Green Ideals With Yizhak Toledano


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Yizhak Toledano is passionate about embracing green initiatives and is a partner at Certified Green Partners.

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Green Ideals With Yizhak Toledano

  1. 1. Green Ideals With Yizhak Toledano
  2. 2. Protecting the environment has become a goal embraced by businesses and organizations alike in almost every industry. THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN BUSINESS IS GREEN Worldwide, successful entrepreneurs, like the real estate developer Yizhak Toledano of Sky Development, are running their businesses with environmental responsibility as a corporate objective and forging ahead with green initiatives. A still relatively new, and desperately essential movement, going green has become a goal in almost every industry. Experimentation is turning into innovation and the potential for a sustainable green earth in the near future is fast becoming a reality.
  3. 3. Certified Green Partners (CGP) is a for profit organization that has defined high-quality, cost-efficient criteria to measure the environmental responsibility of businesses. Consumers seek out companies that believe in and work toward environmental protection. Certification by CGP allows organizations to prove to the public their commitment to the environment. Moreover, Certified Green Partners upholds the notion that sowing green seeds of innovation in a joint effort will ultimately achieve significant improvement in environmental responsibility. CGP: YOUR PARTNER IN ALL THINGS GREEN
  4. 4. Speaking on the subject of real estate development, Yizhak Toledano, Chairman & CEO of Sky Development, confirms that: "For the next 3-5 years, you will see about 50% or 60% of every new [construction] project, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial, will have a green component in it." With CGP certification, real estate development and construction companies will be able to advertise these efforts to potential customers and investors.
  5. 5. An ever increasing number of companies are showing their commitment to environmental responsibility. Executives like Yizhak Toledano of Sky Development and Jorge Tapanes of Wilma Schumann Skincare are leading their companies with their dedication to environmental responsibility. However, measuring these efforts is difficult and proving a commitment to green initiatives to the public in certain industries is even more so. Certified Green Partners offers an independent third party review process whose certification provides businesses with a green seal of approval. WHY BECOME A CERTIFIED GREEN PARTNER?
  6. 6. • Director of environmental affairs in Argentina, Juan M. Velasco • Chairman and CEO of Republica Agency, Jorge Plasencia • Chairman and CEO of Sky Development, Yizhak Toledano • Former Mayor of Hialeah, Julio Robaina • VP of Operations of Wilma Schumann Skincare, Jorge Tapanes CURRENT CERTIFIED GREEN PARTNERS INCLUDE:
  7. 7. "It is the future, all of us should support it". - Yizhak Toledano, Chairman & CEO of Sky Developments By becoming certified by CGP, your company has the permission to use the Certified Green Partners' logo online and on printed material. Your company will receive invitations to educational seminars and have access to a large range of fellow Certified Green Partners who provide environmentally conscientious, reduced cost solutions to your company. BENEFITS OF BEING CERTIFIED
  8. 8. Step 1: Contact Certified Green Partners and fill out an enrollment form which is available online. A member of staff will send your company the Certified Green Partners application package. Learn about the Certified Green Partners initiative by attending a Certified Green Partners seminar in person, if possible, or watch the seminar online. Step 2: Make the required changes to company operations. Certified Green Partners will help your company every step of the way to commit to the "Going Green Pledge" that includes, for example, recycling and using only certified paper and vegetable based inks. Step 3: The final step involves a conformity visit from the compliance team at Certified Green Partners. If everything is in order, your company will receive certification. HOW TO BECOME A CERTIFIED GREEN PARTNER
  9. 9. "Certified Green Partners will be much stronger than what it is today. This is just the beginning." - Yizhak Toledano, Chairman & CEO of Sky Development