Common Misused Words and Phrases


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Common Misused Words and Phrases

  1. 1. Common Misused Words and Phrases Yenna Monica D. P.
  2. 2. Some Common Misused Words maybe/ may be if ever/when “I would say” – “I think” “I believe” All ready/already may/might Irregardless /Regardless compared to/compared with
  3. 3. Recognize Misspelled/Correctly Spelled Words and Phrases
  4. 4. The difference that a single new letter can make
  5. 5. The difference that an apostrophe can make
  6. 6. The difference that a change to a single letter can make
  7. 7. Don’t let those homonyms (words that sound alike) confuse you.
  8. 8. My brain is getting full! Relax, dude, we’re almost there!
  9. 9. Accept and Except Affect and Effect Advice and Advise All together and Altogether Assure, Ensure, Insure complimentary and complementary Desert and Dessert e.g. and i.e. hear and here farther and further fewer and less
  10. 10. lay (lay, laid, laid, laying, lays) and lie (lie, lay, lain, lying, lies) lose and loose Past and Passed practice and practise site, sight, site than and then warrantee and warranty you’re and your
  11. 11. Their, there, they’re, there’re
  12. 12. to and too
  13. 13. QUICK TEST
  14. 14. QUICK TEST Even though we warned Jake not to eat a hole A pie at one sitting, he sat at the kitchen table and B proceeded to consume slice after slice. C A. B. C. D. whole set preceded No change is necessary.
  15. 15. QUICK TEST: Item 1 Give Jerrod a compliment because his shoe A laces complement the colors in his plaid shirt. B His fashion since is gradually improving. C A. B. C. D. complement compliment sense No change is necessary.
  16. 16. QUICK TEST: Item 2 If you go by the supermarket, buy a package of A B hotdog buns. Then we can grill the sausage for C dinner. A. B. C. D. buy by Than No change is necessary.
  17. 17. QUICK TEST: Item 3 Heed my advice, and don’t loose your receipt. A B The college bookstore will not accept any excuse C if you need to return those books. A. B. C. D. advise lose except No change is necessary.
  18. 18. QUICK TEST: Item 4 The herd of gazelle leaped through the air as A B the animals tried to elude the cheetah. C A. B. C. D. heard threw allude No change is necessary.
  19. 19. QUICK TEST: Item 5 Maybe Gerald is caught in traffic, or he may be A B flirting with the cute cafeteria cashier. Either way, don’t accept any excuse for his tardiness. C A. B. C. D. May be maybe except No change is necessary.
  20. 20. QUICK TEST: Item 6 When there are fewer students in a class, the A B professor has fewer worries that everyone is C getting individual attention. A. B. C. D. their less fewer No change is necessary.
  21. 21. QUICK TEST: Item 7 Gregory passed his chemistry final, so now he A won’t loose his scholarship. As he walked past B C the diner, he rewarded himself with a milkshake. A. B. C. D. past lose passed No change is necessary.
  22. 22. QUICK TEST: Item 8 Mr. Ramos hopes to accept the bid on the house. A He has agreed to all of the buyer’s conditions except retiling the master bathroom since it B C would be too much work. A. B. C. D. except accept sense No change is necessary.
  23. 23. THE END Yenna Monica D. P.