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Facebook Project

Facebook Project






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    Facebook Project Facebook Project Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome to the New World!
    • What is Facebook?
      • Facebook is an online search register which allows people to have an additional source of networking. (Social)
      • Facebook is also a great way to meet friends and keep up with what old friends are currently doing.
    • It Starts!
      • In February 2004, Mark Zuckerburg created a social-networking website called “Thefacebook.” Zuckerburg received assistance from two classmates, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. All three students were from Harvard University. It became Facebook.com in August 2005 after the address was purchased for $200,000.
    • Their Steps
      • The initial purpose of “Thefacebook” was to have Harvard students sign on to a website and profile staff and students. Within 24 hours, 1200 students signed up and after one month more than half of the Harvard students were on “Thefacebook”.
      • Eventually they would open it up to all Universities.
      • In August of 2005, “thefacebook” was changed to Facebook and the domain facebook.com was purchased for $200,000.
      • In September 2005, The website was open to all US High Schools.
    • Where is Facebook Now?
      • Facebook is currently one of the highest-profile members of the social-media revolution in the last 5 years.
      • Over 850 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday.
      • 8 million videos are uploaded everyday.
      • 70 percent of Facebook’s user are now outside of the US.
      • Facebook’s revenue in 2008 totaled 280 million dollars.
    • Who Uses Facebook?
      • In order to Sign in to Facebook, you need a working e-mail address.
      • Everyone across the globe uses Facebook.
      • The minimum age for Facebook is 13.
      • Friends, Loved Ones, Bosses, Co-workers, even dogs have Facebook.
    • How can you use Facebook? Desktops Laptops Smart Phones Phones with internet capabilities
    • The Competition Myspace.com Launched in 2004 Over 110 Million Users
    • The Competition
      • Friendster.com- Launched in 2002. Over 90 Million Users.
    • The Competition
      • Twitter- Launched in March 2006.
      • Over 19 million visitors.
    • Pros of Facebook
      • Unlike other search engines, Facebook does not have pop-ups which can cause your computer to slow down.
      • You can BLOCK whoever you like.
      • Pictures and Videos are easy to upload.
      • You can search for old classmates.
      • You can join groups and view events going on in your current location.
      • The perfect ICE BREAKER for new college students across the globe.
    • Cons of Facebook
      • Your information is on the internet. (e-mail, name, address, etc.)
      • Once you put information on Facebook, the property belongs to Facebook. Although it is your picture Facebook owns rights to that picture.
      • Facebook is newer and does not have as much technology as some of the other competitors.
      • If you have pictures that are not G rated, companies can see this and it can permit you from getting the job you want.
    • Privacy
      • You have control over your personal information.
      • You have access to what others want to make available.
      • Age groups are assessed. For example if your child is 13 they will not be in the same search results as an 18 year old college student.
      • Block whoever you like.
      • You can report situations to Facebook.com if it is a situation you can not control. For example if someone is uploading your pictures in their file and you do not approve.
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