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  • Pocket Philippines presentation

    1. 1. We Bank on the Word “FREE” A freecard or free card is a picture postcard with a variety of commercial, ideological or cultural messages which are distributed through racks in public buildings by an intermediary firm, which specializes in the production and distribution of such cards on a regular basis. First Innovi Corporation First Innovi Corporation aim to bring advertising creativity to every material it publishes; it is also dedicated to delivering positive messages and bringing about public awareness on relevant social issues. With a vision to further develop alternative advertising tools available in the Philippines and expanding our pool of options; FIC brings materials that speak to you straight to your hands – where you want it, when you want it.
    2. 2. YOCard YOCard was launched in 2007. It pioneers a refreshing and innovative way of achieving advertising impact on specific audiences by offering edy and Pocket Philippines captivating postcards that act as Pocket Philippines is targeted towards entertainment hooks the tourist and hotel market. With materials placed in hotels, places of interests and cultural destinations. Hello in the Know HITK is an experimental culture and lifestyle blog. Urbanite and broadcasted with a twist.
    3. 3. An attractive and effective medium that provides vacationers, tourists and local travelers with information and discount offers for: LOCAL ATTRACTIONS RESTAURANTS RETAIL OUTLETS SERVICE OUTLETS OTHER VENUES
    4. 4. Current Display Practices
    5. 5. • Several hotels find brochure racks in lobbies messy and now prefer the convenient displays offered by information kiosks. • Pocket Philippines is sleek, small and eco-friendly. • Brochures don’t fit in wallets. • People in hotels are looking for places to go and if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. • You know your promotion is working by tracking the number of cards that are turned in.
    6. 6. Target Market • Class A,B and upper C • 26-35 years old • 11% Students 74% Employed/Professionals 15% Retired/Unemployed Leisure travelers with family or friends Business travelers Clients and investors Domestic tourists and business travelers Visitors or guests attending an event 10
    7. 7. DOT Brochures Postcards Pocket Philippines Cards
    8. 8. China Slovenia Japan Washington
    9. 9. Available in US Locations: Bellevue Hilton Hyatt Crowne Plaza Seattle Hotel Marriot Holiday Inn Times Square Information Center Macy’s Visitor Center Sheraton Ripley’s Believe it or Not
    10. 10. IN EUROPE 3 out of 5 visitors take one or more Minicards. 7 out of 10 visitors recall Minicards in their hotels. 4 out of 5 visitors go to one of the advertised locations Users are content with the card’s practicality; concise but effective
    11. 11. Color Code Title / Sub-title Description Front Visual Back logos Brief Description Photo Map Complete Address / Nos
    12. 12. Display areas
    13. 13. Printing SERVICE Distribution PACKAGES Monitoring Design Replenishment Promotion
    14. 14. Partner Location - Placement and discount opportunities in selected Pocket Philippines and YOCard Outlets - Online exposure as Pocket Philippines Partner - Inclusion in Pocket Philippines press releases
    15. 15. For Clients • No fuss information production and dissemination • Ready material for targeted audience in places they frequent • Exposure in 50 outlets around the Metro • Web exposure 25
    16. 16. Pocket Philippines Site 26
    17. 17. For Consumers Elegant and formal way of presentation A Hotel Souvenir Possible Discounts and freebie offers Simple, easy to use, provides quick information Credit card-sized fits into wallet, purse and pocket
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