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Managing your context with alfresco and create interfaces to your content through CMIS

Managing your context with alfresco and create interfaces to your content through CMIS

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  • 1. Alfresco and CMIS JHUG 21/01/2012 Yiannis Koutros
  • 2. Timeline• Alfresco features• Alfresco as a Document Management System• External Integration
  • 3. Alfresco Software Story• Established as company in 2005• Cofounded by John Newton from Documentum and John Powell from Business Objects• Tom Baeyens and Joram Barrez - 2011- ActivitiAlfresco Allows Companies To Deploy Flexible And Cost-Efficient ECM Solutions, Forrester Consulting, Dec 2011
  • 4. Alfresco feats• Document Management• Record Management• Web content management• Collaborations (document centric, alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint)
  • 5. Architecture Repository Interface Repository IndexDatabase File System Repository
  • 6. Repository Node Service Search Service Content Service Query and indexAlfresco components components Alfresco components Hibernate Lucene Database Content Storage Index Storage
  • 7. Document Management System• Data Dictionary• Aspects• Powerful Search engine (Lucene)• Workflow (JBPM – Activiti)• Pluggable authentication (AD, LADP, Kerberos CAS)• Collaboration tools
  • 8. Authentication• NTLM• LDAP• Kerberos• CAS
  • 9. AspectsCollection of properties• Versioning• Localizable• Translatable• Dublin Core• Effectivity• Summarizable
  • 10. Custom Aspects Create aspect Show this documents for a guest Query based on this aspectisPublishedForGuest or not
  • 11. Transformations• From Word to PDF• From big image to small image• From DOC to ODF• From PPT to flash
  • 12. Workflow• Simple workflow• Advanced workflow – JBPM until version 4.0 – Activiti after version 4.0
  • 13. External Integration CIFS Sharepoint Protocol FTP ECM JavaJCR API CMIS Web WebDAV Services
  • 14. CMIS• Content Management Interoperability Services• SQL for databases = CMIS for content management• Support extensions• Support from Adobe, Alfresco, EMC, eXo, FatWire, HP, IBM, I SIS Papyrus, Open Text, Oracle
  • 15. CMIS Features• HTTP Based• CRUD Operations• Versioning• ACL• Change Log• Query: SELECT cmis:name FROM cmis:document
  • 16. CMIS with• 2010-09-17 => 0.1.0 - Incubation Release• 2011-12-09 => 0.6.0• Support for Atom Syndication Format (Apache Abdera ) and Web Services (Apache CXF)• Alfresco OpenCMIS Extension