Why i pwn at cod

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My style of gameplay. Hope it helps a lot.

My style of gameplay. Hope it helps a lot.

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  • 1. Why I pwn at cod
    By yocohoc
  • 2. Trash Talk
    1. don’t be all like imgonnapwnyouzazalzdawy 2 yomoommotha *!%/#@
    If you're stupid then you would have realized that all those words were spelled incorrectly besides the last one. I looked that one up.
    Annunciate. Without understood words there is no point in trash talking.
  • 3. Killstreaks
    Okay personally in any cod game I use a three four and six killstreak.
    In black ops I use (write this down) a Spy plane a napalm strike and an attack helicopter.
    In mw2 I used a UAV a Predator Missile and an Attack helicopter.
  • 4. Weapons
    Suppressed/Silenced. If they DON’T know where you are and you know DO know where they are (UAV/Spy Plane) you will become tremendously better
    FAMAS all the way. I know that your probably all like “The FAMAS sucks dude its such a crap-” BLLLLLT. dead. Used as an LMG in short bursts it is accurate across maps and is still good for spray and pray.
    Noob tubes are for noobs. Just sayin’
  • 5. Perks
    I, personally use anything that lets you see the enemy but the enemy can’t see you. (Ghost, Cold Blooded, Ninja).
    Stopping Power/Hardened optional if you don’t want to be that stealthy.
    Scrambler and Flak Jacket are pointless and don’t help you in any way.
  • 6. Equipment
    C4 is beast. Two shots of death in a rectangular shape.
    Claymores good for DEFENSIVE players not campers.
    The must have in BLACK OPS is the decoy. One guy jumped up and down, went prone and spun around before I shot him. 
    Favorite grenade I don’t care. Semtex is sticky but a Frag cooked to perfection isn’t that bad either.
  • 7. Styles
    Four main ways to play. Rush, Offensive, Defensive, and the gayest of them all the Camper.
    When you rush you kill two guys then your dead most of the time.
    When you play offensively you get to the enemy spawn then you die.
    When you play defensively you wait and the kills come pouring in.
    Campers are douches. End of story.
  • 8. Black Ops: What do I spend my COD points on?
    First, a good weapon
    Second, a good attachment (Reflex, Red D, idk)
    Next, Equipment. KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEFORE A MATCH!!!!
    Then, Camouflages/ Face Paint
    Next, make your player card look beast
    Clan tag/ emblems on guns and all that other crap you want to waste your money on.
    If you are planning on getting a Prestige in the near future it costs a LOT of points so SAVE UP!
  • 9. Why did I make this stupid PowerPoint for a hour?
    I wanted to “Share the love” help you noobcakes come to a different, not exactly perfect level of gameplay to help you on your way to that Prestige/Max level awsomeness profile.
    Good luck on pwning all the potential noobs in your lobby.
  • 10. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gamer?show=0&t=1292136402
    That’s right. Its in the DICTIONARY!