Basic Course on How to Connect Unknown Business Professionals on Digital neighborhood Marketplaces


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Would you like to build Like Minded Persons network then check this presentation.

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Basic Course on How to Connect Unknown Business Professionals on Digital neighborhood Marketplaces

  1. 1. Basic Course onHow to ConnectUnknown BusinessProfessionalson Digital neighborhood MarketplacesBy Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Coach from Mumbai,
  2. 2. Basic Rules of Business Networking1.Do not Connect with Unknown People.2.Do not send Invitation to unknown professionals.
  3. 3. Problem?•If You can’t Connect to Unknown people then “How can you build your Business Network?”
  4. 4. Solution1. If you learn more about people and2. If you can educate unknown people about yourself then they will be known people after some days, weeks, months.3. Connect them when you know each other.
  5. 5. Key benefits•You will Connect with “Like Minded People” only.
  6. 6. How to Know more about Unknown Professionals?1. Join groups, Forums and many other digital communities.2. Create your 100% complete profile on various social media sites.3. Follow Experts, pages, companies.4. Introduce yourself.5. Participate in Digital Conversations threads.
  7. 7. How to updateunknown people about myself1. Start Building your Digital Personal Brand on digital neighborhood.2. Create your personal blog.3. Create your presentations.4. Write articles & create Infographics on your subject.5. Share your knowledge on your blog as well as over various digital communities.6. Answer questions related to your industry.7. Ask or raise questions on your topic.8. Help people through your expert knowledge.9. Ask for digital reference.10. Engage with your social & digital media through mobile devices.
  8. 8. Whom you can send Invite?1. Make your e-mail contact list.2. Remove unknown people from list.3. Many social media sites gives you an opportunity to send invite through your personal e-mail’s contact list.4. Send invite through using your email id on various social networking sites.
  9. 9. Send introduction letterbefore sending invite.Sample Draft Dear (Person name) Sir/Madam Good Morning  I would be very glad if you add me in your business network to explore opportunities and update each other timely. Give me your profile id and email id to send invite. Or You can get my profile id’s from my blog Thanks and regards Yogesh M. A.
  10. 10. Key Benefits of connecting “Like Minded People”1. You and your network members will understand each others needs properly.2. You can learn from each other.3. You may sell your products and services to each other.4. You can get win-win opportunities through networking.
  11. 11. I didn’t know thisMake a List of questions about this presentations and send us FAQ & e-Learning 11
  12. 12. Thank You By Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, India Participate in our Offline Training Workshops