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Local learnscenarios

  1. 1. Faculty Mobile Learning Day 22/02: LocalLearn ScenariosLocalLearn is a new initiative driven by the Open Media Unit. It proposes to use mobile and social media to develop means of accessing locally relevant freeeducational material / services from the Open University.LocalLearn: ‘Go Further with the OU’ Our task today: You will be presented with two usage scenarios we have envisioned forAims LocalLearn. These scenarios try to depict potential users and their possibleAwareness - Enhancing OU brand through association with mobile services patterns of use. Put yourself in these users’ shoes, and walk through theand reinforcing idea of OU - open and relevant to people anywhere, any scenarios.time. Exploiting innovative semantic/linked data and ‘social layer’ activity to • Are you convinced that they describe a genuine need and address itenhance service. adequately?Engagement - Means of engaging learners at point of need/interest based • Are they tempting, exciting, inspiring? Do you imagine theon location exploration and relevance. technology inducing a change of practice?Conversion - Clear routes from free and open materials, locally relevant to • What are the possible points of failure?formal study opportunities. Opportunity to indicate local study • How could the scenarios be extended / enhanced / improved?centres/study buddies.Asset Return - Using power of crowd to user tag and relate materials, using Scribble your comments on the paper version,semantic web activity to enhance existing Open Media materials with geo-relevance. Or comment online atOpportunity to monetise service. https://plus.google.com/u/0/115266299555131737575Opportunity to build relations (and expose OU content) with newpartnersincluding National Trust, British Library Or text 460653 followed by frame number and your comment to 07624806527
  2. 2. Scenario 2: the Kirpati’s trip to the lake district : 1 2 Beth is planning the family holiday. Her search leads her to LocalLearn. 4 3Beth uses the LocalLearn site to plan the holiday. She creates a trail and links . Joe registers, and adds his interests to the trail. nd trailrelated content. She then shares the trail with Joe.
  3. 3. 5 6Beth installs the LocalLearn app on her iPhone and Kobo eReader. Joe During the drive to the lake district, Clarisse and Maisy use the Kobo to viewinstalls it on his Android phone. the content Beth and Joe had gathered in the family trail. 8 7At Wrey Castle, Clarisse takes a photo with her phone and attaches it to the Back in the B&B the family uses Joes laptop to follow up on the daysfamily trail. She also spots an interesting mushroom and uses the iSpot tab experiences, and check out the links the system suggests. suggeststo upload it and link it to their trail.
  4. 4. Scenario 1: Joe Kirpatis business trip to Perth : 9 10Joe is driving to Perth for a business meeting As he drinks his morning coffee, he uses google maps app on his phone to plot the route, and uses the LocalLearn plugin to note his interests 11 13 12On the way, the LocalLearn apps reads out content about places he passes Joe arrives early, so he uses his laptop to follow up on the points of interestby the interests he noted. When something sparks his interest, he taps the he saved. The links take him to the relevant OpenLearn pages. imphone to save it for later.