Rana Senior Project 2 Report


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Rana Senior Project 2 Report

  1. 1. I SLAMIC TRIO SPORTS COMPLEX Acknowledgment: It is the 14th of June, spring 2012, the day that all the students are waiting for since they register for their first course in the university. Everyone is asking for my feeling at the moment I’m hanging my senior project, I can’t describe what I feel because there are a mixture of contrary feelings and expressions, Happy, Tired, Sad, Relaxed, Confused. One of my doctors used to say at the end of each of his lectures, “Good times doesn’t last long”. Today a fruitful and unforgettable journey reaches its end, the end of five archived intensive years that will open the doors for a bright future. I would not have reaches the level I have reached throughout these years without the precious people I have in my life who never hesitated to provide their knowledge, help, and their wide experience. “Thank YOU” is the common word to thank, but for me what my beloved parents, sincere professors, and true-hearted friends and their family provided, this word will never be enough for what they have done and gave. My dearest new family, although the happiness is filling me for graduating, but leaving you is what don’t complete this happiness. I am going to miss every moment we shared in its better and worse, you are living in me and will never leave. Please forgive me for prolongation, I will conclude with a big “THANK YOU” from a girl who is very proud to be your one of your students one day. Your sincere Student, Daughter and Friend,, Rana Jamous pg. 1
  2. 2. I SLAMIC TRIO SPORTS COMPLEX Preface: Sport is a key for a healthy living. After analyzing the site location and it surroundings, with the nature of the project that should attract tourists from all over the world , as well as to match Al-Wakra future vision, it was found that a sports facility will be a hot spot for the tourists especially when it is blended with other complementary projects. A sport facility in such area will revive the area that is usually used as a passage way for different users. According to the future vision of this area, an Economic zone will be right behind the chosen site, where the interested staff level is the businessmen and seniors and sports is usually one of their interests. One more supporting goal is what our Prophet Mohamed asked us to do, “ teach your children swimming, shooting and horseback riding”. “Islamic Trio”, is the project name, where it combines the three Islamic sports: Archery, Equestrian and swimming. The design passed through several phases as different aspects and considerations should be followed, and also program recommendations affected the design too. The report will provide an overlook about the project goal and vision, design phases and the final product. pg. 2
  3. 3. I SLAMIC TRIO SPORTS COMPLEX Goal: “ Energizing the area with different types of SPORTS that are applicable for different ages and nationalities by a project design that simulates the future sports structures. People should Experience the site by different types of atmospheres, indoor, outdoor and semi- outdoor facilities. Pedestrian is the main transportation method in the project that will encourage the user to interact with the building. The sea front is merged in a direct and indirect way with the project facilities that shows and endless clear view as if the project is extended to the horizon. objectives activities spaces Physical Education Creating an academy that Physical education provides different sports depends on different 1. Swimming classes classes from different learning methods, such 2. Archery Classes regions will encourage as: 3. Horseback riding classes local and international 1. Theoretical learning 4. Offices visitors to learn and 2. Practical learning 5. Cafeteria exercise the sport they are 3. Re-searches 6. Clinic interested in. 4. Interacting with 7. Theatre animals & instruments. An Equestrian arena is a Having the arena, 1. Covered arena Equestrian arena potential point for many mainly for horseback 2. Outer arena athletes and sport lovers riding will act as the 3. Spectator area that are waiting to attend heart of the project 4. Stables the professional where different sports 5. Fodder rooms international events and 6. Storages performances will be held performances can be 7. Teaching room in the arena. held in will be occupied by large number of spectators. A variety of water sports 1. Gymnastics room Swimming is an enjoyable and entertainment 2. All ages swimming pools Aquatic facility sport that can be practiced activities will be held that 3. All ages training pools for fun or for athletics help to shape the body 4. Scuba diving pool purposes, for the comfort and keep it fit especially 5. Special needs pool and mind clearing it females where dancing 6. Dancing classes provides. It is one of the classes and gymnastics 7. Cafeteria sports that all ages, are provided. Also genders and physical trainings for swimming situations can practice it. championships pg. 3
  4. 4. I SLAMIC TRIO SPORTS COMPLEX User definition: Users of such project should be clearly • Children and infants: identified to specify their needs and study the environment they seek. The “What is learnt young is hard to lose” sport project aims to gather different ages it is a famous wise usually said. and genders under one roof to enjoy, Learning here doesn’t limited only by practice their hobbies and rehearse for the theoretical learning where all the championships. type and ways of learning is included. Sports is very important for children As the project is located between two and infants, where they build their different lifestyles areas , and it is mainly body in a healthy standards and base a project to attract tourists , a variety of from the beginning. As well as, young sport are practiced with their facilities people are gaining knowledge easier for a mixed users . The different users that adults so why don’t we invest are: them? • Athletics: Athletics area the group of people who donate their life for sport, championships and for the fair competition. By Creating a space that fits this type of users needs, the country will be one of their destination which help in increasing the publicity and the economy of the area. • Locals and expats: Creating a meeting place and open the doors for locals and expats to exchange knowledge and culture through the sport do will help in breaking the social barrier, enrich and widen their minds. pg. 4
  5. 5. I SLAMIC TRIO SPORTS COMPLEX • Special needs people: • Businessmen and investors from the Economical Zone: Special needs people are the ones who should receive the greatest This slice of the society created a special amount of caring and attention. environment for themselves. They live their Treatment in the first place is very life, manage their time, run their business important for this type of users, and different than any other slice in the second is the social life. They should community. High class sports are what be included in many social and sport businessmen practice in their spare time events, such event will increase their such as playing Golf, royal horseback self-confidence and let the people riding…etc. By providing a place to practice see that they can do what normal such sport will led to: they will enjoy their people couldn’t do. Furthermore, accommodation, extend it, as a result practicing sports in general will economy and publicity of the country will keeps the body and mind active and go higher. fresh all the time, which means healthy life in all of its directions! • Tourists from all over the world: The most places the tourists are attracted to in any place they visit are the traditional, ancient and entertainment places such as museums, beaches, traditional style buildings..etc. Another interesting thing usually noticed, is that the largest ratio of spectators in any sport event goes for international people, which means they really care, and as they are part of every society then their needs should be satisfied. pg. 5
  6. 6. I SLAMIC TRIO SPORTS COMPLEX Project wings: roof structure, ventilation and especially the proper environment for horses. The project is divided into three main wings or zones. Each wing facilitate • Aquatic Facility: different activities and objective but all are unified in one point which is The third piece to complete the “Healthy mind in healthy body”. chain is the Aquatic facility. Swimming is • Physical Education wing: the sport that is enjoyable by all ages as it In this wing several types of classes are comfort the body and clear the mind, this provided, so the students will get the is the nature of water. The Aquatic maximum knowledge and experience facility will include several training they should have in this range. Indoor and outdoor classes, practical and swimming pools, Scuba diving pool, and theoretical type of learning is applied. for the sake of caring about the special The classrooms should be arranged in a needs people, a training swimming pool way to open the floor for the students to work in group and discuss their thoughts. is also included. As the women are an And remember that knowledge is the first important part in the society, a special step to progress and achieve the goal. part is specified for them and includes, More details about the space is attached in the data sheet. dancing classes, gymnastics, beside the swimming. • Equestrian Arena: An Equestrian arena is used for several events and training courses. This arena will hold Equestrian sport events , the famous sport in the Muslims world, the sport that enhance the social, psychological, educational behavior beside the good shape and health. This space needs to be will designed especially “The attached posters will briefly talk when locating the lighting systems , about the whole course and the product” drainage system , HVAC system and the pg. 6