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Ymkm our-work-portfolio

  1. 1. You Might Know Our Work YMKM Client Portfolio -- Websites --© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  2. 2. MoblizeWhat we did:• Persona Development• Logo Refresh• Website Design and Development in MODx• Custom CMS widget development• Website copy© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  3. 3. Catherine Couturier GalleryWhat we did:• Logo Design• Website Design and Development in MODx• Custom CMS widget development for galleries© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  4. 4. AvanadeWhat we did:• 12+ microsites for various Avanade services• Website Design based on Avanade’s branding guidelines• CMS Development in MODx with all microsites in one dashboard, cutting editing time and dramatically improving scalability• Custom CMS widgets development for video galleries and moreMore Links:http://www.erpforconstruction.com/http://www.desktopoutsourcingdelivered.com/http://www.collaborationstrategydelivered.com/© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  5. 5. GEM InsuranceWhat we did:• Website Design and Development in WordPress
  6. 6. My VirtualNeighborWhat we did:• Logo Redesign• Home Page Redesign (no longer active)© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  7. 7. SolugenixWhat we did:• Website Design• Custom Graphics© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  8. 8. KraftWhat we did:• Designed blog to match current website design style• Designed updated header/footer for the remainder of the site• Designed custom blog functionality© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  9. 9. SSiWhat we did:• Blog design to match the current website style© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  10. 10. YMKMAgencyWhat we did:• Logo Redesign• Website Redesign• Website Development in MODx• Copywriting© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  11. 11. DTS(currently in production)What we’re doing:• Logo Redesign• Website Redesign• Website Development in MODx© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  12. 12. WHY MODX?
  13. 13. FlexibilityA website built in MODx is like working with a clean slate. You dream it,a developer can more easily figure out a way to customize it, ratherthan having to force a workaround like with other CMSs.And do you want to be able to make changes to the site withoutknowing HTML? MODx is great at allowing a developer to customizethe back end user experience based specifically on client editorialneeds.© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  14. 14. ScalabilityYMKM has a great deal of experience inenterprise-level website development.Imagine a large corporation that needsseveral separate websites, but wants to editthem all from one dashboard. With MODx, youcan do that. And you can sync a single updateacross many sites as well, saving you time.© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  15. 15. Ease of UseMODx is fantastic at allowingdevelopers to make the back endeasy to use for those who don’t Watch MODx in Action >>know any HTML. Rather thanbeing burdened by having tocontact an agency or developer tosimply add content, MODx makesit easier for any user to be morehands-on. From drag-n-dropoptions to a WYSIWYG editorthat’s just like working in MicrosoftWord, MODx simplifies theprocess of updating content.© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  16. 16. SecurityMODx allows for deep customization of user access, from full adminaccess to all the code and dashboard, to allowing a user to only editcertain areas of the site without access to the rest of it. Whateveraccesses your team may need, we can create a custom user level.© 2013 YMKM Agency LLC
  17. 17. QUESTIONS? CONTACT US!(713) 489-4785know@ymkmagency.com