Top 5 Innovative E-mail Marketing Tips for today’s Social media neighborhood


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Would you like to improve your e-mail marketing strategy? then this presentation will guide you "How to upgrade your e-mail marketing strategy?"

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Top 5 Innovative E-mail Marketing Tips for today’s Social media neighborhood

  1. 1. About Yogesh is into the Digital Marketing / Branding Training Business (Focusing on Blog making, Website building & Business Networking training) since 10+ years. Having a large clientele spread all over India. He is catering to different variety of people with their different needs and requirements. His training program is innovative, value adding, attractive and sensible as well as creative. Those who have done this program with Mr. Yogesh have immensely benefited. He is also running many blogs like , & to give online training about digital marketing.
  2. 2. Would you like to reach like minded people to become a part of their success story…. Following 5 tips will help you to reach like minded people through innovative way.
  3. 3. Tip no 1 – Stop spamming 1. No one like to open email promotions. 2. Now email companies using innovative filters to stop spamming. 3. People hate email spammers and now they use spam button effectively to avoid spam.
  4. 4. Tip no 2 – Opt-in strategy 1. Ask people & take their permission to send them mail. 2. When you take permission to send mail is popularly known as Opt-in mail. 3. This is the best strategy to get result very fast.
  5. 5. Tip no 3 – Social media 1. Social media is the best example of Opt-in media in today’s 2st century. 2. Social media gives you an opportunity to update people without sending mails. 3. Your updates your network members can see who given you opportunity to connect them.
  6. 6. Tip no 4 - Community 1. Build bigger business network, groups, pages, forum and many other digital communities to reach like minded people. 2. Bigger network can bring BIG results. 3. Keep building your social & business network on daily basis.
  7. 7. Tip No 5 – RSS feeds 1. You can use RSS feeds to connect more like minded people through email & social media networks. 2. Publish RSS based email subscription tool on your blog / website. 3. Use RSS feeds to update your social media through your blog / website / social networks.
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