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SomePitching is a crowdsourced online competition for testing new business ideas.

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Early-stage startups, teams without a company or individuals with fresh business ideas which are ready for feedback from potential customers and experienced professionals.

Anyone interested in being part of a public jury to evaluate and see new ideas and help startups to improve their idea.

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  • The video should showcase the product/service so that anyone could rate the following things:Is the problem importantIs the solution interestingWould I or any of my friends be interested in buying/using the productThe entertainment level of the video
  • Slide template includes the following topics:Background for the ideaBackground of the teamDescription of the value to customersHow are you going to complete the product and sell itWhere are you in three years
  • SomePitching competition slides

    1. 1. In Brief SomePitching is a crowsourced online competition for testing new business ideas The winners are selected based on the feedback of the public and an international pro jury All participants get validation, market analysis and advice from hundreds of potential customers and professionals
    2. 2. About SomePitching is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by experienced entrepreneurs Next competition is already a 5th one! Supported by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications Aim – to boost the entrepreneurial spirit of youth! Previous competitions have had over 60 teams, 500 voters and almost 100 jury members from 97 countries
    3. 3. SomePitching A 2-week competition consisting of 3 stages: • Stage 0 (before) – pre-registration to the competition with basic team details • Stage I (first week) – evaluation of the business ideas by the public for selecting finalists • Stage II (second week) –evaluation by the jury members determining the winners
    4. 4. Stage I • Participants make a max 60 sec video showcasing their product/service idea • SomePitching engages the public to evaluate the ideas using Innopinion’s technology • Participants are welcomed and rewarded to promote themselves through social media • The top evaluated ideas will go through to the Stage II
    5. 5. Stage II • Finalists send a more detailed 5-slide presentation describing the idea and the team • Somepitching provides the slide presentation template • Slide set is confidential and provided for the jury only! • Finalists are ranked based on the evaluation of the jury (75 %) and the public (25 %)
    6. 6. Benefits Each team gets evaluations and comments from the public Finalists get additionally a detailed feedback and analysis from the Jury Winners get real prizes The report can be used to validate your business idea to investors You might even get real customers!
    7. 7. Competition Application period: 01.11 – 17.11.2013 Dates: 25.11 – 08.12.2013 Winners and awards announced: 11th Dec 2013 Prizes, sponsors and jury announced before and during competition
    8. 8. Previous Sponsors
    9. 9. Interested? Visit for more information SomePitching is constantly looking for new jury members, sponsors and partners!