What is Branding? by Yiying Lu


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An overview of Branding:

​- What is Brand
- What is Brand Identity
- What is Branding
- Start with Why
- Criteria for Achieving Good Branding Practice (Branding CAMPUS: Consistent, Authentic, Meaningful, Permissive, Unique, Sustainable)
- Case Studies: Existing Branding practices reflecting the criteria above
​- Types of BrandMarks​ (Typographic, Symbolic, Combo)
- Typographic Word Marks
- Letterform / Monogram Marks
- Pictorial Marks / Symbols
- Emblem Marks / Symbols
- Brand Mark Elaboration

For more information, visit: http://www.yiyinglu.com/rebrand

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What is Branding? by Yiying Lu

  1. 1. www.yiyinglu.com By Yiying Lu @YIYINGLU
  2. 2. A brand is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image. www.yiyinglu.com
  3. 3. www.yiyinglu.com
  4. 4. Logorama (2007) www.yiyinglu.com vimeo.com/10149605
  5. 5. As competition creates infinite choices, companies look for ways to connect emotionally with customers, become irreplaceable, and create lifelong relationships. A strong brand stands out in a crowded marketplace. People fall in love with brands, trust them, develop strong loyalties, believe in their superiority, and eventually buy them. How a brand is perceived affects its success, regardless of whether it’s a start-up, a nonprofit, a service, or a product. www.yiyinglu.com
  6. 6. www.yiyinglu.com
  7. 7. TED Talks - Simon Sinek: Start with Why www.yiyinglu.com http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action
  8. 8. www.yiyinglu.com
  9. 9. www.yiyinglu.com
  10. 10. www.yiyinglu.com
  11. 11. www.yiyinglu.com
  12. 12. www.yiyinglu.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftKnSdaxez0 Starbucks Coffee: Great Minds of Business
  13. 13. www.yiyinglu.com
  14. 14. www.yiyinglu.com
  15. 15. Criteria for Achieving Good Branding Practice Branding CAMPUS: Consistent Authentic Meaningful Permissive Unique Sustainablewww.yiyinglu.com
  16. 16. Consistent Consistency is agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing. www.yiyinglu.com
  17. 17. www.yiyinglu.com
  18. 18. Coke Summer Cans Collection Australian Release (2009) US Release (2009) Canadian Release (2011) US Release (2010) www.yiyinglu.com
  19. 19. Authentic In psychology, authenticity refers to self-knowledge and making decisions that are congruent with that self-knowledge. Organizations who know who they are, and what they stand for, start the identity process from a position of strength. They create brands that are sustainable and genuine. Brand expression must be appropriate to the organizations unique mission, history, culture, values, and personality. www.yiyinglu.com
  20. 20. www.yiyinglu.com
  21. 21. Meaningful The best brands stand for something: a big idea, a strategic position, a defined set of values, a voice that stands apart. Symbols are vessels for meaning. They become more powerful with frequent use and when people understand what they stand for. They are the fastest form of communication known to man. Meaning is rarely immediate and evolves over time.www.yiyinglu.com
  22. 22. www.yiyinglu.com
  23. 23. Permissive Permissive means allowing or characterized by great or excessive freedom of behavior. Innovation requires brands to be flexible. No one can say with certainty which new products or services a company might offer in five year. Brands that are open to change need to have flexible brand identity systems in place to quickly seize new opportunities in the marketplace. www.yiyinglu.com
  24. 24. www.yiyinglu.com
  25. 25. www.yiyinglu.com
  26. 26. Unique Unique being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. www.yiyinglu.com
  27. 27. Sustainable Brands are messengers of trust. We are all moving at blinding speed and our institutions, technology, science, lifestyles, and vocabulary are in a state of continuous flux. Consumers are reassured by trademarks that are recognizable and familiar. Sustainability is achieved through a commitment to the equity of a central idea over time, and the capacity to transcend change. www.yiyinglu.com
  28. 28. www.yiyinglu.com
  29. 29. www.yiyinglu.com
  30. 30. www.yiyinglu.com
  31. 31. www.yiyinglu.com
  32. 32. www.yiyinglu.com
  33. 33. www.yiyinglu.com
  34. 34. By Yiying Lu Visit: yiyinglu.com yiying.lu@gmail.com @YIYINGLU ReBranding by Yiying Lu: www.yiyinglu.com/rebrand