Top 10 Unique features every Website / Blog owner must apply to connect 'Like minded people' on digital neighborhood

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Would you like to upgrade your blog or website ? this presentation will give you top 10 ideas to upgrade your blog website.

Would you like to upgrade your blog or website ? this presentation will give you top 10 ideas to upgrade your blog website.

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  • 1. Top 10 Unique features every website / blog owner must apply to connect ‘like minded people’ on digital neighborhood
  • 2. About Yogesh is into the Digital Marketing Training Business (Focusing on Blog making, Website building & Business Networking training) since 10+ years. Having a large clientele spread all over India. He is catering to different variety of people with their different needs and requirements. His training program is innovative, value adding, attractive and sensible as well as creative. Those who have done this program with Mr. Yogesh have immensely benefited. He is also running many blogs like , & to give online training about digital marketing.
  • 3. 1st Feature – Web2.0 1. Develop your Website / Blog into web2.0 technology. 2. Web2.0 website will give you freedom from programming. 3. You can easily add / edit / delete content on your web2.0 website. 4. You can upgrade many features (plugins, widgets, designs templates) on your website / blog time to time.
  • 4. 2nd Feature – Mobile / Tab version 1. Your website have mobile and tab version ? 2. More and more people now using Smartphone & Tablets so that if your website have mobile version then you can easily target this large online like minded persons audience. 3. You can check my blog website from your Smartphone and tablets to view mobile version & navigation of my site on your mobile. 4. Web2.0 website gives an opportunity to have mobile version of your website / blog.
  • 5. 3rd Feature – Social Bookmarking 1. Your website / blog must have social bookmarking buttons on bottom of every post. 2. Facebook Like button, Twitter Retweet button and many social websites buttons can bring traffic from your social & business network. 3. When someone click on Like button your blog / website post will appear in that persons newsfeed which his/her network members can see on their newsfeed.
  • 6. 4th Feature – Embedded HTML Code 1. You must learn how to publish presentation, videos, forms, photo albums and many other web tools on your blog / website. 2. Embedded code can easily publish above tools on your blog / website without having any HTML programming language. 3. You can easily build your digital brand through presentations, videos etc.
  • 7. 5th feature – Social Connect 1. Connect your social networks to your blog / website to update your network members time to time and save your valuable time. 2. When you publish content on your blog it will automatically create update, tweet and publish on your social networks. 3. You can create your digital image on your social and business network easily.
  • 8. 6th feature – Opt-in E-mail subscription 1. Publish Opt-in email subscription tool on your website / blog so that when you publish content on your website it will automatically send e-mail to all subscribers with your content update. 2. Opt-in e-mail subscribers will help you to build your visibility and credibility in like minded persons community.
  • 9. 7th Feature - Scheduling 1. You can schedule your content updates with the help of scheduling feature on your web2.0 website. 2. You can publish your content as per your suitable date and time. 3. Simply schedule your Content campaign so that your blog / website as well as your social and business network will also get updated as per your suitable date and time.
  • 10. 8th Feature – QR code 1. Create your own QR code and publish on your contact us page. 2. QR code will help your clients to store your contact info on their Smartphone QR code reader by single click. 3. You can give your mobile no, email id, address etc in your QR code. 4. Creating your QR code is very easy. 5. You can see my website’s contact us page to view my QR code.
  • 11. 9th Feature – Publish content via e-mail 1. You can publish content on your blog / website via e-mail also. 2. Create special e-mail id for your web2.0 blog / website publishing. 3. When you send email to this particular mail id then that content will publish on your blog automatically as well as your social networks will also get updated. 4. You can easily publish content through mobile devices through this feature.
  • 12. 10th Feature – RSS feeds 1. Share your websites / blogs RSS feeds on your blog / website. 2. Your readers can subscribe your RSS feeds via various RSS readers so that they can get updated about new content on your website on right time. 3. People can subscribe your RSS feed on Twitter and many other social sites also. 4. Many mobile apps also providing RSS feed subscription feature.
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