Ynpn 3.0 story of then, now, & what's next - condensed version


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  • Here’s what I see. This is really our time.People understand the need for sustainable careers in the sector and supporting emerging talent. You guys saw the post in the Chronicle, you’ve heard me talk about the fact that we’re getting invited to be a part of these high level conversations led by the current admnistration and leaders throughout the sector about how to build a pipeline for nonprofit talent. Beyond the sector context, I think the time for our model has really arrived as well. If you think about it, the YNPN Network was really on the cutting edge of this idea of distributed leadership. This idea that you could put some basic parameters around a space, allow people to bring their best selves to that space and they’ll create something far more amazing than I or Bill Tucker or any one person could have come up with. I mean now with the proliferation of online spaces like Wikipedia or the app store or offline movements that we’ve seen from the time of the Dean Campaign to Occupy Wall Street, the world is finally awake to the power of open, leaderfull spaces that unite under a common goal. But it’s cool to think that YNPN has been operating this way for all of our 15 years
  • Ynpn 3.0 story of then, now, & what's next - condensed version

    1. 1. The story of YNPN today, is the story of an active,vibrant, impactful network.
    2. 2. As we move into 2012, weare a network of almost 34 chapters and 30,000 members across the country from Boston toLittle Rock to Detroit to San Francisco.
    3. 3. We’ve nearly doubled inmembership over the past3 years1 and the number of chapters we boast hasgrown dramatically in the past 7 years especially.2 ______________________________________12008 = 15,000 members2 1997= 1 chapter; 2001 = 2 chapters, 2005=8 chapters; 2009=22chapters; 2012=34 chapters
    4. 4. Everyday, through board leadership, offlineprogramming, and socialmedia, we are living out our basic mission:
    5. 5. To promote an efficient, viable and inclusive nonprofit sector that supports the growth,learning, and development of young professionals.
    6. 6. And we’ve grown not onlyin the number and type ofsupport we provide, but in the sophistication of that support.
    7. 7. So, as we move into 2012,we have much, much to be proud of as an organization. In many ways, YNPN has arrived.
    8. 8. The sector is awake to the importance of buildingsustainable careers in thesector and YNPN’s critical role.*(*YNPN named Top 10 organizations to watch in 2012; YNPN at the table for the White House Forum on Nonprofit Careers.)
    9. 9. More importantly, the time for our model has also arrived. Beyond the sector , theworld has finally awakened to a powerful idea.
    10. 10. The idea that you can put abasic framework around a space, allow people to bring their best selves to that space, and they willcreate something far more incredible than any one person could have imagined.
    11. 11. Examples of these open,leader-full spaces include Wikipedia and the AppStore online and the 2004 Dean Campaign andOccupy Wall Street offline.
    12. 12. YNPN has been on thecutting edge of this idea –operating with this ethos for our entire 15 year history.
    13. 13. As a result, YNPN hasbecome more than a space for young people to build sustainable careers in the sector…
    14. 14. …it is a place where untapped leaders areawakened to their agency and given the chance to exercise their leadership muscles.
    15. 15. YNPN 3.0 is aboutstrengthening our network infrastructure and deepening relationships across the network sothese critical opportunities are more accessible to a greater number and more diverse range of people.
    16. 16. Why YNPN 3.0? Because we believe that YNPN is entering its 3rd major era in the 15-yearhistory of the organization.
    17. 17. Our growth during each ofour previous eras is markedby distinct moments where we made the choice to think as a network and invest in infrastructure.
    18. 18. All this has led to the fastest growth in our history as well as morestable, effective chapters. So what’s next?
    19. 19. YNPN 3.0
    20. 20. What the sector (andbeyond) looks like today:•Greater appreciation for supportingemerging leadership and buildingsustainable careers •Exciting work like the Initiative for Nonprofit Talent and Leadership •YNPN (chapters and national) are approached on a weekly basis by established groups wanting to connect with young leaders •Unprecedented numbers of young people looking to join the network. level is approached on a weekly basis•Greater appreciation for our model ofdistributed network leadership
    21. 21. How YNPN should respond(‘YNPN 3.0’):•Continue to support thegrowth and developmentof YNPs•Develop into a morerobust space for attractingand engaging diverseleaders
    22. 22. What might that look likein the coming years?• Shared membership statusacross the network•Institutional memberships fornational organizations•An all-member conference•More shared technology such asa CRM•Funding and support forchapters that pilot programs toscale nationally
    23. 23. What might that look likein the coming years?•More active, organizedinvolvement in the advocacyand policy arena• Training Institutesthroughout the year forchapter leaders and members• Fiscal sponsorship via YNPNNational•Group purchasingopportunities
    24. 24. So many excitingpossibilities? Where do we start?
    25. 25. We’ll start with 3 projectsthat are:•Ripe •Built on conversations we’ve already begun as a network.•Fit capacity •Can be developed/implemented with the financial and staff resources we have now.•Foundational •Will position us to make more complex decisions as a network in the future
    26. 26. Project #1: DevelopingShared StandardsDeveloping a set of shared standards willallow us to name the essence of what itmeans to be a chapter in our networkand determine what supports andsystems of accountability we’ll need touphold these standards.
    27. 27. Project #2: Creating a DataCenterTogether, we’ll come up with a system forcollecting and aggregating chapter leveldata that will create a cohesive storyabout YNPN, our chapters, ourmembership, and our collective impact.
    28. 28. Project #3: Setting upchapter input & decision-making structuresThis project will focus on creating asystem of feedback and joint decisionmaking for YNPN National and YNPNchapters that will create a strongernetwork that effectively engages thetalent and perspective of all leaders.
    29. 29. Chapter Congress [beta]:Proposals will be developed in thesethree areas and decided on between nowand August by members of our first-everChapter Congress – a “beta version” ofthe chapter input & decision makingmodel .There will be many opportunities anddecisions in the coming years that willaffect the direction of the network. Inthe short-term, the Chapter Congress willprovide a clear way of hearing your ideasand implementing decisions across thenetwork.
    30. 30. Chapter Congress [beta]:Your chapter’s involvement is critical tothe success of this process. We arehoping that each chapter will select aChapter Representative for the Congressand that we achieve 100% participationacross the network.
    31. 31. Next Steps: Be sure to check out YNPN.org/30 formore detailed information abouteverything from the starting projects tohow to register your Chapter Rep. Let us know your thoughts, questionsand ideas about YNPN 3.0 via thecomment boxes on the website, email(national@ynpn.org) or join theconversation via #ynpn30.
    32. 32. Get excited, stay excited You get to be part of anincredible moment for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network! We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you.