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Data Elicitation corporate presentation (june 2014)
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Data Elicitation corporate presentation (june 2014)


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An Internet Market Research professional, I am trilingual (French, English, German); I am energetic, like to work in team, and in open, multinational and multicultural environments; I like to beat …

An Internet Market Research professional, I am trilingual (French, English, German); I am energetic, like to work in team, and in open, multinational and multicultural environments; I like to beat challenges, to discover new areas, to decipher new trends, to be on the sharp edge.

I am especially at ease with Digital Data, providing innovative concepts and accurate data elicitation. A member of the Digital Analytics Association and a Certified Web Analyst, I am working on missions in the Data Management and Analytics field. I am also open to any assignment as a Chief Data Officer, be it temporary or permanent.

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  • 1. Data Elicitation Big Data Marketing & Digital Analytics June 2014 What is Data Elicitation’s added-value for your business ?
  • 2.  Most companies are organized in silos, by business verticals and functions; so are their data too.  Data Elicitation is a horizontal consultancy on data management issues, with a focus on digital analytics  A collaborative scheme implies data-oriented methods to help your company handle Data Management issues on a cross-business and cross-functional level Introduction © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 3.  Environment -> « Patterning » The original sin of Big Data is its formlessness. To be able to use such data, and get the best out of it, one must organize and structure it first. This is what patterning is about.  Management -> « Enrichment » Your data is rich, especially if you can use it easily thanks to an appropriate patterning. But it may be richer. And not at such a high cost... This is what enrichment is all about.  Guidance -> « Analytics » Once your data is accessible and usable, its meaning may be hidden or blurred, and the answer to your question, lost as a needle in a haystack. This is what analytics are about. Data Elicitation focus © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 4.  Conceptualization  Business requirements, non-functional designs  Formal and functional design, specifications  Data Acquisition  Data sourcing, relationships with provider  Data structuring, design of layouts, fields, attributes  Project Management  Business plans, budgets, CxO reporting,  Team lead in French, English & German Environment -> « Patterning » © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 5.  Data Categorization  Coding policies, working routines & methods  Work organization, documentation design  Collaboration Scheme  MDM tool evaluation & implementation  Job descriptions, team support & training  Coding Strategies  Productivity, streamlining, outsourcing  Quality Assurance, SLA’s, internal audit Management -> « Enrichment » © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 6.  Analysis Methodologies  Inductive reasoning, outlier identification  Conversion funnel, drill-down analysis  Analytics development  New metrics & analysis schemes, ad-hoc KPI’s  Research in new marketing solutions (Patents)  Client servicing  Business Cases, modelling, predictive analysis  Client presentations, report & dashboard setup Guidance -> « Analytics » © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 7.  “The top three technologies that are most widely influencing the way that organisations operate today are mobile (70%), social media (65%) and cloud computing (64%). However, organisations predict that in three years’ time the biggest influencers will then be big data analytics (50%); the ‘Internet of things’ (37%) and dynamic visualisation tools (35%).” (from  “Data Elicitation aims at providing a better understanding of the data management issues, and how such an understanding may benefit to the companies involved in digital activities.” (from The inevitable Big Data trend © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 8. I. Implement an efficient data strategy II. Run an analytical data curation III. Design data-driven insights Examples of potential actions © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 9.  Build up a data strategy in line with the global strategy  Keywords = Silos / Content / CxO / Customer-centric  Action points Review of data silos Content alignment Cross-service enrichment CxO acknowledgement An efficient data strategy  Benefits No duplicates Data source optimization Servicing strategy Customer-centric solutions © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 10.  Ensure IT is a data magnifier (not a constraint)  Keywords = Business / Flexibility / Relevance / Content  Action points Business requirements Proper content Relevant data structure Appropriate infrastructure An analytical data curation  Benefits IT aligned with data strategy Accessibility of all contents Limit future re-designs User-friendlier interfaces © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 11.  Is digital transformation aligned with global objectives  Keywords = Watch / Board Engagement / Users / Growth  Action points Board expectations Digital strategy Design & setup Technological watch Data-driven insights  Benefits No misunderstandings Newest tech from the start Usefulness to business growth Employee-friendly (Gen Y…) © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 12.  Implement data strategies decided at Board level  Be an added-value to your current operational teams  Available for various mission types  audit (short initial assessment sessions)  implementation (long-term methodological support)  training (namely in the digital analytics field as a CWA) Collaboration scheme © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 13.  Website  English :  French :  Voice  Mobile : +33 6 87 97 98 21  Skype : DataElicitation  Others  Mail :  Twitter : @DataElicitation Contact information © Data Elicitation – June 2014
  • 14.  Complex data acquisition and management (Big Data, MDM)  International project lead  Transcript of concepts into operational products  Product management and marketing development  Team management (in both operations and client services)  Digital & Data Analytics  Team-work spirit  Easy public speaker  Adaptation capacity  Mind-openness  Curiosity, affinity for novelty, technology-savviness  Analytic & accurate thinking  Abstraction capacity  Tenacity, focus on achievements  Conception of numerous innovative projects in Market and Web Research based on the latest technologies  Management of information sources, negotiation with providers, security of data acquisition and transfer  Organization of marketing operations, methods, quality assurance (SLA, KPI), staff hiring and training  Innovation via several patent claims, setup of fresh working methodologies, implementation of new tools  Client Relationship Management in various businesses (FMCG, Retail, Selective perfumery, Telecom, ISP) Soft skillsHard skills Develop data management within the company at CxO level, and monetize it internationally Yves-Marie Lemaître +33 (0)6 87 97 98 21 Digital Analytics Association’s Certified Web Analyst (May 2014) Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics (August 2013) HEC graduate (MBA in Marketing in 1989) Trilingual French, English, German Achievements CHIEF DATA OFFICER IN INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTS From a mobile phone, flash this QR code to get : more detailed information about my career links to my detailed Social Network profiles addresses for my blog and the DAA website