Database system environment ppt.


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Database system environment ppt.

  1. 1. Database System Environment
  2. 2. Database System Environment? Database system refers to an organization of components that defines and regulate the; •Collection •Storage •Management •Use of data within the environment
  3. 3. Database System Environment•Hardware•Software•People•Procedure•Data
  4. 4. Database System Environment
  5. 5. Database System Environment•Hardware Hardware identifies all the system’s physical devises. Computer is the main and most easily identified hardware component of the database system environment.
  6. 6. Database System Environment •Software Software refers to the collection of programs used by the computers within the database system. Three (3) types of software; ♣ Operating system Software ♣ DBMS Software ♣ Application program and utilities
  7. 7. Database System Environment ♣ Operating system Software Operating system software manages all hardware components and makes it possible for all other software to run on the computer. Example; DOS- Disk Operating System
  8. 8. Database System Environment ♣ DBMS Software Manages the database within system. Some examples of DBMS software include Microsoft’s Access and SQL Server. Oracle Corporation’s ♣ Application program and utilities It is used to access and manipulate the data in the DBMS and to manage the computer environment in which data access and manipulation takes place.
  9. 9. Database System Environment Application programs are most commonly used to access data found within the database to generate reports, tabulation and other information to facilitate decision making.•People The components includes all users of the database system.
  10. 10. Database System EnvironmentIdentifying five (5) types of users in databasesystem; • System Administrators • Database Administrators • Database designers • System Analysts and programmers • End Users
  11. 11. Database System Environment • System Administrators Oversee the database system’s general operations. • Database Administrators Also known as DBAs, manage the DBMS’s use and ensure that the database is functioning properly.
  12. 12. Database System Environment • Database designers Design the database structure. They are, in effect , the database architects. • System Analysts and programmers Design and implement the application programs. They designed and create the data entry screens, reports, and procedures through which end users access and manipulate database’s data.
  13. 13. Database System Environment • End Users Are the people who use the application programs to run the organization’s daily operations.•Procedure Are the instructions and rules that govern the design and use of the database system. Procedures are critical. It plays an important role in a company,
  14. 14. Database System Environment Because they enforce the standards by which business is conducted within the organization and with customers.•Data The word “data” covers the collection of fact stored in the database. Because raw material from which information is generated .
  15. 15. End of DiscussionThank you for Listening!!!