Performance Measurement & Reporting System

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  • 1. Performance Measurement and Reporting System (PMRS) Helping Healthcare Delivery Systems Achieve Strategic Goals May, 2012
  • 2. PMRS: Overview & Benefits Visual properties: • Standardized look and feel • User-controlled drill-downs into charts Conveniences • Single-click dashboard production. • Personalized Home Page • Single-click chart production Organizational governance • Single repository for organizationally- endorsed performance metrics. • Values automatically attributed to division, nursing unit, campus, etc
  • 3. Core User Components Multi-Level Dashboards • Common template (colors, fonts, domains, column names) • Auto-populated with most recent values • Clickable links to charts & operational definitions Full-Featured Charts • Common template (colors, font sizes) • Annotations, footnotes, other interpretative marks. All available but user can turn display on and off Personalized “Home Page” • Clickable links to measures, dashboards, sites of interest • Searchable Directory of Measures
  • 4. Core Technical Components Directory of Measures • Searchable directory • Unique, endorsed, reviewed for quality, • Information about measure (desired direction, goal, benchmark, etc.) Summary Data Capture System • Accepts summary stats through batch uploads or screen entries • Auto-checks for accuracy • Reminders when values are due • Auto rollups to longer time periods i2b2 • Research/Operations Warehouse for values calculated automatically from data in electronic health record • Auto-link to PMRS visualization capabilities
  • 5. DashboardsInstitutionally sanctioned template.• One-click production from home page• Monthly & quarterly templates available• Users can select past months/quarters• For each measure, user can click to:  Chart  Operational definition
  • 6. Search Capabilities Keyword search is performed Search results are returned & filteredUser can easily add selected measureto “My Metrics” list or to dashboard
  • 7. Personalized Home PageUsers can find & produce:• Dashboards • One-click production • List management• Metrics • Current values shown • One-click to charts• Hyperlinks to … ? • Quality Improvement Project Sharepoint site • Professional society • Whatever the user wants.
  • 8. ChartsReal-time user control over:• Time displays • Summary stats by day, week, month, or quarter • Expand or contract horizontal time axis to show what is important• Vertical axis scale• Display of details • Sample Size • Centerlines • Goal lines • Control limits • Annotations & footnotes• “Show By” selected attributes (multiple lines on same chart)External interface:• Export data to MS Excel• Export image to Power Point
  • 9. Release Dates• Version 1.0: July 1, 2012 – Home Page – Dashboard configuration tools – One-click production – Line charts & run charts (with goals, annotations & centerlines) – All measures currently published on CenterLink – Drill-downs by single attribute• Version 1.1: September 30, 2012 – Control charts – Auto-alerts for “special cause” – Over-time color-coding rules on dashboards – Drill-downs by two attributes – Email reminders to enter values• Version 1.2: December 31, 2012 – Governance support.
  • 10. Open Issues• Attribution models• Managing growth – Requests for new measures in Directory – standards – Reconciling multiple measures across organization• Managing expectations• Institutionalization – Annual operating budgets for management & upgrades – New staff roles
  • 11. A JOINT PROJECT BY:Anderson Center for Health Systems ExcellenceInformation ServicesBiomedical InformaticsCardinal ConsultingFor Additional Information, Contact:Yiscah Bracha, PhDAssistant Vice President Data &