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Meet the teacher night

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Meet the teacher_2013_power_point_-

  1. 1. Meet the Teacher Year 5 2013
  2. 2. The Year 5 Teachers Mr.Wilson – Deputy Principal Year 5 teachers – Mrs. Rogers (Syndicate Leader) 5C – Mr. Worrall – Bader 6A – Miss Yee 6B – Mrs. Johnston 6C
  3. 3. Issues / Problems Approach class teacher first-phone call / email / organise an appointment Syndicate Leader – Mrs. Rogers Mr. Wilson Principal
  4. 4. Specialist Teaching InYear 5 the students are exposed to specialist teaching in the following areas: – E - Learning digital classrooms – Art Specialist – Music Room – Extension maths class – Arts Rotation (Dance, Drama, Music and Art.)
  5. 5. Year 5 Learning Styles In Year 5 we adopt the following learning styles: – Blooms Taxonomy evaluating,analysing,applying,understanding,remembering, creating new ideas- graphic organisers, word webbing, brain storming techniques, venn diagrams, T charts, Pros, Cons, Questions charts or PMI Charts, Y charts – Thinking skills and strategies. – Kagan cooperative Learning
  6. 6. Landscape Learning Topics During 2013 the Year students will be covering the following topics in Landscape Learning: These are integrated units of work – science, social studies, technology, health. Term One Creating a Positive Classroom Outdoor Education Wind in Our Sails
  7. 7. Landscape Learning Topics Term Two St Johns Ambulance Book Week European Country Study Term Three Energy Food and Trade Term Four Move and Groove Pop Bang Whizz Writing - a continued focus- teaching specific skills for variety and purposes of writing such as autobiographies, narratives, explanations, reports and recounts
  8. 8. Year 5 School Trips/ Events Term One Totara Park 28th February Eastern Beach 1st March
  9. 9. E Learning Digital classrooms Data Projectors Mimio Boards – Interactive Laptops Wiki page – home and individual pages Computer tools / programmes integrated into all curriculum areas – Toon doos for recounts, glogsters (interactive posters) brainstorm tools, animation, photostory, photo bucket etc.
  10. 10. Year 5 Homework The children receive homework each FRIDAY The homework is due the following THURSDAY The homework consists of: – Language Skills $12:00 purchased from school office – Maths Skills $12:00 purchased from school office – Spelling Words $ 8:00 purchased from office – Occasionally a Landscape Learning or computer task
  11. 11. Parent Discussions For Term One, the parent discussions are scheduled for: 25th March 27th MarchP.A.T – week 3-4( Progress/ Achievement Tests )
  12. 12. Expectations Expectationsare built on Wakaaranga School’s Foundation Values: Respect Responsibility Reflection – Wear School Uniform with pride – Black shoes/Black sandals – Label all clothing – Hats (during Term One and Term Two)
  13. 13. Outdoor Education
  14. 14. Parent Helpers Needed for Outdoor EducationRatio of 1 parent to 4 students at Maraetai Beach 1 parent to 8 students at Murphys BushPlease get names to class teachers A.S.A.PYou will need to car-pool
  15. 15. Thank you for your time Please feel free to approach your child’s teacher for any further questions