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  • The evolution of the social network – Social Media is the long standing term referring to social media, the terms, the practice, the channels.Social Business speaks to a business that is socially aware and engaged and is working towards a specific social outcome – a cause. - Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus' definition, a social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address a social objective within the highly regulated marketplace of today. It is distinct from a non-profit because the business should seek to generate a modest profit but this will be used to expand the company’s reach, improve the product or service or in other ways to subsidise the social mission.Social Enterprise
  • Channels – facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin – all separate – not tied together – so the confusion was how much do I manage? How do I use this data? Individuals sharing content and commenting – and even earlier it was simple file sharing – peer to peer ala NapsterTo networks – focus on groups, communities – that promote ideation, cross pollination of ideas – a different type of reach, an exponential amount of frequency.It’s no longer just an external conversation – it can be external, internal or a blend. It is commercial activity by socially engaged. Being socially engaged helps an organization be more nimble and transparent- integrated is not just about different disciplines in communication, but integrating business development, profit and philanthropy: adding a social conscience – ala profits with a purpose.This slide is about how SM marketing / comm went from being focused onto the Channels – e.g. “we have to get on facebook… we have to start people
  • Pinterest (following 106 / followed by 104)Twitter (following - 213/ followed by 193)Facebook (743 friends)Linkedin (500+ connections – linking potentially to 6M professionals.)
  • In one day on the Internet:Enough information is consumed to fill 168 million DVDs294 billion emails are sent2 million blog posts are written (enough posts to fill TIME magazine for 770 million years)172 million people visit Facebook40 million visit Twitter22 million visit LinkedIn20 million visit Google+17 million visit Pinterest4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook532 million statuses are updated250 million photos are uploaded22 million hours of tv and movies are watched on Netflix864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTubeMore than 35 million apps are downloadedMore iPhones are sold than people are bornVia the Social Skinny, Social Media Consultant Cara Pring
  • What this slide is telling us: By 2020, of the 168 hours we have in a week – and let’s assume you are one of the 5 people on earth lucky enough to get eight hours of sleep per night – we’re looking at 114 waking hours per week. Of those 114 waking hours 90 of those hours will be spent consuming media. Which means 80% of our waking life is projected to be spent consuming media. __________________________168 hours in a week 52 hours of sleep per week 114 waking hours per week / 90 of those hours projected to be spent consuming media (80% of our waking life projected to be spent consuming media)
  • INTERNET THAT IS 100 TIMES FASTERHAVE TO PRE-REGISTERPEOPLE ARE COMPETING FOR IT – E.G., “GOOGLE KANSAS” SNIPPET Instagram announced it had hit 30M users, within 10 days hit 40M users Inc. revealed Thursday what it will charge for its long-awaited, ultra-fast Internet service in Kansas City: $70 per month.The service is intended as a showcase for what's technically possible and as a testbed for the development of new ways to use the Internet. Bypassing the local cable and phone companies, Google has spent months and an unknown amount of money pulling its own optical fiber through the two-state Kansas City region.After vetting many contenders, Google announced last year that the Kansas City metro area would be the first to get its "Fiber for Communities" broadband service.Some cities had used gimmicks to get the company's attention. Topeka informally renamed itself "Google, Kansas." A group in Baltimore launched a website that used Google's mapping service to plot the location of more than 1,000 residents and give their reasons for wanting the service. Hundreds of groups on Facebook implored Google to come to their cities.The $70 monthly fee will pay for "gigabit" Internet service, about 100 times faster than a basic cable modem. For another $50 per month, Google will provide cable-TV-like service over the fiber, too, and a tablet computer.Kevin Lo, general manager of Google Access, said in a blog post that Google will also offer a slower Internet option, at a DSL-like 5 megabits per second, with no monthly fee to households that pay a $300 installation fee.Google said it will only start hooking up households in neighborhoods where a sufficient number of people want service. Kansas City residents have six weeks to pre-register for service, after which Google will decide which areas have enough interest.The $70 fee is more than what cable or phone companies charge for basic Internet service, but the service is also much faster. "Gigabit" speeds, or 1,000 megabits per second, are generally unavailable from other companies. One exception is the city-owned electric utility in Chattanooga, Tenn., which has pulled its own fiber and sells gigabit service for $350 per month.There are few ways for consumers to take advantage of gigabit speeds. For everyday activities such as Web surfing, email and video-watching, there will likely be no substantial difference. The higher speeds will help with video sharing and online backups.Google is hoping that the network could help the development of other advanced applications that can take advantage of the high speeds. It's also hoping to spur phone and cable companies into upgrading their own networks."Access speeds have simply not kept pace with the phenomenal increases in computing power and storage capacity that's spurred innovation over the last decade," Milo Medin, Google's vice president of Access Services, said in a blog post.However, it's expensive to pull optical fiber compared with using existing phone and cable lines to provide Internet service. Verizon Communications Inc. is the only major U.S. telecommunications company to have connected homes directly to fiber. Wall Street analysts say that project, which has cost $23 billion, is not paying off.Verizon has stopped adding new communities to its network, dubbed FiOS. It charges $70 per month for download speeds of 15 megabits per second, less than 2 percent the speed of Google's gigabit.Read more:
  • Talking points: This data is not only tremendous in volume, what is even more compelling is the insights we are now provided from the technological and social channels we have. This data is HIGHLY QUALITATIVE. It is not just about metrics and analytics – it’s about sentiment – peoples’ preferences and how they’re living their lives. - We’re talking about what we “like,” we’re telling you what we’re thinking and feeling (in a 140 characters or less – so we’re being pretty direct!), what we’re ranking and listing, we’re telling you what we’re pinning and where we’re checking in. In a nutshell this is not the data of our forefathers and it can’t be treated as such. (We can ties this point back in when we get to data mining). BIG DATA - big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes awkward to work with using on-hand database management tools.Volume, Velocity, Variety, and VeracityVolume (lots!), Velocity (It’s fast and it’s constant), Variety (data is all types, comes in all shapes – text, media, log files, etc.), and Veracity (how do you know if data is true?)
  • These include but are by no means limited toCommunityAdvocacyThought Leadership / InfluencerCommunityAgriculture - 26K likes - overall platform for industry community – discussions.You can often see a page or group's alignment by looking at their "Likes" - e.g. Beef, FFA, American Farm Bureau - and Human WatchUSDA – governing community – stay on top of what USDA is messaging.Advocacyover 17K likes - privately run page - SO - these are potential influencers - sharing stories, newsy conten (articles, videos, etc.)Thought Leadership / InfluencerGilmer Dairy has a smaller, but influential following on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It’s an individual’s platform for self-promoting their family dairy business, but also for promoting key topics, articles and other influencers that he aligns himself with.
  • Twitter feed – example of outreach and sharing both website links as well as associated link / articles. Twit Pic image as example of fast dissemination of media – opportunity to validate, humanize and “make real” the topics and events being tweeted.
  • These screens are examples of the data that is publicly available about groups on
  • Notes about Issues ManagementClient (lobbyist for smithfield) needed to build advocates (because they needed an issues image-make-over)How to influence the conversation without the message coming directly from a specific brand…Goal was to gain support – via advocates (external messaging) of farming practices, technologies and standards to counter opposition
  • Brand Building- AND COMMERCE – has coupons
  • Listen – Analyze – Engage – All of these actions inform how then next step in the cycle should be approached – and cycle continuesEngagement involves establishing a presence in different channels (optimal channels – Brand), Distributing content – e.g. POST, and Curating Dialoge – discuss, comment- Foster/engage
  • Sample Facebook Insights Screen
  • ForecastingNowcastingPredictive discipline and technologyMention BIG DATA! And Use Baseball analogyBaseball stats are predictive and inform what lineup is best to be using for a season, a series, a game
  • 3-D behaviorDissemination – Volume of posts / mentions / topicsDuration – timeline – how long are these topics going to hot – relevant?Diffusion – how well are they spread throughout the social-sphere? – and now we can engage to influence the diffusion – affect the dissemination (volume) OVER time.

Nama deck 8 21-12-ye-3 Nama deck 8 21-12-ye-3 Presentation Transcript

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  • Intel Arctic Apples SOCIAL MEDIA Snapshot GM Potato SOCIAL MEDIA Snapshot July 31, 2012 – August 13, 2012 July 31, 2012 – August 13, 2012 COVERAGE SOURCES KEY INSIGHTS/DIALOGUE TOPIC CLOUD •• There were917 posts about Arctic Apples over modified potatoes There were 1,527 posts about genetically the past two weeks. • Facebook drove the vast majority of conversation with 86.3% of 691 during the followed by Twitter with 9.9% of coverage. past two weeks.800900 791 coverage, Twitter drove the majority around conversation with 45% of700 •• The significant conversation of the the Arctic Apple can be800 coverage, followed by Facebook with 24.5%. attributed in large part to increased consumer involvement with600700 374 • There was a significant increase in the conversation relating NGOs during the USDA public comment period.500600400 o acrylamide, including: Label It” on August 2 sparked to A Facebook post by “Just500300 214 o Over 60 retweets of a across social media regarding the Arctic increased conversation post from @antimcdonalds stating200 125 that McDonalds‟ food period andacrylamide, causing Apples public comment contains received over 1,700 shares,400 75 270 likes and 53 comments (see following slide).100 24 21 deadly problems in pregnant women. Food and Water300 0 o A Facebook meme (see following slide) by An article aboutSnow White‟s Queen holding an apple with the o Watch displayed potato chips and acrylamide by200 91, “Are You the meme has been shared 562 times title, “Trust Me, It‟s Safe”; Eating This All Time Favorite100 14 13 8 „Cancer-in-a-Can‟ Snack?”, which generated and has received more than 30 comments to date. 0 o conversation across of the Facebook meme by the article Continued circulation social media platforms; Occupy Monsanto was viewed 436, 152 times, shared over 60 times and tweeteda green apple carved into the shape of a skeleton with showing over 561 times. the title, “I‟m no ordinary apple”; the meme has now been • Articles from and has received in excess of 1,000 shared 2,991 times and the BBC continued the social media chatter around GMO potato field trials in Ireland. comments. •• Based on keywords, including “avoid” and “unnatural,” appear Negative negative social media commentary around GM foods, “bad” appears as a keyword termtone of overall chatter. prominently in the topic cloud, reflecting the within this report‟s topic cloud POSTING TRENDS TWEET SENTIMENT TOP INFLUENCERS Klout NEUTRAL NEGATIVE NEUTRAL NEGATIVE• Conversation peaked on August 2 and The largest spike in conversation occurred on July 31th with 310 posts and can be attributed August 8 related to two separate Facebook poststhe GMO potato It”, both to chatter about by “Just Label field trials in Ireland. with a call to action for consumers to NEUTRAL NEGATIVE• Conversation on GM potatoes increased on submit comments to the USDA opposing August 8 due to articles by Egypt the deregulation of Arctic Apples. Independent and The Diet Solution, which• The peak on August 10 reflected the reported study findings of intestinal changes Social Media - Beyond Facebook and Twitter AUGUST 2012 Facebook meme “Trust Me, It‟s Safe” by in rats caused by eating genetically Food and Water Watch. modified potatoes.
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  • Summary• Social Media strategy has evolved from separate channels, varied tactics to an integrated approach• There is a vast amount of data available and it’s only growing.• Let your business objectives be your guide but define metrics to keep your tactics in check• Combined with qualitative research, your engagement strategy can affect conversations in real time and allow you to adjust your business decisions Social Media - Beyond Facebook and Twitter AUGUST 2012
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