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Presentation given to NAFT conference on Saturday 29th October 2011.

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  • 1. Name2. Currently teaching 7-12 French at St Paul’s Grammar School, Penrith3. Have taught for over 10 years in a large variety of schools. Current one an IB world school in western Sydney.4. You may have seen my presentation last year on web tools but my name changed this year as I got married!
  • This presentation is about encouragementPassionate teachers who want to keep innovating, exploring new ideas and inspiring creative students.
  • Why do we want to connect with other like-minded educators? For our students
  • This is what we want for our students, right? What else would you add to this? DiscussMy presentation today is about how we can be these things too.
  • Emotional engagement– I remember when…I was a first-year teacherI was the only Language / LOTE teacherI was 8 hours from SydneyNothing very useful was on the Internet in 2000!So how on earth did I get inspiration for my lessons?? Have you ever felt ‘uninspired’ even though: We are now in the 21st century, most here live in Sydney, most here work with other teachers, new textbooks and resources appear frequently, there is so much on the Internet you don’t know where to start?
  • Stop and think – how do you find teaching ideas, where do you find resources?I’m going to show you how you can make the most of these sources while adding an exciting new dimension to the way resources are found, ideas are shared and advice sought.http://www.photoschau.de/wp-content/uploads/2006/03/20060329214426_blue_sky.jpg
  • Look at this diagram and decide where you feel you fit into the picture.Turn to a partner and discuss how you connect and share in light of what I have spoken about so far.
  • Like minded professionals – where can we find them?Alles-schlumpf
  • Take a second to write down your reflection on using Twitter:Do you know what it is, how it’s used, why it’s important to teachers.This is huge, this is where it begins. Everyday I get inspired, I get ideas, I get friendly banter, I get professional reading, I get the news in French, I get advice. In short, Twitter is my virtual, worldwide staffroom. #mfltwitterati > #nswfrench ??Let’s have a quick look at some of the presentation I was playing when you were arriving. I’d like to spend some time at the end talking through how to get started with Twitter.
  • So how can you find like-minded professionals on Twitter?Links to my listsGoogle doc > Aus tweechers…Google docs – collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms (polls)Brainstorm session – how could we use something like this professionally and with our students?
  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt stuck sitting through a boring and irrelvant presentation on a topic you have no interest in?
  • So how can we use technology to share?
  • What is Dropbox?Why can it help us share resources?How have I used it? Explain about mfltwitterati. Installation etc..
  • cygnus921Reflect – what do you know about wikis? Have you used them, how? Are they helpful, confusing a waste of time?Many hands…http://frenchnsw.wikispaces.com/
  • How do you collect, find and share your favourite links? Diigo is a social bookmarking site that allows you to save, share, annotate and tag your favourite websites.
  • Have you heard of Skype in the classroom?Video-conferencing (for free) with iDroo download – desktop sharing.
  • Think > Pair > Share (can be written down)Questions?
  • Questions?
  • On partage! – pouquoi et comment

    1. 1. 2011 Congrès de la NAFTFiona Boughey (@FionaR_B)
    2. 2. WHO ARE WE?
    3. 3. WHY?
    4. 4. Engaged Inspired Motivated
    5. 5. Deniliquin
    6. 6. MyselfA folder on my desk Online School-based PD Where do you find resources? How do you find teaching ideas? The textbook France – authentic materials Other members of staffNAFT Conferences!
    7. 7. Your Personal Sharing Networkhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/courosa/2922421696/
    8. 8. Making theConnectio n Image credit: Alles-schlumpf
    9. 9. Image credit: Yug_and_her
    10. 10. AustralianTweechers PLN
    11. 11. Sharing
    12. 12. WIKISImage credit: cygnus921
    13. 13. What canyou do now? Issues? Opportunities?
    14. 14. Contact Blog:frenchclassroom.wordpress.com Email: fiona.boughey@stpauls.nsw.edu.au Presentation:slideshare.net/ykom Twitter: bi @FionaR_B
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