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Budget planning as a service - the collaborative way to plan your budget
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Budget planning as a service - the collaborative way to plan your budget


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As we are all facing this year’s budget and work plan, I would like to present you with our Budget Planning solution. …

As we are all facing this year’s budget and work plan, I would like to present you with our Budget Planning solution.
contact us to get a web based session to explore this unique solution -

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Highly flexible business modelling tool that provides multi-layer visibility and transparency of resource (people, money, skills, etc.) allocated to transformational and operational activitiesExposes in-efficiences and allows resources to be intelligently re-allocatedFull BI/MI and Reporting capabilityDoes not impose a data model or structure…adapts to your existing processesAbility to run What If analyses Has build in solutions to cover the typical needs of a company; this are prepackaged into “products” (e.g. Budget Governance, Demand Governance, Project and Portfolio Management , Sales Operations)
  • Transcript

    • 1. The collaborative way to plan your budget
    • 2. Agenda About MSP The “Budget Governance” solution Key differences from other solutions Key benefits and business case
    • 3. Blue Chip Customers - examples My Single Point company confidential
    • 4. MSP’s “Budget Governance” solution works Budget demand Financial constraints Sales Forecast Sales Performance Delivery payment milestone Timely Payment Approval Risk mitigation plan Risks Status Optimize and align your budget plan Plan Align sales & operations performance and manage your forecast Forecast Integrate with the ERP Actual Financial constraints Capability & skills Corporate risks Strategic goals
    • 5. The MSP collaborative Budget Governance solution Support Bottom up / top down collection / initiation Automating any budget requests , validating and aligning the budget with the business goals and constraints Simulating budget scenarios to achieve strategic and financial objectives and managing scarce resources (people, assets and cash) Ensuring full transparency and traceability by eliminating emails and excel files Adapting in real time to changes and ensuring that finance and operations are always aligned
    • 6. MSP’s Budget planning , Value – make every cent count Save up to 5% of the annual budget within few weeks Drop the duration and managerial overheads related with it by up to 50% Build the foundation for budget governance and operational excellence throughout the year. (integrated with their ERP)
    • 7. Examples for questions that MSP answers How can I align the budget with the strategy, risks ? How do I align budget demand and supply constraints ? How can I maintain my forecasts when sales and operational performance vary dramatically (revenues, costs or payments) How can I maintain the dash-boards & reports that will make sense to the entire management team ...
    • 8. How does it look like?
    • 9. Key benefits from MSP – Case examples Duration first installation – 1 Month (budget planning) first installation – 1 Month (budget planning) SAP Benefits 30% increase in HR productivity 2.5 % saving of the overall budget 50% decrease in time spent on budget governance 10% decrease in OPEX (maintenance) Case history 1 Case history 2 Description • Industry - Insurance • Revenues – 2.5 B $ • # of users involved ~ 800 • Industry - Finance • Company size – 10 B $ • # of users involved ~ 100 SAP, MS-Project, TFS, QCCore systems
    • 10. Quick to design and implement (in weeks), Intuitive and easy to use and maintain Manages the budget entire life cycle while Integrating with existing ERP systems Very strong what-if, processes, data and business logic enforcement mechanism, Strong Reporting and dashboarding capabilities Highly collaborative How does MSP differ from other available solutions? (Technology & Methodology)
    • 11. Shorten your budget planning duration by 50% - MSP Implementation methodology Work shop – 1 Day Prototype approval ~ 1 Week Data Entry ~ 1 Week (* pending on the organizations availability) Training and Budget optimization cycles ~ 1M
    • 12. Contact us Case Studies – Contact us -
    • 13. Unlike other vendors which are Rigid Costly Siloed Take long to implement MSP will deliver an Agile, collaborative, simplified “canned” solution Cost effective Quick Integrated solution
    • 14. Pricing Our costs will be pre-determined according to the Number of participants in the process The quality of data already within your possession Contact us at – and we’ll set every thing up for you.
    • 15. OCFO Demo Portfolio Budget Plan Budget line Business Plan Constraints repository Cross Year Budget plan Projects Strategy Business Service catalog Risks SLA Documents Process Roles & accountabilities Org structure Capacity Assets P&LCI Programs / Projects Sales Procurement Budget constraints