Hispanize 2013 F.O.R.C.E. presentation


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Presentation by Yoly & Ronny Mason at Hispanicize '13

For more information: http://savvymujer.com/our-newest-ebook-unleash-the-power-of-your-blog/

Video used in the presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR5buuriRmc (Passion trumps logic)

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Hispanize 2013 F.O.R.C.E. presentation

  1. 1. The Blog/Home Life Balance!“Becoming a F.O.R.C.E!”Ronny & Yoly MasonApril 2013@yolymason @ronnymason
  2. 2. Introducing Yoly & Ronny Mason@yolymason @ronnymason
  3. 3. “Finding the balancebetween home life andthe blog world isn’teasy…”But it’s not impossible!@yolymason @ronnymason
  4. 4. Are you ready to takenotes?What does it taketo become a„F.O.R.C.E.?@yolymason @ronnymason
  5. 5. The F.O.R.C.E. components are likethe ingredients in the best recipes…F.O.R.C.E. ComponentsIf you change Mom‟s chocolate cakerecipe ingredients and what happens?Are you ready to become aF.O.R.C.E.?@yolymason @ronnymason
  6. 6. The single most important elementyou need to become a „Force‟!„F‟ – Family SupportWithout having 100% support fromyour family will automatically keepyour blog from reaching successfullevels.@yolymason @ronnymason
  7. 7. You need to be very organized! If you‟renot naturally a very organizedperson…You‟ll have some work to do here!„O‟ – OrganizedHave a work area set up and work on yourblog in that area! If you dont have time tosit and work than you dont have time towork on the blog right now.@yolymason @ronnymason
  8. 8. The definition…”Having the ability to findclever ways to overcome difficulties.”„R‟ – ResourcefulThe resourceful blogger will sit down andtry to find a „Win/Win‟ way to overcome theobstacle…”It‟s all about how your handle thecurve balls of building the blog…You can letthem hit you or you can step in and knock itout of the park!” @yolymason @ronnymason
  9. 9. Becoming a great communicator just doesn‟thappen overnight. You have to practice yourdelivery and content so the other party clearlyunderstands the message your trying to convey.„C‟ – CommunicatorI know bloggers that have really worked on theircommunication skills over the years and nowthey‟ve been invited to be session speakers andpanelists at multiple conferences!They‟re also now leaders in their blog niches…@yolymason @ronnymason
  10. 10. Projecting energy about your blog and content isvery contagious to everyone around you, theBrands and also your readers!„E‟ – EnergyBrands, bloggers and potential team memberswill gravitate towards a blogger with a positiveinfluence before even looking at content, blogvisit numbers or klout rankings.Passion has a funny way of trumping logic!@yolymason @ronnymason
  11. 11. @yolymason @ronnymason
  12. 12. Ask Yourself…“Are you willing to„change‟ and readyto become a„F.O.R.C.E.‟?”@yolymason @ronnymason
  13. 13. Failure is never fatal…„Blog/Home Life Basics!‟Failure to „change‟ could be…@yolymason @ronnymason
  14. 14. ‘Review & Questions!’*Organization!*Family Support!*Communicator!*Resourceful!*Energy!@yolymason @ronnymason
  15. 15. Yoly & Ronny Contact Information!Website – www.ronnymason.comTwitter - @ronnymasonE-mail – ronny@ronnymason.comWebsites– cuponeando.netlasblogueras.comsavvymujer.comTwitter - @yolymasonE-mail – yolanda@cuponeando.net@yolymason @ronnymason