Unit 2


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Healthy Living Plan

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  • Unit 2

    1. 1. Healthy Living Plan How I would support a healthy approach to • Safe Schools • Eating Healthy • STI’s • Drug &Alcohol
    2. 2. Safe Schools • Social media is a bowl of water and every information you place in it is like a drop of ink. Once you posted something you shouldn’t, it would spread so fast in front of your eyes. • My approach is to think before I act. As a teenager I should learn to expect the affects for all my actions and take responsibility towards my action. • Also I will take an mutual respect approach where I learn how to stand in others shoes and feel how my actions affect them. If I do not wanted to be treated in that way then I shall not treat others in that way. • If bullied I would stand up for myself or seek help with an authority adult. I would and should not tolerate others to make fun of who I am.
    3. 3. Drugs and Alcohol I believe that outer policing would only result rebellion in me. That’s why i choose to understand why is my family and public advising me to not do drugs and alcohol. I start by thinking about what's the most valuable thing in life and how bad would it feel to lose it. These type of internal policing allows me to say no to drugs and alcohol because it is for my own good.
    4. 4. Eating Healthy • I would approach eating healthy by incorporating the Canadian food guide into my daily diet. • This is because it act as a professional best guide line that was put together by the best nutrient in the country. • With this diet as my guide I am confident that I would support my health with nutrient and I would be less expose to over weight and health issues.
    5. 5. STI’s • I will incorporate this value with my personally principles. It act as a internal police that constantly remind me to be a responsible person and reminds me to protect myself. • I believe this is a realistic approach because I would appreciate my life and the people around me therefore I would make smarter choice in who knowing my partner and always go for safe sex to put a stop in Sexually Transmitted Infections.