Guide to Automation Shopping and Selected Products – IUG 2010
AutoIt @ Miami University Libraries, Technical Services – IUG 2010

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Using AutoIt for Millennium Task Automation Handout


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Handout to IUG presentation, 4/20/10.

Description: Side one: List of questions to keep in mind while looking for an automation tool. Also contains several automation products, with cost and web address. Side two: Summary of some of the uses of AutoIt at Miami University Libraries. Includes links to screencasts, scripts, and documentation.

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Using AutoIt for Millennium Task Automation Handout

  1. 1. Guide to Automation Shopping and Selected Products – IUG 2010 (Parts adapted from “Technical Services Tools Redux” from ALAO, 10/30/2009) General What to look for when scouting for a new automation tool: • Cost o How much will it cost to use the software? o “Free” means that the software is free. Installing and maintaining said software will still cost you money. • Technical specs and maintenance o Who will be responsible for troubleshooting or upgrades? o What are you looking to automate? Data entry? Simple conditional decision making? o Can the program handle automating processes that involve multiple programs? Example: Word to III to OCLC • Technical skills needed to operate o Can the majority of staff confidently use the tool? o How much training will the staff need to master the basics of the tool? • Licensing o What are the restrictions set by the license? • Reviews o Have other libraries used the tool? How are they using it? What are the challenges and benefits of using the tool? Selected Automation Programs Automation Program Cost Website AutoHotkey Free AutoIt Free AutoMate $??? Keyboard Express $25/computer KeyText $30/computer Macro Express $40/computer - Basic $60/computer - Pro Macro Scheduler $49 - $595 Macro ToolsWorks $40/user - Basic $100/user - Pro Quick Macros $40/computer WinAnnimation $129/computer - Basic $199/computer - Pro For more automation programs, visit Becky Yoose,
  2. 2. AutoIt @ Miami University Libraries, Technical Services – IUG 2010 Database Maintenance Cataloging Acquisitions 240 ‡h Problem Receipt Cataloging Workflow Notification Ordering Process • 3000+ MARC records, mostly LP • All items go through receipt • Data entry in ordering process music records process affects receipt cataloging scripts • Invalid ‡h in 240 field • If item meets certain criteria, it is • Incorrect codes lead to incorrect • But wait – there’s more! then fast tracked to physical processing o Corrupted 007 field processing • Complex process, but has a core (consistent) o Examples of criteria (over progression for the majority of o Outdated 262 and 305 40 in total) items fields (consistent) o DLC, pcc • Notification ordering process • Cannot do a batch update due to o Item is not an added o GOBI III OCLC III other inconsistent issues copy/volume GOBI/Amazon o 008, 050, and 260 ‡c dates • Workflow was not developed Script function match if not a conference around automation like receipt • Copy record # from Word list publication cataloging was • Search III, pull up bib record • Copy OCLC #, search Connexion Script function includes Script functions include • Prompt user to choose between • Scan item in by ISBN, perform • Automatically check Amazon price two options duplicate check with item title (using the Product Advertising API) o A la carte: If record needs • Check order codes and price • Search Millennium with to be overlaid or if record • Insert order notes information in GOBI has major issues outside of • Copy bibliographic record and o Title, ISBN, Series, Call the consistent ones proceed to check for certain number identified above criteria • Search OCLC by ISBN provided in o Express: Record does not • Automatically bump item to GOBI have any major problems appropriate person if criteria is not • Inserts appropriate codes in 049 outside consistent issues. met and 949 fields in OCLC record Script will then switch back • Compare III fields to • Automatically inserts appropriate to the bib record and corresponding MARC field data order notes after OCLC export automatically fix the 007, • Insert 590/79X fields for items 240 |h, 245 |h, 305, and bought with special funds Screencast demo 262/028 fields • Create item record with appropriate codes Screencast demo Process Documentation (scripts coming Screencast demo soon) Scripts (.zip file) gS Process Documentation (scripts coming soon)