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  1. 1. ё-ENGINEERING Moscow, 28/11/2013
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIALITY This presentation is strictly confidential and is being furnished to You solely for Your information. It may not be reproduced or redistributed to any other person, and it may not be published, in whole or in part, for any purpose.
  3. 3. COMPETENCES OF ё-ENGINEERING AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Project management, PDM BIW development Concept and detail design Development of automotive systems and parts CAE safety calculations CAE operational strength Styling Industrial styling ELECTRONICS Electronics development Power electronics Control electronics SW development and modeling TESTING Units testing within the final product Bench tests Laboratory tests MANUFACTURING HYBRID TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT Hybrid transmissions Electric battery for recuperation system Hybrid transmission for urban transport Development of transmission parts and modules Trial production Assembly shop Pre-series prototype built Modeling Prototyping Show cars creation
  4. 4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT, PDM AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Design is carried out in PDM system WINDCHILL using: CAD CATIA V5 CAD/CAM HYPERMILL WINDCHILL advantages: Automation of key business processes like New Product Development, Program and Projects Management (including Procurement Management) and Product Quality Planning Saving of development time, real-time access to the documents, project data and information Project team has the possibility to communicate independently of their location
  5. 5. BIW DEVELOPMENT AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Our company has the experience in automotive body design, including: Packaging Styling feasibility check BIW concept design and detailed design Computer simulations, CAE
  6. 6. CONCEPT AND DETAIL DESIGN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Release for first proto Detailed design Preliminary design CAE Stampability Assembly sequence Weldability
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENT OF AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS AND PARTS AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Concept design of closures system: Doors Hood Tailgate Fuel lid Concept design of instrument panel Concept design of chassis Design of suspension subframe
  8. 8. CAE SAFETY AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Strength analysis front crash Strength analysis side crash ECE-R12/33 ECE-R94/EuroNCAP ODB 40% ECE-R95 Strength analysis rear crash Strength analysis crash management system ECE-R34 ECE-R42
  9. 9. CAE OPERATIONAL STRENGTH AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Child Restraint System ISOFIX ECE-R14 NVH calculations Seat mounting strength ECE-R17 Roof strength Towing Stampability check Door strength Anchorage of safety belts ECE-R14 Suspension components
  13. 13. INDUSTRIAL STYLING AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING Gauges and instruments styling and user interfaces
  14. 14. HYBRID TRANSMISSIONS HYBRID TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT Power unit ICE + generator Easier integration into a motor vehicle comparatively to traditional solutions High EMC compatibility Supercapacitor module Allows to recuperate effectively braking energy Mechatronic module Functionally finished product 30 % lower weight Stable operation within temperature range -45…+60 С Lower cost comparatively to Li-Ion Accumulator Battery 3–4 times lower cost comparatively to traditional solutions
  15. 15. ELECTRIC BATTERY FOR RECUPERATION SYSTEM HYBRID TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT Development of electric batteries (with supercapacitors and accumulator cells), including cooling system, monitoring, control and safety systems.
  16. 16. HYBRID TRANSMISSION FOR URBAN TRANSPORT HYBRID TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT Development of perspective powertrains Adaptation of hybrid transmission with bi-fuel ICE for city busses
  17. 17. DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSMISSION PARTS AND MODULES HYBRID TRANSMISSION DEVELOPMENT We are performing the complete cycle of product development: from idea to realization 3D design Assembly and control Technology process Laboratory tests Prototyping and production Testing of units within the final product
  18. 18. ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT ELECTRONICS We are considering electronics development as a complex process – from the concept creation till the end product delivery to the customer, including following activities: Specification creation Hardware platform design: Designing of printed circuit boards/schematic circuits Modeling FPGA programming and IP-kernels design JTAG-testing and chip programming Up-to-date processors of the world leaders are used: Texas Instruments, Marvell, ST, Fujitsu, Analog Devices, Intel, Broadcom, Freescale; IPC international standards and DFM, DFA and DFT design principles are taken as basis Development of design documentation Production of prototypes Finished samples testing, climatic testing
  19. 19. POWER ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS Development of power electronics, control drivers of iGBT transistors iGBT control driver, variant 1 iGBT control driver, variant 2 Development of analog and digital electronics Headlamp control unit Supercapacitor diagnostics and control module Components of hybrid transmission E-motor ECU Drive ECU
  20. 20. CONTROL ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS We perform full cycle of development and production preparation for automotive ECUs according to actual standards ISO16949, ISO26262: Devices for information displaying Multimedia systems Modules for emergency systems Instrument cluster with LCD ERA-GLONASS module
  21. 21. SW DEVELOPMENT AND MODELLING ELECTRONICS SUPPORT PACKAGES FOR HW (BSP) SW FOR OS LINUX AND ANDROID FOR TARGET PLATFORMS FIRMWARE DEVELOPMENT OF APPLICATION SW AND GRAPHIC INTERFACES Net and multimedia applications Built-in web-oriented applications for remote device control and remote objects monitoring Graphic interfaces for devices with touch-screen MOBILE DEVELOPMENT FOR ANDROID: Navigation GPS/GLONASS Communication Multimedia and entertainment Protection FPGA PROGRAMMING AND FPGA-STYLING: FPGA-project CSoC/SOPC-project Processor cores Interface modules Data processing modules VEHICLES MATH MODELING AND DEVELOPMENT OF CONTROL ALGORITHMS
  22. 22. UNITS TESTING WITHIN THE FINAL PRODUCT TESTING Tests on the track Testing of the power unit installed in the vehicle (modern control equipment is used) Mechatronic module and supercapacitor battery
  23. 23. BENCH TESTS TESTING Testing bench for electric motors Transmission testing bench Testing bench for module ICE + generator IR research
  24. 24. LABORATORY TESTS TESTING Supercapacitor assembling laboratory Chemical laboratory
  25. 25. TRIAL PRODUCTION MANUFACTURING 5-coordinates processing center DMG DMU 70 750 x 600 x 680 Milling machine with NC, with hand-operated table DMG DMU 50 500 x 400 x 400 Products
  26. 26. ASSEMBLY SHOP MANUFACTURING Final assembling, ride tests preparation Control equipment Welding equipment
  27. 27. PRE-SERIES PROTOTYPE BUILT MANUFACTURING Our company has the experience in production of prototypes of different complexity level : Mules (running prototypes) Pre-series fully functional prototypes of a vehicle BIW Suspension
  28. 28. MODELING MANUFACTURING Production of tooling and forms 5- coordinates mill machine for modeling material SAHOS DYNAMIC 3000 3000 х 1500 х 850 Paint room
  29. 29. MODELING MANUFACTURING Production of plastic parts prototypes Silicone forms 3D printer Example of the parts out of 3D printer Example of the parts out of silicone form
  30. 30. PROTOTYPING MANUFACTURING Styling model 1:3 Styling model 1:1 Sitting buck
  32. 32. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION ! Moscow, Russia 13 Tverskoy blvd, build 1 phone: +7 (495) 967 74 47 www.yo-engineering.com