Using iPad in the Classroom


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  • 35 minutes (9:00-9:35) 1. Powering it on/off/reset (in case it freezes) 2. Screen (wifi connected) 3. How to find the volume and where to connect headphones 4. Setting up the wifi (username/password) 5. Tips for maintenance/class use Should assign iPads to students (number iPads). Students always get same number, pass out in order, pick up in order. You will know instantly if you’re missing one. Some districts restrict access to wifi after students try to go to inappropriate sites. Charge from 100% lasts sometimes two full days depending on what the students are doing. Beware of students adding the Passcode. This restricts anyone from accessing the iPad until the passcode is entered.
  • 50 minutes (9:35-10:25) 1. Popplet: Useful in research, brainstorming (pictures/typing/drawing/exporting) 2. Atlas: Information needed to study certain countries, research can be started here. 3. Algebra Champ: Select the type of questions you want for the game, must solve and select answer 4. iBrainstorm: Rally-Round-Robin--have students write information by typing it on the post cards 5. Lincoln Telegrams: See actual telegram, information about telegram and circumstances related to the telegram. You can filter the type of information you want from a region (spotzi)
  • 45 minutes (10:25-11:05) 1. Quizard/Quizlet: Create flashcards for vocabulary practice. Find the cards created by me (World Geo) and download them. You can create the cards online and have students download them to practice. Create some right now (use the Cscope vocabulary) 2. Google Earth: Specific information can also be found by using Google Earth 3. EMD: Use to discover elements 4. iTunes U: Find videos/information that may be useful for your students. Search by different filters (age group/state/etc...) 5. Khan Academy: Find videos about specific content students are struggling with. Check the content first, math is really good, science has some errors I have been told.
  • 1. SockPuppets: Create stories with student’s voices distorted (fun) 2. US Gov: Test your knowledge of our US Government Basics 3. S in Bits: Pieces written by Shakespeare, summarized 4. Math Glossary: Math Vocabulary-spanish translation 5. Pocket CAS: solve problems and graph by submitting information
  • 50 minutes 1. CNN: Current events to begin a writing assignment. You can use evernote or Popplet for short writing samples. **Use CNN, take a picture of an article, in a short paragraph, take a position with the article and type it on Popplet or Evernote 2. MLD: Dictionary/Translator, reference 3. Screenchomp: Create a video to share later. Can have students explain how to solve a problem then send you the link. 4. Haiku Deck: Presentation such as powerpoint. Create a short presentation about what you have learned today, etc... Show your shoulder partner. 5. Netter Atlas: Reference body parts, labeled
  • 50 minutes (12:45-1:25) 1. Nearpod: Create a presentation that you can control on you ipad for your students to connect to. Only 10 students free...must contact them to get more info on prices 2. LexiEN Lite: Dictionary and Thesaurus 3. Shakespeare: Shakespearean pieces to read 4. Free Graphic Calculator: self explanatory 5. 3D Brain: Reference for the brain
  • 1. Spotzi Atlas: Filter information for countries/regions as you desire 2. Socrative: Create questions for your students to answer 3. Fio Writer: Used as a Word Processing App that you can export 4. Parts of Speech: Practice for ELLs 5. Wordsalad: Like Wordle, on iPad (easier)
  • Using iPad in the Classroom

    1. 1. iClassroomUsing iPad in the Classroom Yoscelina Hernandez
    2. 2. How to get started• Power on/off• Volume/Headphones• Settings (wifi set up)• Tips for maintenance/class use
    3. 3. Apps• Popplet • Free, All Content• Atlas • Free, Social Studies• Algebra Champ • Free, Math
    4. 4. Apps• Quizard/Quizlet • Free, All Content• Google Earth • Free, Social Studies• EMD • Free, Science
    5. 5. Apps• Sock Puppets • Free, All Content• S in Bits • Free, ELA• Math Terms • Free, Math (ELL-Spanish)
    6. 6. Apps• iTunes U • Free, All Content• Khan Academy • Free, Math/Science• CNN • Free, All Content
    7. 7. Apps• MLD • Free, All Content (ELL)• Screenchomp/Educreations • Free, All Content• Haiku Deck • Free, All Content
    8. 8. Apps• Nearpod • Free, All Content• Shakespeare • Free, ELA• Evernote • Free, All Content
    9. 9. Apps• Socrative • Free, All Content• Wordsalad • Free, All Content
    10. 10. Thank you• Thank you for your attention :) • Twitter: @YosceH • • Group: iClassroom: Integrating iOS mobile devices