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PyConFI - dostuff()
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PyConFI - dostuff()


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Slides used from my talk at PyConFi2011 in Turku

Slides used from my talk at PyConFi2011 in Turku

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  • invited to give a non-technical talk to end the day, on the topic of Community!\n\nPython Suomi is young. Only 6 months old.\nChance to “DoStuff” - Infamous function\n\nWhat is community?\n\n
  • Community Shepard for HammerKit.\nWhat is community?\nGroup of people gather around some Common thing (social object)\n\nThese are some different communities I am involved in. \n* Physical spaces, \n* meetups or events\n* Global or Local or Local of global\nOnline, common ideas,\n
  • Some thoughts, may be old news, but lets start the discussion.\nMostly asking questions!\n\nMust have a common place:\neither online or physical\nDiscussion, physically in same place\nmeet periodically!!\n\nConsistent\n\n
  • made up of different people (ages, genders, roles). \n\ndo you want to exclude certain groups?\n* noobs?\n* commercial?\n* annoying ADHD/autistic geeks?\n\nReasons to exclude:\nnot enough bandwidth to cope with their problems\n
  • Python communities have reputation for being friendly, but trolls will try and sneak in.\n\nBe ready, think how to react, make it so it is not fun for them\n-> they leave to some other site.\n\nBeware -> noobs, may not realise they are exhibiting trollish behavior\n\ninfighting! Religious fundamentalists (Vi vs Emacs). Ruby\n
  • Community members: Levels of engagement\n\nPig or Chicken - Breakfast\n\ncommitted or involved\nSeagull managers - fly in, make noise, leave lots of shit and leave\n\n Ken Blanchard's 1985 book Leadership and the One Minute Manager: "Seagull managers fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on everyone, then fly out."\n\nGoats & sheep - Terry Pratchet’s Small Gods\n
  • Community growth.\n\nWhich one do we want?\n\nBe aware that natural for size to change, don’t panic. \nAs long as more than board it is a community.\n\nHow to attract members?\nDo we want to?\nWhat should we be doing?\n
  • What’s next?\ncontinue with activities:\n * online\n * more meetups\n * hack-days?\n\nBeware of being too excited by today!!\nImportant thing is that events happen, NOT that they are big or have famous names (Zuckerberg was undergrad attempting to score)\n
  • Kittens!\n\nSteve Yegge - Stop working on Cat Picture sharing apps\n
  • \n
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    • 1. from communityimport awesomeness DoStuff()
    • 2.
    • 3. Who? vintagedept/3399490662/
    • 4. Don’t feed the...
    • 5. photos/ rikkis_refuge/ 470452693/
    • 6.
    • 7. photos/madebytess/ 6236448218
    • 8. Questions? Mike Bradshaw @ymb