership Bonus Pool8. Multiple Business Centers9. Annual Cruise Bonus and TravelIncentives*
    • INSIDE USA : AUTOSHIP Wholesale CV Basic Pack $59.98 50 Builder Pack $119.96 100 Pro Pack $239.92 200OUTSIDE USA : Whole AUTOSHIP Ship Pack CV Sale Basic Pack $62 $15 $3.10 50 Builder Pack $124 $15 $3.10 100 Pro Pack $248 $15 $3.10 200
    • PV LEVEL CV Fast StartBasic Pack 50 5%Builder Pack 100 10% Pro Pack 200 20%Pro Pack UBasic Builder ProPack Pack Pack 20% 20% 20% $10 + $20 + $40
    • FREE AUTOSHIP (MAINTAIN) !FREE PRODUCT EVERY MONTH ! AUTOSHIP CV BEB Basic Pack 50 $10 Builder Pack 100 $20 Pro Pack 200 $40 Free Autoship ! U $400Pro Pack 1 2 10 $40 + $40 + + $40
    • UPLINE PLACEMENT TREE B $500 UPLINE A UPOWER LEG PAY LEG 5,000 x 10% 8,000 5,000 3,000 Carry Forward
    • GLOBAL BONUS POOLDiamond Pools ½% Pool of Diamond, Double Diamond, and Triple Diamond DistributorsBlue Diamond Pool ½% Pool of Blue Diamond, Blue Double Diamond, and Blue Triple Diamond DistributorsBlack Diamond Pool ½% Pool of Black Diamond, Double Black Diamond, and Triple Black Diamond Distributors
    • ELITE LEADERSHIP ANNUAL BONUS To Be AnnounceMULTIPLE BUSINESS CENTERS U4 $12,500 Binary Team Commission 4 U3 Consecutive Weeks $12,500 Binary Team Commission 4 U2 Consecutive Weeks$12,500 Binary TeamCommission 4 U1Consecutive Weeks U $12,500 Binary Team Commission 4 Consecutive Weeks
    • START-UP CAPITAL $62 – 50 CV (All In Cost : $80.10)SPONSOR 10 PEOPLES @ 50 CV AUTOSHIP Wholesale CVLOW START-UP CAPITAL ! Basic Pack $62 50 $25.00 Basic Pack UBasic Pack 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10$2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50YOUR FAST START BONUS : PV LEVEL CV Fast Start$2.50 x 10 = $25.00 Basic Pack 50 5%
    • BREAK EVEN BONUSFREE AUTOSHIP MONTHLY ! AUTOSHIP Wholesale CVFREE PRODUCT MONTHLY ! Basic Pack $62 50SALES VOLUME REPEATED ! $100.00 Basic Pack UBasic Pack 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10YOUR BREAK-EVEN BONUS : AUTOSHIP CV BEB$10.00 x 10 = $100.00 Basic Pack 50 $10
    • BINARY TEAM COMMISSION & PLACEMENT TREE $50.00 U 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10$500 GV – POWER LEG 3 4 YOUR BINARY TEAM BONUS : $500 GV – PAY LEG 5 6 $500 x 10% = $50.00 7 8 9 10 YOUR RANK : 5 STAR ($500 GV Weak Side) INFINITY Max Bonus : $500 A Week
    • 5 STAR TO RUBY $300 (Excluding Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus) U $3,000 GV $3,000 GV YOUR BINARY 5 STAR $1,000 GV 5 STAR $1,000 GV TEAM BONUS : 5 STAR 5 STAR $3,000 x 10% $1,000 GV $1,000 GV = $300 5 STAR 5 STAR $1,000 GV $1,000 GV YOUR RANK : RUBY ($3,000 GV Weak Side) Max Bonus : INFINITY $1,500 A Week
    • RUBY TO DIAMOND $1,800 (Excluding Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus) U $18,000 GV $18,000 GV YOUR BINARY RUBY $6,000 GV RUBY $6,000 GV TEAM BONUS : RUBY RUBY $18,000 x 10% $6,000 GV $6,000 GV = $1,800 RUBY RUBY $6,000 GV $6,000 GV YOUR RANK : DIAMOND ($10,000 GV Weak Side) Max Bonus : INFINITY $5,000 A Week
    • DIAMOND TO BLUE DIAMOND $10,800 (Excluding Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus) U $108,000 GV $108,000 GV YOUR BINARY DIAMOND $36,000 GV DIAMOND $36,000 GV TEAM BONUS : DIAMOND DIAMOND $108,000 x 10% $36,000 GV $36,000 GV = $10,800 DIAMOND DIAMOND $36,000 GV $36,000 GV YOUR RANK : BLUE DIAMOND ($50,000 GV Weak Side) Max Bonus : INFINITY $25,000 A Week
    • “I made more money in my first few months with Yoli than in a few yearsin my previous company.”Eugene H.“Yolis compensation plan is second to none. As a million dollar earner forthe past several years, Yolis compensation plan is second to none.”Janice S.
    • “After 4 years of working with other companies and talking to thousandsof people that could not afford their products, I was getting verydiscouraged. Then I heard about Yoli and how fast we could break evenand start making money very quickly!”Al F.“Now that Im aware of how much sugar and other artificial ingredientsare in soda and Gatorade, I have decided to ONLY drink Yoli. Not onlyam I drinking a healthier product, I am also saving money because weget Yoli for FREE due to sharing the product.”Walter S.
    • "I was very intimidated to start my own home-based business, but Yolimakes it simple. It is a paint-by-the-numbers system that anyone canfollow. Not only have I successfully used it, but it is very easy to showothers how to do. I really enjoy the process and I’m rewarded withincome."Heidi C. - Virginia“I’m amazed at how easy it is to give away FREE business and producttrials. It’s such a simple concept. Everybody loves getting something forfree!”Ronnie C. – Durham, NC
    • "I’ve operated my own businesses for years. Believe me, I’d never goback to the “do-it-yourself” business model when I can just plug into apre-existing system. Network marketing means system and support.Plus, you get to choose who you work with. What could be better?Network marketing is the ideal business!”"Rod N.- Phoenix, AZ"Using the B.I.B. Club Bonus Program was the best decision I evermade. I don’t have to worry about the headaches of a traditional brickand mortar business. All I do is market the FREE product and FREEbusiness trials and then get paid for my efforts."Julie B. - Hatfield, PA
    • "I love the Yoli management team. They are constantly inspiring,improving and innovating! They truly understand the independentdistributor because they have all been successful distributorsthemselves. This is a company built by distributors, for distributors. Lifewith YOLI just keeps getting better!"Vicky K. Redding, CA"Which is the wisest choice: Investing hard-earned money in someoneelses business? Taking the risk of buying a franchise in this uncertaineconomy? Or, test driving a business, for FREE, that s making peoplethousands of dollars each month? Imagine making no investments inproducts or brick and mortar to find out if this is the real deal-or-just orderthe Free Trial. Thats what I did."Kurt L. - Seattle, WA
    • "I am a stay at home mom who has been searching to work from homefor quite some time. I am so excited to have found a home with Yoli! Theproduct, the opportunity, the training that is provided ~ everything isabsolutely wonderful! The support from my team locally and the entirecompany is more than you can ask for."Laura W.“I love what Ray Kroc did for American business! His franchise modelchanged the way businesses are run. Unfortunately, none of my friendshave a million dollars to invest in a McDonalds. Network marketing is likehaving your very own “mini-franchise”–– with even greater incomepotential and zero risk. Yoli provides the perfect system for this.”Daren R. – Carver, MN
    • “We love Yoli! My daughter Alexis does not drink anything else but this.Joe and I lost weight from cutting out alot of the sugars. We feel muchhealthier and have more energy.”Shella San Nicolas"The best way to establish a successful home-based business is to find ahigh-demand, consumable product and market it through a provensystem for success. Yoli has the best product ever, and the Yoli FreedomChallenge takes care of the rest.“Dianne C.Bothell, WA
    • "Ive operated my own businesses for years. Believe me, Id never goback to the "do-it-yourself" business model when I can just plug into apre-existing system. Network marketing means system and support.Plus, you get to choose who you work with. What could be better?Network marketing is the ideal business!“Rod N. Phoenix, Arizona"Even though Yoli teaches you how to be in business FOR yourself,youre not in business BY yourself. Yolis step-by-step approach giveseveryone a blueprint and support system so you can always turn to ateam member for help. Now, I take great pride in assisting my newdistributors to success!“Brian M. Central City, Nebraska