Social Sciences Mobile Learning Day - the Survey


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Social Sciences Mobile Learning Day - the Survey

  1. 1. the Survey…Mobile Learning Day, 22 Feb. 2012 The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  2. 2. Who are you? 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Psychology Geography Social Policy and Politics & International Economics Sociology Criminology Studies The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  3. 3. What do you have?12 10 910 8 7 6 8 5 4 6 3 2 1 4 0 2 0 I dont own Basic iPhone Android Blackberry other a mobile mobile smartphone phone phone The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  4. 4. What do you use?3530 phone25 mp3 iPod20 iPad tablet15 kindle kobo10 eReader laptop 5 0 dont use use - personal use - research use - teaching The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  5. 5. What do you know about..30252015 mVLE mLibrary10 5 0 know it exists but never havent heard of it tried it use it regularly seen it The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  6. 6. What would you like to learn?353025201510 5 0 Mobile VLE Mobile Library eBooks Location Based Social-Mobile Mobile Learning Design for Mobile Games Learning and Google Apps Learning The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  7. 7. What would like to learn about?• I dont know what I dont know.• Enhanced awareness of what is happening in this area.• Designing eBooks that can incorporate multimedia elements• When will there be a Moodle Android/Apple app similar to the Firstclass one?• Pedagogical issues• Id like to see examples of mobile teaching and, crucially, evaluations of the learning achieved by students• A sense of timescale of introduction into OU teaching• State of thinking about producing for both qualification area and public use (i.e beyond the walls of OU)"• How to join it up with (a) interactivity (b) special educational needs.• What is happening for our students studying in prisons?• What students want from it.• Apart from anything else I would need more knowledge about how the technology works. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  8. 8. How would you use it?• Keeping in contact with students etc via email. Being able to provide links to key resources. Online forums...• In a way that supports students and actually enhances their learning rather than just using it because its there.• I am not thinking of using this directly myself - but keen to show demonstrate to and encourage my ALs to think of this.• its not so much mobile as multimedia that Im interested in... am attending to learn about particular capabilities of mobile technologies.• By integrating different learning components - I want to read an eBook that has embedded links through to videos, interactive pages and other resources - and an ETMA system that is properly online (via a cloud), allowing for submission, marking and monitoring to be done in one place.• Only in so far as those students without mobile technology can access the same inforemation and opportunities as those students with mobile technology (unless we provide them with the equipment!)• Delivery mechanism for sure, but maybe can see applications for students gathering data / content for discussion / sharing. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  9. 9. How would you use it?• In case of smart phones, demand driven - these have small screens and would not seem to be an ideal way to access teaching materials, but if students want to access this way then we should enable this and try to minimise the limitations – e.g. reducing words on page, making navigation easier.• Tablets and laptops are just alternative hardware for accessing web-based and intranet materials, so hopefully well-designed web-based content is equally accessible regardless of the hardware used."• It would be interesting to learn how mobile technology can be used in teaching to help me support the academics on modules I work on.• Im sure I might be useful for students to be able to access the website and on line materials whilst on the move. For example, weve students already asking why our eBooks are not Kindle compatible, whether voice recognition software could be used with out eBooks so that they can listen to them, and why they are not allowed to download the video material and can only view this streamed online.• I would be interested to find out possibilities where mobile learning can add something real in terms of flexibility/ease of access for students in a way that doesnt degrade more traditional (internet) provisions. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  10. 10. How would you use it?• I dont have any ambitions of this kind at present and I am not a technology enthusiast. However, I do know that this kind of learning is becoming more important, and therefore I ought to know more about it, and possibly to make use of it in the future. I do have concerns about exclusion, since although many students may be enthusiastic about it, many are not at all.• Not sure of possibilities at present but I imagine on a basic level that thing such as TMA reminders would be useful. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  11. 11. examples of how you used it?• I use the laptop all the time, I suppose this counts: e.g. for online forums with student groups, group emails containing important teaching points...• Ive created apps, iTunesU content and YouTube content.• No, not in my area. However, I can see that for modules with field work, mobiles could be actively used e.g. to take and upload photos, make contemporaneous notes.• The only example I can think of is that I used my laptop for forum moderating.• None so far (other than checking forum messages). The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  12. 12. Barriers / concerns / worries?• I dont think social networks are appropriate for tutor-student contact.• Exclusion: prison students, old age, DAR students.• Pedagogical concerns: The potential of shallow rather than deep learning.• Having the necessary skills to do this,• Aching eyes, erratic wireless connection (my office cant pick up the OU wireless system!), small screens, kindle does images horribly, supporting Apple rather than more open-access systems• Even a 3g connection is usually painfully slow for many applications, so mobile devices really still require WiFi... which severly limits the extent to which they are mobile.• Boundaries: particularly in the case of social networking i.e. students contacting you to be a friend on FB• I dont have suitable equipment or a budget to buy it• students not arrived at this in sufficient numbers The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  13. 13. Barriers / concerns / worries?• I use a smart phone to do web searches, read emails and it is fine in many cases. However, using a fiddly email system like the OUs OWA system and typing replies is laborious compared with using, say, a laptop. The teaching materials may have to be compromised to fit with the limitations of the medium (vis. Phones).• Student access to devices/internet is a concern of many of FELS academics• That then display on my mobile doesnt allow you to navigate as efficiently as a laptop.• No, as long as this is an alternative and not a must for all students.• Currently I use my laptop for research and teaching, but I dont know very much about using smartphones.• Security of any data thats stored or transmitted• That making module material compatible with mobile devices will restrict what we are able to write/provide to students in other media.• Lack of technological knowledge and enthusiasm on the part of students; lack of access to necessary devices on the part of students; possible detriment to face to face and telephone provision; use of technology for sake of it rather than for pedagogical reasons; lack of own technological knowledge and enthusiasm as outlined above; limitations of current technology. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  14. 14. Is the future of the OU Mobile? The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  15. 15. Would you come? The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  16. 16. The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology
  17. 17. Thank You!Yishay