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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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  • 1. ZOO YORK Zoo York began in 1993 but the history of the name Zoo York goes back much further. In the mid-'70s, Zoo York was the name for a crew of artists and skaters who were instrumental in developing the hip-hop scene in New York. The name then faded to the background in the '80s before resurfacing in '93 when Rodney Smith along with friends Eli Gesner and Adam Schatz started the fledgling company. Although action sports is not always associated with urban culture, Zoo York has always remained close to its roots in both graffiti and urban culture as reflected in everything from Zoo York's ZOO apparel to skate decks to YORK footwear. sources from
  • 2. ZOO YORK Zoo York is the largest action sports company on the east coast. Recognizing the synergies between the urban apparel and action sports consumer, Zoo York apparel is a unique blend of both worlds. The product line includes men's and women's t-shirts, fleeces, knits, wovens, denim, outerwear, headgear, bags, footwear, and other accessories. Zoo York also manufactures its own line of skateboards, wheels, grip tape and other skate accessories. sources from
  • 3. ZOO YORK Skaters and spectators at the second Harold Hunter Day which took place at the Manhattan Bridge Skate Park and was organized by Zoo York. The name 'Zoo York' originates from a subway tunnel running underneath the area of the central park zoo. Dubbed "Zoo York" by graffiti pioneer and rapper ALI (Marc André Edmonds), founder of the Soul Artists. The tunnel provided an ideal location for Graffiti artists from across New York to hang out and access tracks. The tunnel itself was a "cut-and-cover" subway construction project which ripped through Central Park from 1971 to 1973. During construction, the site was left unguarded at night and thus soon became a hangout for writers from all five bouroughs. A cynical social observer, ALI coined the term "Zoo York" to describe the absurdity displayed in the attitudes and actions of New Yorkers during what he called the "Sick Seventies", particularly as exemplified by what he saw at the Central Park subway tunnel site late at night.
  • 4. The Central Park Zoo at that time was populated by wild animals displayed in open-air cages. ALI noted that by contrast, here were these feral teenagers, himself included, living in a free society, who sought nothing more wholeheartedly than to crowd together in a deep, dark hole in the ground. ALI decided that all city people were insane for seeking imprisonment in tiny apartments, offices, subway cars and the like, and declared that New York City itself was "not New, but a Zoo!" He named the tunnel itself "Zoo York", a perfect symbol, in his mind, of the dark psyche of the inner city itself. In 1993, 'Zoo York' the skate brand was born. In my opinion Zoo York, alongside a handful of other NY based skate brands founded in the late 80's and early 90's, is largely responsible for much of the 'urban' skate styles, graphics and culture prevalent today, as opposed to the more surf orientated graphics that were abundant in the earliest skate brands whom hailed in large from the sun, palm trees and surf dominated west coast. Zoo York managed to maintain the attitudes displayed in the 1970's 'Zoo York' subway tunnel by focusing heavily on guerilla marketing and building a firm reputation on the street through their affiliation with established NY skate figures and the shere size of their skate team. ZOO YORK LONG BEACH NEW YORK Surfing Labor day 2008 with Zoo York Surfing board.
  • 5. BRONX ZOO YORK ZOO YORK MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR AMERICA'S WILDLIFE! Many of our nation's wildlife species are in trouble. The number of species on the federal Threatened and Endangered Species list has doubled in the last ten years, with over 1000 species listed and many more in the pipeline. We must do more to address problems early on to prevent species from becoming endangered in the first place. Five years ago, the United States Congress and the Administration made an important decision to invest in wildlife and vital natural areas by creating the State Wildlife Grants Program. This program provides federal money to every state for conservation efforts aimed at preventing wildlife from becoming endangered. The Wildlife Conservation Society helps leverage these federal funds using private and foundation assistance through the Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund. This makes the State Wildlife Grants program a win-win for wildlife! Please urge your members of Congress to support the State Wildlife Grants program. As of April 23, 2009, 54 Senators and 87 Representatives have signed letters supporting the State Wildlife Grants Program. To be a member of Congress to support the State Wildlife Grants program, you can buy a Zooyork T-shirt which has threatened and endangered species' print. sources from wild conservation society
  • 6. ZOO YORK
  • 7. ZOO YORK
  • 8. ZOO YORK
  • 10. WHEN YOU'RE OUT THERE The Zoo York skateboards Zoo York, a skateboarding- PRO SHOWING OFF YOUR bring to life the culture and inspired lifestyle brand Donny Barley SKATEBOARDING TRICKS, IT'S diversity of the New York that sells clothes. They’re Zered Bassett IMPORTANT TO "LOOK THE PART" area. It is the unique designs challenging people to spread Forrest Kirby BY ROCKIN THE LATEST CLOTHES as well as the quality of the word about the brand, Aaron Suski AND SHOES. BUT WHAT'S HOT? the artwork on them that with their video that involves Kevin Taylor WHAT ARE THE BRANDS THAT immediately gains the ARE POPULAR WITH LOCAL spray painting cockroaches AMATEURS SKATERS AND FAMOUS SKATERS attention of skateboard and spreading them around enthusiasts. There are six the city. We can find their Ron Deily ALIKE? Lamare Hemmings themes offered with the outrageous way if spreading Matt Miller Vans sells both clothes and Zoo York skateboards – the logo and the brand and Anthony Shetler shoes, but they are most literature, architecture, arts, load up their video. Brandon Westgate know for their shoes. Founded transportation, food, and in 1966 by brothers Paul and tourist attractions. They managed to maintain Jim Van Doren, the company the attitudes displayed in was originally called Van You can definitely find a the 1970's 'Zoo York' subway Doren Rubber Company. unique skateboard in this tunnel by focusing heavily Vans are the shoes of choice line up that allows you to on guerilla marketing and among elite skateboarders freely express yourself. building a firm reputation worldwide. You can also be sure that on the street through their even with some rough use affiliation with established NY Zoo York. What an interesting your Zoo York deck is going skate figures and the shere name for a clothing company. to stay looking great. Be size of their skate team. It's said that the name comes prepared for other people from a subway tunnel that to take notice of what is on runs under the Central Park your skateboard though. Zoo in New York. The tunnel These aren’t the type of is referred to as "Zoo York decks that go unnoticed Tunnel" or just "Zoo York". when in use. Graffiti artists used to hang out and tag this tunnel back There is no doubt you will in the 60's and 70's. The love the way they handle clothing company Zoo York as well as the way they was founded in 1993. look. Zoo York offers matching hoodies and other DC Shoes was also founded accessories as well. That in 1993. The company way you can look great while makes clothing, shoes and enjoying your skateboarding accessories for all kinds of adventures. extreme sports including: skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx, rally car racing, motocross and surfing. DC Shoes is popular amongst a broad range of people. Element became a major clothing, shoes and board brand, and was given opportunities to sign popular skateboarders. Element's professional team is made up of: Bam Margera, Brent Atchley, Chad Muska, Chad Tim Tim, Chris Senn, Darrell Stanton, Jeremy Wray, Mike Vallely, Nyjah Huston, Ray Barbee, Tony Tave and Vanessa Torres. ZOO YORK