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An example of design work for a company called AdmissionsLab. Designed on behalf of FullQuota.

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Admissions Lab eBook Example

  1. 1. TA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R P L A Y B O O K # 6 4 Keys to Putting Your Higher Eduation Social Media Strategy into Action A Social Media Primer for College RecruitmentLearn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Visit Admissions Lab at TA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R PL AY B O O K # 6 1 So you’ve set up a fantastic Facebook page and you’re also tweeting and blogging and posting all over the place like the little social media machine that you are. Great job! You’re using the tools! So now what? How do you move forward from here? What is Social Media?1 What’s the next step in the plan? How do Stripped of its hype, social media describes Channel you build a sustainable, long-term social a full range of electronically mediated media strategy? interactions that occur between people and tend to focus on a common interest or topic.2 Reach Our recent playbook, “10 Social Media Here at Admissions Lab, we focus on the Do’s and Don’ts for Higher Education transition from high school to college — Enrollment Success,” was an introduction from a high school student’s first attempts to social media for college admission to learn about a university to the moment3 Credibility officers. In that publication, we talked he or she arrives on campus for their about the rapid growth of social media as freshmen year. a marketing and recruitment tool. We also4 outlined a few dos and don’ts for the basic But simply creating electronic content Sustainability principles for success. about a common interest is no guarantee that anyone will pay attention. To exert This topic has generated an enormous influence and cultivate a receptive, amount of interest and you wanted more. sustainable audience, you must be believed and trusted. The more “followers” or So, in this playbook we’ll take a deeper “friends” you are able to recruit into this look at what it takes to build a successful audience, the more chances you have to social media strategy. But first, a build an effective relationship on social little background. media networks. To build a comprehensive social media strategy, you need to address the four fundamental components of social media: channel, reach, credibility and sustainability.1 Parker, Lenhart, and Moore. (August 2011) The Digital Revolution and Higher Education. Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project2010 tracking surveys Internet. Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Visit Admissions Lab at AdmissionsLab.comTA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R PL AY B O O K # 6 2 1 Channel “Channel” describes the Messaging Channels particular form of communication Twitter you’re using, be it a tweet, Facebook blog entry, a Facebook post, a YoutubeYouTube video or a text message. Different Mobilechannels are more or less appropriate SMS Textfor different types of communication. A BlogYouTube video, for example, might show Emaila unique side of student life and could be Phoneused to engage prospects and encouragethem to schedule a campus visit. A blogpost, on the other hand, might describeexciting new research opportunities forundergraduates and connect them with A good way to start managing your channel have already opted in for your content.a faculty member or upperclassman is to draw up a list of your available Often your followers will be high schoolwhile a tweet might be used to remind communication types and messages and students who have applied for admissionprospects of an important deadline or an match them to each other. Remember that or have already been admitted.upcoming event. messages can go out through multiple channels. As new message opportunities But the potential size of the audience is onlySome channels, such as texting, are present themselves, they can be added to one aspect of reach. What’s more importantpassive; the message is delivered without your growing channel matrix. is the actual number of prospects thatthe need for any action on the recipient’s actively engage with the communication.part. Others, such as blogs and videos,tend to encourage or require action 2 Reach “Reach” refers to both the The best video in the world will be of little value if no one watches it! Extending reachfrom the recipient; the students must intended — and the actual — is an exercise in relationship out and view the content. The line audience viewing your content. You’ll slowly engage prospects, one personbetween active and passive channels Who are you reaching out to? at a time, by introducing them to yourcan quickly get blurred when prospects How many of them are out there? What content channels and moving the markersubscribe to your content by “friending” actions must be taken in order to receive toward passive acceptance by gatheringand “following” you. In this case, your and respond to your message? friends and followers.content automatically becomes part of apersonal page where it can be viewed at Reach is partially channel driven. For Remember that each communicationthe prospect’s leisure. Whether active or example, that video showing the “unique channel has an intrinsic reach, but whatpassive, carefully matching your message side of student life” can be hosted on your really matters is the number of channelsto your channel will be a key component college’s YouTube channel and have a on which you can effectively engage aof your social media strategy and critical potentially unlimited audience. On the specific individual. Ultimately, your reachto maximizing your “reach.” other hand, a tweet is most likely going to is a measure of how many prospects you be seen only by your followers, those who are engaging, on how many channels and Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Visit Admissions Lab at TA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R PL AY B O O K # 6 3 how frequently. But there is an exception. and messages go out lets you see what is many voices speaking at once; very little Viral posts or videos are a little like resonating with your prospects. Using of the ongoing conversations actually get winning the marketing lottery; your reach online aggregator tools such as Hubspot their attention. can grow exponentially as each person and Radian 6 can help you monitor a large (and each person’s followers) become number of channels simultaneously and What students focus on is determined by a a new channel. But don’t bank on the very efficiently. combination of familiarity, noteworthiness lottery. Having something go viral is rare, and recognition. A voice we recognize, the especially for a college. 3 Credibility Prospective students are name of a familiar friend or maybe the face of a well-known celebrity all have the You should always monitor your reach, bombarded daily by information, ability to catch our eyes and ears. Within from both the channel and prospect much of it coming through social media we call this ability to draw perspective. Each channel should have one social media channels. Some attention “credibility.” Once you have the or more reach-related metrics — followers content gets filtered out altogether, other means to communicate your message and for Facebook, re-tweets for Twitter, email information gets a cursory glance, and an audience on the other end to receive opens and click-throughs, YouTube views, only a tiny bit — even when it is actually it, the effectiveness of your messaging blog visits and so on. Monitoring your read — garners much attention or focus. and its influence will be determined social media traffic as new campaigns It’s like being in a crowded room with by credibility. College Students and Their Gadgets Percentage of all adults in each group who own different devices Non- students, Under- Grad Community All Adults 18-24 grads students College Cell phone 82% 89% 96% 99% 94% Desktop computer 60 58 59 73 67 Laptop computer 52 64 88 93 70 iPod or mp3 player 45 69 84 86 72 Game console 41 64 58 49 61 eBook reader 5 4 9 7 4 Tablet computer 4 4 5 5 42 Smith, Rainie, and Zickuhr. (July 2011) College students and technology. Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project 2010 tracking sur-veys Internet. Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Visit Admissions Lab at AdmissionsLab.comTA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R PL AY B O O K # 6 4Who sends the message is even more messaging is best reserved for serving up credibility, while keeping content current,important than the content itself. A friend factual content that complements the peer- consistent and controlled, is no small task.who participated in an overnight visit at based contacts that influence opinions It is not something a single person can, oryour college and then posts pictures and and perceptions. should, do alone.talks about the experience on a personalFacebook page will have much more of The channel matrix can be expanded to A wide range of individuals need to bean impact on someone than a similar add source credibility to help insure that involved and coordinated, includingtestimonial posted anonymously on all messages (particularly factual ones) administrative staff, parents, boosters,your admissions office Facebook page. are being communicated with maximum and students — past, present and future.Likewise, a video created by students credibility. But the most credible opinion- To make it work, you’ll need someoneshowing unique aspects of campus will shaping sources will always be those working behind the scenes to make surebe more credible than a slick professional independent voices that pick up your that everything is operating smoothly —video produced by the admissions office. message and pass it on! you’ll need a Social Media Ninja (SMN).College-age students have always The SMN is responsible forpaid more attention to their peers Who sends the monitoring the message and thethan to authority figures. This is one message is even content, both direct and indirect,of several good reasons why most more important as well as any reactions and/orcollege admission “road-runners” than the content questions from your followers.are usually in their early 20s. Social itself. Often, the SMN will be active onmedia provides a new set of tools all of your channels and may be athat allow us to leverage these peer major source of your online content.relationships, typically by incorporatingcurrent students and recent graduates 4 Sustainability–Find a Social Media Ninja But the primary responsibility of the SMN is to own the process and maintaininto our social media strategy. Another Now that you understand the awareness of how your message is beingis to re-tweet and point to peer-based parts of a successful social media perceived, what is being said in response,content in your official channels. But strategy, you need to implement and what new opportunities exist forthere is still a place for credible authority- and sustain your message. additional activity.based messages, which means your dean,president and prominent alums may have a Managing the different channels, Online tools and software aids are anrole to play. But remember: Authority-based extending reach and maintaining important facilitator for implementing, 32% of college presidents report that they use Facebook weekly or more often; 18% of college presidents say they use Twitter at least occasionally. Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Visit Admissions Lab at AdmissionsLab.comTA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R PL AY B O O K # 6 5monitoring and managing your social they may be able to help structure an initial on social media; it must be someone who ismedia strategy, but a human needs to strategy — getting everything lined up and also an expert on your institution and canoversee everything — a person with a feel organized — but are not committed enough serve as a credible representative via socialfor life on your campus and a full-time or credible enough to assume ongoing media interactions.commitment to the process. Beware of ownership. That needs to be handled byoutsourcing this role to external “experts”; someone who is more than just an expert Summary A sustainable social media strategy must be Your messaging needs to be coordinated current, consistent and controlled. Outdated across channels, with each contribution content can be worse than no content at all. uniquely suited to that particular channel. All messages must reinforce a manageable Your social media strategy must leverage set of common themes and project a many channels simultaneously, with careful consistent image. attention paid to the match between content and channel. The content needs to look — and actually be — spontaneous. But it must also be managed Relationships must be fostered and built and kept “on message.” Information that is over time to extend your reach. The goal misleading, incorrect or distracting should should be to have contact with each prospect be moved, changed or updated. Graffiti on multiple channels and to facilitate the (including rude or vulgar comments) needs exchange by having them become followers to be deleted immediately. and friends. Your social media strategy must involve many people and be managed by someone who is both an expert in social media and your institution. Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Visit Admissions Lab at AdmissionsLab.comTA L ES O F T H E V I R T UA L E N R O L L M E N T C O O R D I N ATO R PL AY B O O K # 6 6 How Enrollment Manager Can Help Enrollment Manager provides the essential In addition, your dedicated Virtual tools and services needed to support an Enrollment Coordinator™ can help you effective social media strategy. From post and monitor social media content, the ability to post content to Facebook, provide “best practices” recommendations share content via email and monitor related to social media integration and use the effectiveness of your social media Enrollment Manager Web Intelligence presence, Enrollment Manager’s toolset tools to help you evaluate the health of helps you leverage social networking your overall Web presence and automate channels to make friends — and interaction with Web visitors based keep them. on page views, session length and/or referral source (e.g., Facebook, search engine, Etc.). See more Tales of About AdmissionsLab the Virtual Enrollment A Microsoft Higher Education Partner, Admissions Lab is the leading higher education Coordinator at provider of software-as-a-service programs, serving more than 70 client institutions. Ad- missions Lab, a division of 422 Group, is made up of former higher education admissions officers who bring more than 150 years of experience in the admissions world, helping comics the company create problem-solving programs specifically designed for that sector. www. Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2011, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about Enrollment Manager at © Copyright 2010, Admissions Lab. All Rights Reserved.