Eating healthy


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Eating healthy

  1. 1. Healthy Eating Plan Question1: Breakfast-Milk and vegetable sandwich with an egg. Question2: Fresh apple juice and a chocolate bar. Recipe:Blander the apple and chocolate with cracker. Question3: Menu is not difficult to put together. I find all thoseinformation from Canada food guide. The benefits of preparinga meal plan are I will have enough energy through my day, theshortcoming I did not get enough vitamin C to balance my bodynutrition system, because vitamin is helping me to let theharmful effects of the stress hormones are reduced and thebodys ability to cope with the stress response improves.
  2. 2. Stress and Nutrition In our society now, people always need to face different kinds of stress now.Like emotional, physical, social or economic factor that may alter the normalbody equilibrium. Those are four ways of healthy eating can help our body toreduce stress at most of time. First one is Vitamin C; we need vitamin C to maintain normal blood levels. Whenour body system lack of vitamin C, it reduces the body‘s resistance to infectionand disease and increases further stress. On other hand, if we intake theVitamin, then the harmful effects of the stress hormones will decrease. I needto change my eating habits to intake more Vitamin C foods, like Oranges,Strawberries and Broccoli. Secondly, Vitamin B is developing and maintaining people nervous system. Ifwe lack of vitamin, it might increase the risk of developing stress-relatedsymptoms such as irritability, lethargy and depression, so we will more easy toget nervous and stress. I need to change my eating habits to intake moreVitamin B foods, like meats, seafood and dairy products.
  3. 3.  In our society now, most of people are trying to improve the quality of theirlives and reduce the risks of developing coronary heart disease, hypertension,some cancers and diabetes with participation in physical activity. Daily activitywill also enhance one’s mental well-being and promote healthymusculoskeletal function throughout life. First of all, Physical activity helps combat the problem of childhood obesity.Students who involved in physical activity will have better control their weightand have a better chance of avoiding obesity-related problems, includingdiabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Physically active childrenare also more likely to make wise health and dietary choices later in life.Secondly, Physical activity will also promotes students’ healthy minds.Physically active children do better academically than those who are notphysically active. Physical activity leads to sharper concentration and betterbehavior in the classroom, according to the study. Last but not the least, a good Physical activity also helps children to developsocial skills. Children who are exposed to different kinds of sports will developsocial skills such as teamwork. Children with academic problems or learningdisabilities can enhance their self-esteem by doing well in their chosen activity.Along with building self-esteem, physical activity helps children expressthemselves more effectively and provides them a way to release theiremotions.