Wireless project indonesia study case


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Wireless communication in Indonesia,Simple research on data about wireless communication in Indonesia

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Wireless project indonesia study case

  1. 1.  Indonesia at A Glance Frequency Electricity Status Telecommunication Status Statistical Data on Mobile Communication Coverage Area Recommendation
  2. 2.  Population (2010) : 237.1 Millions 100% 8 30 7 6 80% Other 10 Sulawesi 60% 57 28 Kalimantan 40% Jawa 7 Sumatera 20% 25 21 0% % Area % Population Uneven population spreading is another obstacle for Indonesia IT Development. Currently government try to extend every IT Services to region outside Jawa.
  3. 3. Type of Radio Communication passive Outersp earth outerspaFrequenc Mobile Mobile Broadca Radionavi Satellite radioloc fixed Outersp ace amateur explorati ce y (MHz) Fixed Mobile exc.Flight Satellite st gation Broadcast ation satellite ace research radio on research450-455 v v v455-456 v v v456-459 v v459-460 v v v460-470 v v470-585 v v v585-610 v v v v610-806 v v806-890 v v890-960 v v1710-1930 v v v v1930-1980 v v1980-2010 v v v2110-2120 v v v2120-2170 v v2300-2450 v v v v2500-2520 v v v v v2520-2535 v v v v v2535-2655 v v v v2655-2670 v v v v v v v2670-2690 v v v v v v3300-3400 v v v3400-3500 v v v v3500-3700 v v v v
  4. 4. Frequency * Currently there is only one Band(MHx) Operator UL/DL operator that own license to use CDMA 450 Band. PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi *Frequency Band 457.5- 450-457.5 Indonesia UL 460,438-450MHz and 467.5- 470MHz is for Government CDMA 450 460-467.5 DL Institution usage. Frequency Band(MHx) Operator UL/DL 824.265-829.185 PT BTEL/Telkom UL 830.415-834.105 PT BTEL/Telkom UL 835.905-840.825 PT MOBILE-8 TELECOM UL 842.055-844.515 PT INDOSAT UL 869.265-874.185 PT BTEL/Telkom DL 875.415-879.105 PT BTEL/Telkom DL 880.905-885.825 PT MOBILE-8 TELECOM DLCDMA 800 887.055-889.515 PT INDOSAT DL
  5. 5. Frequency Band(MHx) Operator UL/DL For GSM service, there are 3 Main 890-900 PT INDOSAT UL player: PT TELEKOMUNIKASI •PT Telekomunikasi Selular 900-907.5 SELULAR UL •PT IndosatGSM 900 907.5-915 PT XL AXIATA UL •PT XL Axiata 935-945 PT INDOSAT DL PT TELEKOMUNIKASI 945-952.5 SELULAR DL 952.5-960 PT XL AXIATA DL Frequency Band(MHx) Operator UL/DL 1717.5-1722.5 PT INDOSAT UL 1722.5-1730 PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR 1730-1745 PT NATRINDO TS 1745-1750 PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR 1750-1765 PT INDOSAT 1765-1775 PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULARGSM 1800 1775-1785 PT HUTCHINSON CP 1805-1812.5 PT XL AXIATA 1812.5-1817.5 PT INDOSAT 1817.5-1825 PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR 1825-1840 PT NATRINDO TS 1840-1845 PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR 1845-1860 PT INDOSAT 1860-1870 PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR 1870-1880 PT HUTCHINSON CP DL
  7. 7. 18000001600000140000012000001000000 2011 800000 2010 2009 600000 400000 200000 0 MF HF VHF UHF SHF EHFSource : Postel.go.id
  8. 8. 160000140000120000100000 Produced80000 Purchased60000 Consumption4000020000 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Source : PLN
  9. 9. Main Island Percentage In Total, Electricity coverage isSumatera 60.6 Nearly 66.1% as per 2010Jawa- Madura - Bali 72Kalimantan 57.6Sulawesi 55.3Nusa Tenggara 28.6Maluku 52.4Papua 32.3 The electric power industry in Indonesia is solely managed by Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), a state-owned monopoly. PLN has two subsidiary companies: PT Indonesia Power and PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali (PJB). As per December 2010, Total Capacity Installed equal to 26.894.98 MW, with 19.057,29MW is located in Jawa. This number is increased 4.91% compared with December 2009. Total electricity production of PLN (including bought electricity from outside PLN) is 169.786.23GWh
  10. 10. Red line : Currently Operated TransmissionRed-dotted Line : Future Plan Transmission
  11. 11. 300,000,000250,000,000200,000,000150,000,000 Mobile Cell Subsc100,000,000 Fixed Line Subscription 50,000,000 - 2003 2000 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Source : ITU
  12. 12. Type OperatorFixed Telephone PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia PT Indosat PT Batam Bintan TelekomunikasiFixed Wireless PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia PT Indosat PT Bakrie Telecom PT Mobile-8Mobile Telephone PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia PT Indosat PT XL-Axiata PT Mobile-8 PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler PT Hutchinson CP Telecommunication Smart Telecom
  13. 13. SubscribersRank Operator Technology Ownership (in millions) GSM, GPRS, EDGE State-owned Telkom (65%) and1 Telkomsel 74 (May 2009) UMTS, HSDPA Singapore Telecommunications (35%) CDMA2000 1x Public (44.9%), Qtel (40.8%) and State-2 Indosat GSM, GPRS, EDGE 33.3 (May 2009) owned (14.3%) UMTS, HSDPA GSM, GPRS Axiata Group Berhad (83.8%), Etisalat3 Excelcomindo 24.9 (May 2009) UMTS, HSDPA (16%) and Public (0.2%) State-owned (51.82%) and Public4 Telkom CDMA2000 1x 12.7 (December 2008) (48.18%) Bakrie5 CDMA2000 1x 8.03 (May 2009) Bakrie Group Telecom[75] Hutchison Telecommunications GSM, GPRS6 3 6.4 (Q2 2009) International Limited (60%) and CP UMTS Group Indonesia (40%) Saudi Telecom Company (51%), Maxis GSM, GPRS, EDGE7 Natrindo 3.9 (Q1 2009) Communications (44%) and Public UMTS (5%) Bimantara Citra (60.8%), Asia Link BV CDMA2000 1x, EV-DO Rev8 Mobile-8 2.2 (Q1 2009) (6%), Qualcomm (5.2%), KTF (2.1%), A Public (19.9%) Smart CDMA2000 1x, EV-DO Rev9 2.05 (Q1 2009) Sinar Mas Group Telecom[80] A Sampoerna10 CDMA2000 1x 0.784 (March 2008) Sampoerna Telekom[82] Telecommunication in Indonesia based on Subscriber rank
  14. 14.  On 2011 , CBC News report staggering video about Blackberry usage in Indonesia Blackberry users tripled since the first time it was launched. RIM posses 46% of smart phone market Most BB users own more than 1 BB device BB Internet service is bundled on no more than $10 / monthWhy Blackberry become trend in Indonesia Devices is cheaper than Iphone/Android Bundling service also cheaper Easiness to apply for blackberry service Blackberry messenger Killer application = Free !
  15. 15.  Price : around $500  Killer Application : Blackberry Messenger Bundled with Internet Service(Unlimited)Blackberry   Various choices of Service Price  Price : > $900  Killer Application : ?  Bundled with Internet Service (500Mb)Iphone  Currently only Telkomsel Provide service
  16. 16. 3,000,000 * Since 2000, the percentage of2,500,000 internet users in Indonesia is very2,000,000 slowly increased to 9.9% in 2010. Broadband1,500,000 Subscribtion1,000,000 Internet Subscription 500,000 -Source : ITU
  17. 17. No WiMAX Service Provider Name of WiMAX Service Status 1 PT. First Media Tbk SitraWiMAX Launched on 2010 2 PT Berca Hardayaperkasa WiGo WiMAX Launched on 2010 3 PT Indosat mega media IM2 Plan to Launch on Late 2012 4 PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk - No InformationIndonesia MCIT decide to let provider decide whether to use MobileWiMAX Technologies or Fixed TechnologiesService Provider : Choose to wait until there is regulation on technologiesThat is why only 2 Out of 4 WiMAX Service are now availableEven these 2 services still not getting enough consumer
  18. 18.  Gain Interest for Wireless Application both Hardware and or software Started in 2006, and still on going every year
  19. 19. Physical Package 15x15 mm FBGA-289 Package Bandwidth 5 Mhz and 10 Mhz bandwidth 40 Mbps total throughput DL + UL PHY Scalable OFDMA With FFT 512 and 1024 point Support 2 Rx MIMO Antena, Matrix A and Matrix B Support Colaborative Tx MIMO Support Convolutional Coding and Convolutional Turbo Coding (CTC) Support H-ARQ Category 4 TDD multiplexing Large frequency offset compensation MAC 802.16 Authorization Policy and EAP Authorization PKMv2 privacy protocol Automatic repeat request(ARQ), Hybrid-Automatic repeat request(H-ARQ) Payload header suppression(PHS) Concatenation, fragmentation, packing UGS, RT-VR, NRT-VR, ERT-VR, and BE QoS classes Sleep mode and Idle mode•Local technologies from Indonesia for Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005)•Currently being implemented on WiMAX implementation in Indonesia
  20. 20. Current Condition  Incentives to R&D on Telecommunication Sector  Semi-Open Market in Manufacturing Development  Low Taxes on Imported Telecommunication Product  Diversification on Manufacturing DevelopmentSuggestion form Improvement  Raise incentives to R&D on Telecommunication Sector  Open Market in Telecommunication Manufacturing Development with limitation  Raise taxes to encourage local manufacturing development to set up the pace  Specialization in Manufacturing Development.
  21. 21. Current Condition  Uncovered Region, especially in rural areas  Too many operators for Telecommunication  Feedback for complaints is slowly handled  Providers focus on Main Island  Open Tender for Rural Areas TelecommunicationSuggestion for Improvement Facilities Development. Not involve Incumbent and existing main provider.  Standardization on Quality of Service  Feedback tracking on every complaints  Limit providers intervention in Main Island
  22. 22.  Indonesia’s Mobile phone Subscriber is more than 200million  Huge Market forSuggestion for Improvement Sales  Lots of Uncovered Area in Telecommunication New Investment is widely open  Local Content is scarce  Imported Content  Opportunity to build e-tourism
  23. 23.  High level of Illiteracy  Schools unequipped with ComputersCurrent COndition  Need expert from cities to handle broken telecommunication devices. Computer to become main subject inSuggestion for Improvement  Elementary ~ High School  Utilization of Post Office as Free Internet Center  Relate education with computer .  Self-fix education for telecommunication gadget in rural areas
  24. 24.  Easiness to invest in telecommunication segmentSuggestion for Improvement  Policies that focus on Specialization and not Diversification of Technologies.  Support industry for manufacturing basic local component for wireless component that can lead to lowering tariff
  25. 25.  www.pln.co.id www.postel.go.id www.kominfo.go.id http://dds.bps.go.id/download_file/IP_Maret_2011.pdf
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