Presentation1 Chef Paul Hancock


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Presentation1 Chef Paul Hancock

  1. 1. Chef Paul Hancock By: Yesenia Martinez
  2. 2. Chef Paul Hancock Executive Chef“is the person in charge of the kitchen. Everything that goes out of the kitchen is the responsibility of the executive chef ; therefore, it is essential for the person with this job to be able to maintain complete control of the kitchen at all times and to command the respect of his kitchen staff.” 20yrs of experience
  3. 3. Brief Biography Started cooking at a young age lived in South Carolina. Worked in a kitchen while in school Studied Business Administration Worked at a bank felt a strong calling in the kitchen and went back Traveled to learn different things about cooking Worked with Various of chefs like Chef Larry Mack Became Sou Chef in Florida working his way up And now he is an executive Chef in Catalina Island now running 3 restaurants there.
  4. 4. Education ACF Certification (American Culinary Foundation) Trained in France for 2yrs Continuing School (Online) Everything he knows he learned from otherChefs he previously worked with.- Went to collage for Business Administration
  5. 5. Salary Ranges Experience is Everything- If you are starting it ranges from $9.00-$15.00- Executive Chef about 50,-150,000yr- Corporate 150,-250,000yr- If you market yourself well there is no limit to how much you could get paid
  6. 6. Career Map Try to Learn as much as you can Learn from different chefs ask Questions If Possible Travel to learn different techniques from around the world Follow your dream if you love cooking be determine and give it your all Be the best that you can be
  7. 7. How to succeed1st- Have the Desire and be determine, and Passion2nd- Flexibility3rd- Learn everything you can because there is always something new to learn.4th- Be discipline ( On time, be clean from top to bottom)Advice:“Do it the best that you can and never apologize because you can always get better doing it and by getting better and the more repetition the better it will become”
  8. 8. Few Dishes By Chef Paul Hancock
  9. 9. And more….
  10. 10. Fun QuestionIF he was stranded in an island what five ingredients would he want and what would he create with them?1. Yeast-Start growing crops, and make wine, beer2. Eggs- 101 ways to cook an egg3. Wheat- Make flour and open up his own bakery there4. Chocolate- Loves chocolate so needs to have it5. Cow- Could make cheese, milk and it’s a source of Protein
  11. 11. Citations Chef Paul Hancock : Executive Chef in Catalina Island Executive Chef Job Description: by Hcarrers