YNPN Chapter congress checkin - 6.12.12


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Slides from the second All-Congress meeting of the YNPN Chapter Congress. Slides include great report-outs from each of the three task forces.

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  • Hey Ese, Kim and Charise –Sorry that I wasn’t able to get this to you yesterday as planned. Half of SF and most of Oakland lost power right around 3p so my workday was cut a little short.At any rate, here’s a draft of the slides. You’ll see that each of your task forces has three slides to add in bullets about your progress so far, your plans between now and the proposals and what excites you about this project. Also, if you know who the person is that will be reporting out from your task force, please let me know when you reply with your slides.Couple of other notes: - Can you also let me know how many meetings each of you have had so far? I want to note that in the opening. - Charise and I have been emailing re: the work of the data center and sending out the survey to chapters. Ese felt strongly that the chapters would not respond to another request and Charise feels strongly that it would be very difficult for the Data Center group to move forward without a clear sense of what chapters are doing re: Data. I think both of these are very valid points. I’m wondering if the compromise can be that the Data Center on the call asks the Chapter Reps specifically to fill out the survey? That way it’s not a blanket ask to the network and the chapter reps have a way of contributing to this process in a very concrete way. Would that work, Charise? Perhaps if we announce it on the call and then each of your task force members follows up personally with a smaller group of chapter reps? - I will add in the poll/questions re: how the group wants to gather feedback on the proposals.I think that’s it for now. If you guys could respond by the end of the day Monday. That would be great. And let me know if you have questions in between!trish
  • YNPN Chapter congress checkin - 6.12.12

    1. 1. YNPN Chapter Congress Checkin _________ 6.12.12
    2. 2. Plan for tonight:•Task force status updates•Proposal Plan(end of June)•Feedback on Feedback Plan(through July)•Wrap up & Next Steps
    3. 3. What we’ve seen so far –big picture:•Awesome participation – •100% Affiliate-level Chapter Participation •72% Emerging-level Chapter Participation •61% Novice/Startup-level Chapter Participation* •67% Overall Chapter participation!!•Lots of clarity re: where we’re alreadyreally strong and where we need support•Chance to practice working together
    4. 4. Shared Standards:The work thus far…• Had 3 really thoughtful conversations to dateon key challenges chapters have and corebenchmarks to achieve in their growth• Novice: settled on 7 benchmarks ranging fromlogo standards to number of events per year tostructure of board• Emerging: Building on the 7 benchmarks, anadditional 6 to sustain growth (annualreport, sustainability plan, and signature event)• Flirting with the concept of introducing a newpoints system that speaks to the differenceschapters have and ability to customize theirgrowth
    5. 5. Shared Standards:What’s up next• 2 more conversations planned -one to tackle Affiliate chapters andanother to come to consensus onoverall standards; likely to createand introduce templates for eachlevel• Questions for all:- what’s one resource you wishedyou had when your chapter startedthat was not available?
    6. 6. Shared Standards:Why we’re psyched• Excited about the removal of vague standards that attimes limits growth; better understanding of what itmeans to be a YNPN chapter; and a clearer map for“graduating” to the next level.• A new and improved Chapter Levels Guide (4sections, including a new start-up overview)• List of useful resources (incorporated into the BPRC)• Excited about templates and forms for chapters• Seems to be a renewed interest in group for bringingback the mentoring program for the network - will need to hammer out details of how to make thissuccessful. Maybe third time is a charm?
    7. 7. Data Center:The work thus far…•The role of data within chapters, acrossnetwork and across nonprofit sector.•Important to understand perspectiveson data from each chapter.
    8. 8. Data Center:What’s up next• Send survey to understand data acrosschapters• Congress members to fill out survey
    9. 9. Data Center:Why we’re psyched• Great opportunity to be able to usedata to tell story in cohesive way.• Long-term ability to inform overallnonprofit sector.
    10. 10. Chapter Input/DecisionMaking:The work thus far…•Thinking About Decision Making •What types of decisions are made at the national level vs. the chapter level? •Where is there room for shared input? •How has the history of the network contributed to the current set-up?• Examining Other Models• Setting Goals •Focusing our discussions more on the process not the decisions themselves •Harnessing power of the network without sacrificing the strengths of each chapter
    11. 11. Chapter Input/Decision-Making:What’s up next•Creating a New Approach to DecisionMaking •Using what we’ve learned over time and from other networks, what decision-making methods make the most sense for YNPN? •How can we thoughtfully combine establish an innovate new framework for handling decisions as they arise?• Soliciting Chapter Feedback• How will chapter leaders be involved and whatwill be expected of them/the national board?
    12. 12. Chapter Input/Decision-making:Why we’re psyched•We have the opportunity to paint apicture of what a network with acoordinated approach to decision makingwill look like and then to makethat picture a reality, setting a standardfor similar organizations everywhere.•We also look forward to thecontinued, increased involvement ofchapter leaders in setting strategies andstrengthening the network.
    13. 13. Getting to Proposals (byJune 29th):•What is the expectation forchapters/national to participate•What it looks like to adopt the plan(chapter vote, signing on)•What does implementation look like(time line, materials needed, etc.)•At what point/who checks in to see thatthe process is working
    14. 14. Getting Feedback:•June 29 - all the task forces will havesubmitted proposal in the above format•July 9th – webinar (Open to all chapterleaders)•July 10 - 20th = chapter reps submitfeedback (via Athena Bridge or wiki)•July 27th - the proposals are revised•August 4th - present at conference
    15. 15. Next Steps:Keep an eye out for next steps fromyour task force leaderShare with your chapters!
    16. 16. YNPN Chapter Congress Checkin _________ 6.12.12